Dana White’s Contender Series, S 3, EP 7, LIVE REPORT

Cole Henry MMATorch Live event reporter

Dana White's Contender Series

Dwight Joseph vs. Jason Perrin (Bantamweight)

Round 1: Joseph breaks the ice with some hefty low kicks. Perrin doesn’t like them and takes him down with a double leg. Joseph uses a butterfly guard to get back to his feet, and from there, he shoots for a takedown. Perrin will remain standing with the aid of the fence. Joseph connects with a left that backs Perrin up a bit. Perrin secures a clinch, but Joseph shakes him. Perrin lunges in with a left hook, but Joseph ducks and scores with a double leg. (10-9 Joseph)

Round 2: Joseph connects with a left hook to get things started. Perrin shoots for a takedown, but Joseph catches him in a guillotine! This is deep, but Perrin is seemingly okay so far, he is working to break the choke. Perrin is free and now working from Joseph’s guard with two minutes left in the round. They scramble back to the feet, Perrin shoots, but Joseph defends. Perrin closes the distance with a jab, but Joseph avoids and returns a kick to the midsection. (10-9 Perrin) Much closer round. Joseph looked good at times, but he gave up a takedown and overall, he appeared to be in the passenger’s seat. 

Round 3: Perrin takes Joseph down after a brief exchange, but he can’t keep him there. They’re fighting for position in the clinch, and from there Perrin scores with a takedown. He takes Joseph’s back, but only briefly before Joseph scores with a sweep. (10-9 Joseph) (29-28 Joseph)

Result: Dwight Joseph def. Jason Perrin via Unanimous Decision 

Taylor Johnson vs. Andre Muniz (Middleweight)

Round 1: They are going for it! Johnson is landing as is Muniz! Muniz connects with a big right hand and Johnson is down, but they scramble, and Muniz ends up with Johnson’s back! He’s working for a choke, and he’s got it! Quick and decisive win for Muniz! 

Result: Andre Muniz def. Taylor Johnson via Submission (RNC) Round 1, 1:46 

Hebert Burns vs. Darrick Minner (Featherweight)  

Round 1: They are both throwing hooks to get things started. Burns pulls guard, but then stands and Minner takes his back standing. Burns is defending well so far. Minner is controlling the action with a body lock against the fence; he separates and lands some big hooks. Minner shoots, but Burns sprawls and recovers guard. Minner is playing with fire here, Burns throws up a triangle, and this fight is over! 

Result: Herbert Burns def. Darrick Minner via Submission (Triangle Choke) Round 1, 2:29 

Omar Morales vs. Harvey Park (Lightweight)

Round 1: Morales is the aggressor in the early going; he is forcing Park to work against the cage. He’s landing lots of hooks. Park reverses the position. Lots of cage work midway through the round. We’re off the fence and Park is moving forward any chance he gets, but he is starting to get lit up here. (10-9 Morales) 

Round 2: Both guys connect with jabs to get things going. Park threw a low kick and appeared to hurt his leg in the process. Morales lands one leg kick, and then another! Morales connects with a few more shots; Park is compromised. Morales connects with a right hand and Park is down! 

Result: Omar Morales def. Harvey Park via KO (Punch) Round 2, 1:06 

Contracts Awarded: Andre Muniz, Herbert Burns, Omar Morales 

Final Notes: Decent night of fights. White commented that he disagreed with the decision in the Joseph fight, but still commended the efforts of both fighters. This has been a solid season so far, but for some reason, it isn’t as compelling as it has been in previous seasons.

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