HYDEN BLOG: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from Bellator 268 and UFC Fight Night: Ladd vs. Dumont

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch Senior Columnist

Bellator 268 and UFC Fight Night: Ladd vs. Dumont was last night. The
Bellator card also featured a Bellator Light Heavyweight Title fight
and the semi-final fights in the Bellator Light Heavyweight World
Grand Prix. Let’s get to the rundown.

Bellator 268
GOOD- Henry Corrales vs. Vladyslav Parubchenko
Parubchenko gets a takedown and slam early. They traded strikes for
the rest of the first round, with Parubchenko getting the advantage
there. The second round saw them trade strikes throughout the round
again, but this time Corrales got the upper hand. In the third round
Corrales dropped Parubchenko with a big left hook but couldn’t finish
him. They traded for the rest of the round but Corrales took it and
won the decision victory. Good win for Corrales.

GOOD- Benson Henderson vs. Brent Primus
No surprise this was a close fight. They traded strikes in the first
round Before Primus got the fight to the ground. Primus tried for
several submissions but Henderson survived. The second round was kind
of more of the same but this time Henderson had the advantage.
Henderson dropped Primus early in the third round but then Primus
clung to Henderson’s back and kept trying to submissions and doing a
little damage here and there. Primus won the decision from the judges,
good win for him.

GOOD- Corey Anderson stops Ryan Bader
This was quick and decisive. Anderson dropped Bader with a big shot
then swarmed him and forced the referee to jump in to stop the fight.
Big win for Anderson as he advances to the finals of the Bellator
Light Heavyweight World Grand Prix.

GOOD- Vadim Nemkov submits Julius Anglickas
Nemkov is the Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion and successfully
defended it for the second time here. Anglickas dropped Nemkov early
with a right hand but Nemkov fired back with a takedown. They got back
to the feet and Nemkov landed some nice shots of his own. The second
round saw Nemkov unleash hell on Anglickas but he survived. He took a
lot of punishment there but he survived. Nemkov got another takedown
in the third round but Anglickas escaped. Nemkov took him down again,
though. The fourth round saw Nemkov get another takedown and start
working for submissions. He eventually got one locked in and got the
tap for his ninth straight win. Nemkov advances to the finals of the
Bellator Light Heavyweight World Grand Prix, where he’ll face Corey
Anderson. Good win for Nemkov.

UFC Fight Night: Ladd vs. Dumont
GOOD- Nate Landwehr submits Ludovit Klein
Lots of kicks but not much of note in the first round. Some nice
strikes in the second round and Landwehr kept going for the anaconda
choke, a preview of the finish. More kicks exchanged in the third
round before Landwehr locks in the anaconda choke and Klein has to
tap. Good win for Landwehr.

GOOD- Manon Fiorot vs. Mayra Bueno Silva
Some crisp striking in the first round from both women. Fiorot was
getting the better of the exchanges. Fiorot outworked Silva and landed
a lot more strikes, though Silva was more efficient. Fiorot also got a
couple of takedowns, though, and got the decision victory. Good win
for Fiorot.

GOOD- Jim Miller stops Erick Gonzalez
Miller landed way more strikes in the first round, and was more
efficient. Gonzalez fought hard but he just got outworked. They both
had a takedown in the first round as well. The second round started
with Gonzalez stepping in with a kick and getting countered with a
huge left hand that knocked him out. Miller smashed him a few more
times before the referee could jump in. I don’t care much for that but
regardless, good win for Miller, who snaps his two-fight losing streak
with this victory.

GOOD- Andrei Arlovski vs. Carlos Felipe
Arlovski attacked with a lot of kicks in the first round. Felipe just
couldn’t connect with Arlovski, who was staying at distance and
picking him apart. The second round saw some okay action, as did the
third round. This whole fight was just okay, it was solid. The guys
did what they could but it was just kind of there. It was a fine
fight. It was really close but Arlovski got the nod from the judges.
Good win for Arlovski.

BAD- Aspen Ladd vs. Norma Dumont
This fight was terrible. I suppose it heated up in the later rounds
but that’s not saying much. This fight is exactly what I’m talking
about when I say not every main event needs to be five rounds. I think
that if you win the first three rounds in a five-round fight, it
should be over. Maybe some people would say that’s too early, and
maybe it is, but this is the kind of garbage I’m trying to avoid.
How about a compromise? If you lose the first four rounds in a
five-round fight, it’s over. There’s no point in continuing because
unless you get a flukey knockout or submission you’re going to lose.
This is like the NFL making every Sunday night game an overtime game.
It’s not needed.
Maybe I’m just biased because I had my time wasted watching this bad
fight but I really wish something would be done.
For whatever it’s worth, Dumont won the decision.

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