WATCH: Marlon Vera submits Nohelin Hernandez

It wasn’t without drama, but Marlon Vera finished Nohelin Hernandez at UFC 239.

Despite taking the fight on short notice, Hernandez was likely winning round 2, before a fury by Vera quickly finished the fight.

Ongoing fight night report: 

Marlon Vera (13-5-1) vs. Nohelin Hernandez (9-2) – Bantamweight 135 lbs.

Round 1

Body punch attempt by Hernandez. Leg-kick by Vera. Vera grabs a body kick, and takes the back of Hernandez. Vera locks in a body-triangle. Vera swings his legs for an armbar. Hernandez stays active, and ends up on top. Hernandez lands shots from the top. Vera pulls Hernandez in close, the round ends.

Round 2

Body kick by Vera. Punch combo by Hernandez. Head kick by Hernandez. Hernandez lands a takedown. Hernandez unable to ground n pound. Elbows from the top be Hernandez. Hernandez stands, Vera stands. Vera with a stiff knee into a takedown, into a mount, Vera gets his back, locks in a rear-naked choke, Hernandez taps.

Result:Marlon Vera def. Nohelin Hernandez via submission at 3:25 of round 2

Analysis: Very fun fight. Despite being an unknown, Hernandez had several moments where he could have found the upset. However, once Vera landed that knee, it was all over! 

Watch the submission here:

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