LIVE RIZIN 16 REPORT Full results & analysis of Tenshin Nasukawa vs. Martin Blanco, Ayaka Hamasaki vs Jinh Yu Frey

Cole Henry MMATorch Live event reporter

Rizin 16 (Full Report)

War Memorial Hall

Kobe, Japan 

*Any bouts without detailed results were contested under Kickboxing rules.

Takaki Soya def Namiki Kawahara via first-round KO (punch) (129LBS)*

Kan Nakamura def ITTO via first-round KO (head kick) (131LBS)*

Seiki Ueyama def KENGO via first-round TKO (123LBS)*

YUYA def Tanaka Yuki via first-round TKO (151LBS)*

Erson Yamamoto vs. Tim Eschtruth (Bantamweight)

Round 1: Erson Yamamoto is the nephew of MMA legend, Kid Yamamoto. I don’t know much about Eschtruth, but he is apparently a judo specialist. They are clinching early, and Yamamoto seems to be fairing okay here against the judo player. Yamamoto connects with a knee to the body and an elbow to the face! Eschtruth is down and he is out! Wow! What a KO for Erson! He now moves to 3-4 in his career, but his standup looked better than ever tonight.

Result: Erson Yamamoto def. Tim Eschtruth via KO (Elbow) Round 1

Ryuji Horio def KUNITAKA via unanimous decision (129lbs)*

Kana Hyatt vs. Uoi Fullswing (Bantamweight)

Round 1: Hyatt takes Fullswing down early, it could have been a guard pull but it was hard to tell. We see some a stand up after a period of inaction. Fullswing is looking to land something big but Hyatt is avoiding the shots. Hyatt scores with another takedown, and he lands a couple of shots on the ground just before the round ends. (Fullswing)

Round 2: Fullswing is putting everything he has into his punches, but he isn’t connecting. Hyatt is landing the occasional counter shot to the body. Fullswing attempts a takedown but Hyatt keeps himself up with the ropes and reverses the position. Tough fight to call so far, lots of missed punches, and what’s most impressive about Hyatt so far is his defense. (Hyatt)

Round 3: Fullswing connects with a right straight and a high kick! He keeps moving forward and connects with another right hand! Fullswing secures a clinch in the corner, but Hyatt reverses the position. Hyatt takes the fight down with two minutes left in the round. Fullswing has a triangle position but it’s not tight and Hyatt appears to be resting. Fullswing is up and he is throwing some bombs in the final seconds! He connects and Hyatt goes down! Fullswing lands a couple of soccer kicks on his grounded opponent and this fight is over!

Result: Uoi Fullswing def. Kana Hyatt via TKO (Punches and Soccer Kicks) Round 3


Daron Cruickshank vs. Tofiq Musayev (Lightweight)

Round 1:  Not much happening in the early part of the round. Musayev has controlled most of the round so far with forward movement but neither guy has connected with anything notable. Cruickshank connects with an elbow but Musayev returns a 1-2 just as the round ends. (Musayev)

Round 2: Cruickshank connects with a kick to the midsection to get things going. Right-hand lands for Cruickshank! Great defense by both guys so far, aside from the occasional odd strike. The ref just told them to pick up the action… not sure what he means… not much is landing but they are throwing. Got to love Rizin. Musayev is connecting with kicks to the lead leg of Daron Cruickshank. Musayev scores with a takedown, but Cruickshank recovers guard. Musayev connects with a shot or two before the round ends. (Musayev)

Round 3: Cruickshank opens up with a flurry to break the ice. Cruickshank connects with a left hand, Musayev returns one of his own. Musayev shoots for a takedown and completes it. Cruickshank scrambles and rolls to his feet, but Musayev takes him back down. Cruickshank is threatening with a kimura, but it isn’t looking good for him. Musayev is starting to land shots from the top position with just over a minute left in the round. Cruickshank is attempting a triangle, but Musayev appears to be okay for now. (Musayev)

Result: Tofiq Musayev def. Daron Cruickshank via Unanimous Decision


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