HYDEN BLOG: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from UFC Fight Night: Hermansson vs. Strickland

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch Senior Columnist

UFC Fight Night: Hermansson vs. Strickland was last night. Let’s get
to the rundown.

UFC Fight Night: Hermansson vs. Strickland
GOOD- Julian Erosa vs. Steven Peterson
They exchanged strikes throughout the first round, with both men
connecting with some damaging shots. Erosa did more damage in my
opinion. The second round saw more of the same as they traded strikes.
This time I think Peterson was doing more damage. Erosa did drop
Peterson off a spinning back fist, though. He also got a takedown.
They traded big strikes as the round ended. In the third round they
both connected with monsterous strikes but weren’t able to finish the
other. Incredible toughness on display here. Erosa won by Split
Decision in a very close fight. Erosa improves to 27-9 and has won 5
of his last 6 fights while Peterson drops to 19-10. Good win for

GOOD- Bryan Battle vs. Tresean Gore
They traded kicks for most of the first round before mixing in some
punches. They continued throwing kicks in the second round before Gore
worked some grappling to close out the round. They both used more
wrestling in the third round but Battle ended up winning the decision
from the judges. Battle improves to 8-1 while Gore is handed the first
loss of his career and drops to 4-1. Good win for Battle.

GOOD- Brendan Allen submits Sam Alvey
Alvey landed some good counters in the first round before Allen
connected with a strong right hand that hurt Alvey and another that
nearly finished the fight. Alvey was able to survive, though. In the
second round Allen hurt Alvey again with some big shots before
cinching in a rear-naked choke for the submission win a little over
two minutes into the second round. Allen improves to 18-5 while Alvey
falls to 33-17-1 with 1 No Contest. Alvey has lost 7 of his last 8
fights, with the 8th being a Draw. Good win for Allen.

GOOD- Shavkat Rakhmonov stops Carlston Harris
They traded a few strikes early in the first round before Rakhmonov
got a takedown. Harris got up immediately but Rakhmonov landed a big
wheel kick followed by some huge right hands to force the referee to
stop the fight a little over four minutes into the first round.
Rakhmonov remains undefeated at 15-0 while Harris falls to 17-5 and
had his 5 fight winning streak stopped. Good win for Rakhmonov.

GOOD- Nick Maximov vs. Punahele Soriano
They landed a few strikes here and there in the first round but the
big story of the fight was Maximov landing 11 takedowns throughout the
fight. He didn’t do a lot of damage with them but it was enough to get
him the Split Decision win from the judges. I didn’t care for this
fight, it was kind of boring. I think it’s because both guys are
closely matched. Maximov remains undefeated at 8-0 while Soriano drops
his second in a row after winning his first eight fights and is now
8-2. Good win for Maximov.

BAD- Jack Hermansson vs. Sean Strickland
It was a slow first round as they prepared to go the distance.
Hermansson worked his low kicks while Strickland threw out some jabs.
That continued into the second round and even into the third round.
The fourth round saw a little more action but it was overall more of
the same. Things picked up a little more in the fifth round as
Hermansson started throwing more Superman punches. Things continued
until the round ended and Strickland won by Split Decision. It should
have been unanimous but whatever, I guess. Strickland improves to 25-3
and has won six fights in a row while Hermansson falls to 22-7. This
was a boring fight where it seemed like they were sparring. It
happens, though. You can’t expect guys to charge in like lunatics. You
need to win, especially if you want a title shot and to move up the
rankings. It was fine strategy they employed just lacking in the
entertainment aspect. Nonetheless, good win for Strickland.

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