WATCH: Lyman Good stops Chance Rencountre

Lyman Good

Lyman Good scored the first finish of UFC 244, when earned a TKO victory over Chance Rencountre. Watch the finish here.

WATCH: Lyman Good stops Chance Rencountre

Full fight recap via Cole Henry

Round 1: Good connects with a left hand to break the ice. Rencountre has won two straight, while Good is coming off a submission loss to Damian Maia. Rencountre moves in, only to eat a left hook from Lyman Good. Good connects with an inside low kick. Rencountre is getting outpaced here. Rencountre clinches but Good breaks his grip, and connects with a quick jab. Rencountre shoots for a single leg, Good retains his footing and backs against the cage. Rencountre connects with an elbow as he allows Good off the cage. Good appears to be slowing down just a bit, hard to say if its fatigue or if he’s just settling into the fight. Rencountre clinches again, but Good is landing some big shots! Good connects with a series of uppercuts, and left and right hooks. Rencountre is taking all of them though, and the question is going to be whether or not Good can keep his pace. (10-9 Good) Good was absolutely the hammer in this round. Rencountre did not get much offense in, he attempted to wrestle at times, but Good powered out of the attempts and continued landing power shots.

Round 2: Good is looking crisp in round two, just as he did in round one. His strikes are tight and powerful. Rencountre does not have an answer yet, his chin is the only thing keeping him in this fight. Rencountre scores with a jab, one of several shots in a combination, but Good counters with a jab and right straight of his own. Good connects with a quick left hook, Rencountre was just standing in place and waiting for it. Rencountre scores with an uppercut to the body, Good is backing up a bit more at this point in the round, which is allowing his opponent to land more so than he was before. Rencountre scores with a big left hook, but Good is coming right back at him. Good connects with a right hand in the final moments of the round. Great round for the former Bellator Welterweight Champion. (10-9 Good) Lyman Good’s corner is asking him if he can put weight on his right foot, so it would seem he is dealing with some sort of injury.

Round 3: Rencountre opens the round with a hook to the body. Good’s movement will be something to watch for in this round. Good scores with a hook to the body and a straight right hand to the face. Rencountre is starting to look like a horror movie victim as this fight progresses. Good connects with a high kick! Rencountre goes down despite getting his guard up! Good follows him to the mat and finishes him off with a couple of punches, before the ref steps in! Great work by Lyman Good!

Turns out that it was not the high kick that put Rencountre down, but instead it with a follow up right hook.

Result: Lyman Good def. Chance Rencountre via TKO (Punches) Round 3, 2:03

Final Notes: In my opinion, this was the best performance of Lyman Good’s UFC career. He’s largely been an afterthought in the UFC due to a few losses and a slew of injuries, but that will change if he keeps performing like this.

WATCH THE FINISH HERE: Lyman Good stops Chance Rencountre

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