CAGESIDE REPORT: Invicta FC 37 The Play-By-Play From My View

Ray Freeman MMATorch Contributor

Invicta FC 37

Our own Ray Freeman was present for Invicta FC 37, he gives his perspective on the event.

Invicta FC 37 The Play-By-Play

Invicta FC 37 Flyweight Main Event: Pearl Gonzalez vs. Brogan Sanchez:

This fight begins with some stiff jabs from Sanchez. Pearl gets a head and arm throw that lands her on top landing punches. Sanchez has a full guard as the battle for a dominant position heats up. Sanchez gets the fight back standing, but a fiery Gonzalez sits her right back down with another great head and arm throw. Brogan is able to stand back up, this time landing a vicious elbow right to the face of Pearl.

As the fight settles in, Gonzalez switches to an outside trip to earn top half guard where the first-round ends. The second round shows these two fighters engaging in a muay thai match for over half of the first round. Pearl throws a lot of empty kicks, but Brogan isn’t taking advantage of it. Both fighters seem content to land 1 or 2 kicks before the other does. Pearl attempts the head and arm throw, but it fails, and she ends up on bottom, giving up her back, before reversing to a top guard where the second round ends. The third and final rd starts with a sense of urgency from Sanchez. She rushes Pearl up to the fence, but Gonzalez shifts her feet back to the center of the cage.

These fighters are very evenly matched in strength. After a lengthy clinch battle, Gonzalez is able to earn a double leg takedown. This excites the crowd as the chant her name. Pearl start landing some big elbows from top guard. Sanchez is able to kick Gonzalez off and create a scramble. The fight ends with both ladies on their feet.

What a fight. Judges give the fight to Pearl Gonzalez via Unanimous Decision

Flyweight Co-Main: Mariya Agapova vs. Marilia Santos:

These women came to fight! Both throwing heavy leather to start the round and neither having a clear advantage to begin. The first clinch is initated by Santos after some hard punches that send spit from Mariya mouth flying. But it’s Agapoya who earns the first takedown of the fight. Santos shows an active guard with a few armbar attempts from guard, but Mariya sniffs it out to stay on top and land punches and elbows. With 6 seconds to spare,

Mariya is able to turn up the pace and get the finish via ground and pound.

Strawweight Bout: Kay Hansen vs. Nicolle Caliari:

Kay starts off aggressive as usual and bumrushes Nicolle against the cage to earn a takedown and quickly take the back. Caliari is in trouble early as Kay squeezes for the rear naked choke. After several attempts, Caliari finally is able to get the fight back standing, but she immediately shoots for a double leg that is answered by a Guillotine attempt from Kay to end the first round. The second rd begins on the ground with Kay landing some big shots from the top. She seems to have the overall grappling advantage, but Caliari is competent enough to defend the worst of the worst. The third round starts identical to the second with Kay in a top quarter guard position on the ground.

Kay snatches up the neck and moves to full mount for a Arm-Out Guillotine.

Atomweight Bout Shino VanHoose vs. Lindsey VanZandt:

VanZandt is mixing up punches and kicks really well as she almost drops Vanhoose with the first one she threw.

The second kick she threw ended the fight. What a finish!

Bantamweight Bout: Linda Mihalec vs. Marisa Messer-Belenchia:

Marisa was the aggressor in the grappling clinch. She feels she has the strength advantage and stayed in a top position for a majority of the first round. The second round begins with Marisa pressing Linda up to the cage and taking the fight to the ground using an outside trip. Marisa stayed on top for about 3.5 mins. But within the last 40 seconds, Linda transitions to top mount and looks to end the fight with massive ground and pound. The round ends leaving the judges puzzled. This battle of attrition continues in the third rd. From my view, Marisa looks the more winded of the two as every movement seems labored. An ill-advised clinch initiated by Linda sees her backed against the fence again. Marisa is able to bully Linda on the cage to ride out the third round.

Linda Mihalec def. Marisa Messer-Belenchia via unanimous decision

Bantamweight bout: Megan Cawley vs. Hope Chase:

Hope is literally shaking before the first round begins. Chomping at the bits, she engages Megan with some hurky jerky motions before a flurry of punches between the two turns into a clinch battle that the black belt in BJJ Wins. Megan shows she has an offensive guard when she throws and armbar from guard that is quickly recognized by Hope and shaken off. Hope peppers Megan with shots until Cawley is forced to give up her back.

Hope Chase finishes the fight in the with a rear naked choke, then jumps on the fence to claim her territory.

Flyweight Bout: Jordan Kaaze vs. Claire Johnson:

Kicking off the card tonight, 2 fighters making their professional debut. Both take the center before Jordan pushes Claire against the fence for a clinch battle. Claire earned a big takedown early and rides out top position to end the first round. The two fighters were more willing to engage in a standup battle to start the second. But after realizing a clear grappling advantage from the first rd, Claire Johnson gets a massive takedown that rocks the canvas. Johnson is really turning up the pace looking for a ground and pound finish. She is landing big elbows and hammerfist all while changing position including a few guard passes. Very impressive second round for Claire Johnson in the Blue Corner. The third begins exactly how the second ended. Johnson earns an early outside leg trip against the cage. Her coach is screaming to elbow Kaaze to get her to open her guard. Johnson executes perfectly. Once the guard is open, Kaaze turns away and scrambles for a single leg.

In a solid transition, Johnson hits a belly down armbar to finish the fight in the third rd.

Invicta FC 37 began with a tribute to Katy Collins who recently died from brain aneurysm. For more information on how to help you can visit for donations.

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