LIVE: UFC Greenville live report: Results and analysis of Zombie vs. Moicano

Cole Henry MMATorch Live event reporter

UFC Greenville (Prelims)


Deron Winn def. Eric Spicely via Unanimous Decision

Molly McCann def. Ariane Lipski via Unanimous Decision

Jairzinho Rozenstruik def. Allen Crowder via KO (Punch) Round 1, 0:09

Luis Pena def. Matt Wiman via TKO (Punches) Round 3, 1:14

Ashley Yoder def. Syuri Kondo via Unanimous Decision

Dan Ige def. Kevin Aguilar via Unanimous Decision

(Main Card)

Alessio Di Chirico vs. Kevin Holland (Middleweight)

Round 1: Holland closes the distance early and forces the fight against the fence. Di Chirico connects with a solid combination, seemed to stop Holland in his tracks a bit. Holland is outstriking Di Chirico by a large margin here, but it isn’t really showing in the fight. Holland connects with a 1,2,1 that sends Di Chirico back against the fence. Di Chirico connects with a big elbow, and then completes a takedown. Big moment for the italian. Holland works his way back to the feet in the final seconds. (10-9 Holland)

Round 2: Holland clinches early and forces things against the fence, he seems to feel comfortable there. Di Chirico is landing knees and elbows inside, but Holland is returning them. Not a very fast paced fight, both guys are throwing kicks without setups. Di Chirico scores with a takedown, but Holland pops right back up. The commentators are saying that Holland is hurt, but I’m not sure what would have caused it. Di Chirico eats a front kick, but he seems alright. (10-9 Di Chirico)

Kevin Holland is saying his arm is out of place and his corner is working on it. Very odd situation here. The ref asked if Holland was okay and he just ignored him, and said some random gibberish. He wants to fight, that’s for sure.

Round 3: Slow pace so far, both guys are circling. They’re just trading, neither guy is really trying to pull ahead here in what has been a very close fight. Big left hand lands for Di Chirico, and then he takes Holland down. Holland is up, but Di Chirico probably did enough to earn the win here. (10-9 Di Chirico) (29-28 Di Chirico)

Result: Kevin Holland def. Alessio Di Chirico via Unanimous Decision

Andrea Lee vs. Montana De La Rosa (Strawweight)

Round 1: De La Rosa has a notable size advantage coming into this fight. Lee is landing shots to the body and head, lots of them are counter shots. Lee scores with a nice counter leg kick. De La Rosa scores with a quick takedown, but Lee gets back to her feet almost immediately. De La Rosa has an underhook but Lee is working out of the position. De La Rosa is pressuring and forces Lee back against the fence. Lee lands a few knees as they seperate. Lee scores with a takedown in the final seconds of the round and lands in side control. I don’t know if it will be enough though. (10-9 De La Rosa)

Round 2: De La Rosa is looking for a takedown from the start, and gets it, but Lee stands right back up. Lee is scoring with the jab and has been all fight, De La Rosa is starting to show it on her face, her nose is busted and her mouth is open. Lee scores with a knee as they briefly clinch! De La Rosa shoots with a bit of a calculated shot, and Lee sprawls it easily. Lee continues to land the jab. De La Rosa scores with a takedown late in the round, but Lee is in a good position to land elbows. (10-9 Lee)

Round 3: Lee is landing the jab as she pleases at this point, it’s quite a weapon for her. Lee scores with a grazing head kick, she has De La Rosa backing up at this point. Lee slips a bit and De La Rosa takes advantage, she is attacking with a guillotine, but Lee slips out! De La Rosa recovers guard. Lee is scoring with punches on the ground, but De La Rosa snaps her arm up! Lee escapes the position though, and moves to a north/south, she’s looking for an inverted triangle from there. (10-9 Lee) (29-28 Lee)

Result: Andrea Lee def. Montana De La Rosa via Unanimous Decision


Andre Ewell vs. Anderson Dos Santos (Bantamweight)

Round 1: Ewell is utilizing his reach well early on in the fight. He connects with a looping right hook that wobbles Dos Santos a bit. Ewell is much, much quicker. Dos Santos shoots for a single, but Ewell puts his back against the cage. Dos Santos is working hard for a takedown but Ewell escapes the position and they’re back in the center. Ewell connects with a stinging right hand! And then another and another! Dos Santos is taking some big shots here! Dos Santos blitzes forward with a flurry but Ewell avoids the shots and lands a few straight punches in return. (10-9 Ewell)

Round 2: Left hand lands for Ewell to get things started. Good back and forth action from both guys in the early going. Ewell is moving backwards but landing lots of punches. Dos Santos just cannot get out of the way, but he isn’t going down. Dos Santos shoots for a takedown but Ewell defends, he keeps pushing through and puts Ewell on his back. Ewell escapes the position gets back to his feet, he has one minute left in the round. Hard right hook lands for Ewell, but Dos Santos just eats it and keeps moving. (10-9 Ewell)

Round 3: Dos Santos scores with a takedown early on. He moves from side control into mount with just under two minutes left in the round. Ewell scrambles out of the position and gets back to his feet. Dos Santos is looking for another takedown, but Ewell is defending so far. Somebody told Dos Santos he needs a finish and he’s taken that to heart, he’s giving it everything here in the final moments of the round. We’re back in the center with half a minute left in the round. Ewell scores with a combination just as the round ends. (10-9 Dos Santos) (29-28 Ewell)

Result: Andre Ewell def. Anderson Dos Santos via Unanimous Decision

Bryan Barberena vs. Randy Brown (Welterweight)

Round 1: Randy Brown is playing it smart early on, he’s forcing to Barberena to work off the fence. Brown scores with a high kick! Barberena still has a chin though, that much I can confirm. Brown forces Barberena back against the fence. Great game plan by Brown so far. (10-9 Brown)

Round 2: Brown secures a body lock and forces the fight against the fence. We’re seeing Brown using lots of control here, but Barberena actually scores with a takedown. Brown scrambles up, eating a knee in the process, but he’s back on his feet now. Brown scores with an elbow as they seperate. After a brief exchange we see Brown connect with a flying knee! Slow fight but it has its moments. (10-9 Barberena)

Round 3: Barberena is fighting with a sense of urgency. Brown lands to the body and head. Barberena over extends on a right hand and Brown ducks under neath, nearly securing a body lock in the process. Brown connects with a straight right, only to eat an uppercut in return! Brown connects with a kick to the midsection and Barberena is hurt! Brown is turning up the pressure, he lands a huge knee! Barberena is down and it’s over!

Result: Randy Brown def. Bryan Barberena via TKO (Knees and punches) Round 3, 2:54

Renato Moicano vs. Chan Sung Jung (Featherweight)

Round 1: Korean Zombie lands a huge shot right out of the gate! Moicano is down! Jung pounces on him and takes the back! Moicano is flat and Jung is pounding him with shots! Moicano tapped I think but the ref didn’t see it! The beating continues and this fight is all over! Wow! Korean Zombie is very much in the title picture after this win! He needs more wins, but it’s great to see him competing at this level still.

Result: Chan Sung Jung def. Renato Moicano via TKO (Punches) Round 1, 0:58






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