LIVE UFC ROCHESTER REPORT: Real-time results & analysis of Dos Anjos-Lee, Anderson-Spencer

By Cole Henry, MMATorch Contributor

UFC Fight Night: Dos Anjos vs. Lee
May 18, 2019
Rochester, NY from The Blue Cross Arena
Live on ESPN+ (5 PM ET Prelims, 8 PM ET Main Card)


Julio Arce vs. Julian Erosa (Featherweight)

Favorite: Julio Arce -800

Round 1: They’re fighting in a phone booth in the early moments of the fight. Erosa is much longer, he’s looking to fight at a range. Erosa connects with a low kick, Arce fires back a combination. Erosa is using a front kick to keep his range. Erosa connects with a body kick, Arce takes it and clinches. Arce connects with a couples of good shots, but Erosa fires back and connects with a high kick. Erosa gets inside with a few shots but Erosa connects with another high kick. Arce attempts a takedown in the final seconds but Erosa scrambles to avoid it. (10-9 Erosa) I like his range, and his high kicks. Arce is getting inside but he can’t stay there, and he’s eaten a few nice shots for his effort. Close round though.

Round 2: Arce opens the round with a right hook. We’re seeing lots of reckless exchanges here by Erosa in the second round. He’s dropping his hands a bit after each punch. Arce attacks the body and then the head with a few quick punches. Arce is starting to capitalize on the openings in Erosa’s striking. He’s landing a lot more shots, but Erosa is moving forward. (10-9 Arce) It really depends on what the judges are looking for, I think. Erosa is moving forward, but missing with a lot of is shots, and Arce is taking advantage. Erosa is throwing big hooks, while Arce is favoring more of a volume approach.

Round 3: Arce is proving hard to hit here in the early part of the round. Erosa is slow, and he’s swinging but Arce is getting inside and landing. Erosa throws a low kick, Arce returns fire with a left hand, slips right and connects with a head kick! Julian Erosa is out!

Result: Julio Arce def. Julian Erosa via KO (Headkick) Round 3, 1:49

Zak Cummins vs. Trevon Giles (Middleweight)

Round 1: Both guys are showing respect early on. Cummins connects with a violent body kick mid-way through the round! Neither guy is connecting very much, lots of jab, jab, big shot type of combinations, but the big shots aren’t landing. Cummins is staying on Giles here; Giles seems content to let Cummins do so. Lots of movement, but not much landed for either guy. (10-9 Cummins) He didn’t do much, but he was leading the dance.

Round 2: Giles is a bit more aggressive in the early going of round 2. Giles connects with a low kick to the groin, and we see a break in the action because of it. Giles is staying out of range, he’s landing, but Cummins is the one moving forward. Cummins has a body lock and he’s looking for a takedown, but Giles defends. (10-9 Giles) Cummins is the aggressor, he’s throwing more, but Giles is landing the bigger and better shots.

Round 3: Giles has steadily increased his output throughout the fight and that’s continuing here in the third round. Cummins connects with a left hand! He shoots, but Giles defends. Both guys are connecting with light shots halfway through the round. Giles connects with a 1-2! Cummins has targeted the lead leg a lot here in this third round. Cummins connects with a counter over hand left and Giles is down! Cummins jumps on the neck with a guillotine! Giles is not defending correctly, and he’s forced to tap out! Zak Cummins with a nice win over a nice prospect!

Result: Zak Cummins def. Trevon Giles via Submission (Guillotine) Round 3, 3:01

Pat Cummins vs. Ed Herman (Light-heavyweight)

Favorite: Pat Cummins -250

Round 1: Cummins connects with a few shots to get things going. Cummins grabs for a single but gives up on it to land a hook instead. Herman connects with a 1-2, his first notable strikes of the round. Herman is starting to land some shots here. Cummins shoots for a single and completes it. Herman scrambles though, and we’re back on the feet. Herman connects with a big knee! Cummins is down and Herman lands a few more on the ground for good measure!

Result: Ed Herman def. Pat Cummins via TKO (Knee and punches) Round 1, 3:39

Michael Trizano vs. Grant Dawson (Featherweight)

Favorite: Dawson -160

Round 1: Dawson shoots early, but Trizano secures an under hook and pulls him into the clinch. Dawson reverses the position; you have to figure this is exactly what he wants. Trizano creates separation briefly, but Dawson stays on him and completes a second takedown attempt. Trizano is up, but Dawson is on him like glue. Trizano connects with a jab as Dawson attempts a takedown. Dawson is not finding success with his pressuring style, Trizano is very accurate and he’s making Dawson pay for the forward movement. Dawson completes a takedown in the final moments of the round. (10-9 Trizano) Dawson had the takedown in the final moments, but for the most part the round consisted of Trizano nailing him with the jab.

Round 2: Trizano is working the jab to start the round. Dawson is moving forward though; he secures a clinch and from there he takes Trizano down. He lands in the mount position, with just under four minutes left in the round. Trizano gives up his back, Dawson takes it, and he’s looking for the RNC. Trizano is controlling the wrist, but he’s belly down right now. Dawson has a body lock, he’s worked the arm under the neck, and this fight is over!

Result: Grant Dawson def. Mike Trizano via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 2, 2:27

Danny Roberts vs. Michel Pereira (Welterweight)

Favorite: Roberts -200

Round 1: Pereira connects with a big right hand to get things started. Pereira just threw a rolling thunder… it didn’t land… but still. Pereira connects with a nice front kick to the body! Pereira connects with a flying knee and a monster right hand! Danny Roberts is out cold! Wow!

Result: Michel Pereira def. Danny Roberts via KO (Flying Knee and Punches) Round 1, 1:37

Desmond Green vs. Charles Jourdain (Lightweight)

Favorite: Green -800

Round 1: Jourdain is taking this fight on short notice. He’s throwing lots of flying knees in the early part of the round. Reminds me of the way that Pat Shaheen plays the UFC video games. Green secures a clinch and lands a knee before they separate. They clinch again, and Green lands some punches to the body. Jourdain tags the body, but Green returns a right hand down the middle. Green secures a body lock and takes Jourdain down from there. Jourdain is looking for something from his back, but Green is controlling well from the top. Jourdain scrambles to his feet and lands a low kick in the final seconds of the round. (10-9 Green)

Round 2: Jourdain lands some low kicks early, but Green cracks him with a left hand. Green trips to the mat, Jourdain tries to capitalize, but Green avoids any of the potential danger. Jourdain connects with a right hook, but Green rushes in and lands a few shots to the body in return. Jourdain connects again, this time with a hook to the body. (10-9 Jourdain) It really could go either way. Jourdain was pressuring through out most of the round, and landing some good shots, but Green was in it the whole time. I will say that Green was far less aggressive, but he didn’t appear tired.

Round 3: Jourdain opens up with a grazing left hand. Jourdain lands a nice low kick; Green might be fading but its hard to say. Jourdain is keeping a great pace here in the third round, its been a steady increase from the beginning of the fight until this point. Jourdain connects with a high kick, Green may have blocked some of it, but it appeared to land. Green scores with a takedown! Jourdain is back to his feet, but Green takes him down again! Jourdain pops up again, but Green has his back. Jourdain is up again, but Green takes him down, that’s a third takedown here in the third round. Jourdain scrambles back to his feet and he’s moving forward but he’s running out of time here. (10-9 Green) (29-28 Green) The takedowns will probably earn him the round, but if Jourdain gets it here I won’t be surprised. He was relentless with his forward movement, and he out landed Green as well.

Result: Desmond Green def. Charles Jourdain via Unanimous Decision

Aspen Ladd vs. Sijara Eubanks (Bantamweight)

Favorite: Ladd -250

Round 1: After a brief exchange, we see Eubanks slam Ladd to the mat with a heavy double leg takedown! Eubanks is working from top control, half guard to be exact. Ladd is back on her feet, Eubanks attempts to take her down again, but Ladd defends this time. Eubanks changes to a single, but Ladd takes her neck! Ladd uses the headlock to take Eubanks down. She takes the back as Eubanks turtles up. They roll, Ladd is maintaining back control though. Ladd is landing punches, Eubanks pops to her feet, but Ladd takes her right back down. Eubanks climbs back to her feet with about 50 seconds left in the round. Eubanks connects with a left hand, and then a right! Then another and another! Ladd throws a kick, but Eubanks trips her up and follows her to the ground! She manages to connect with several nice shots on the ground before the round ends! (10-9 Eubanks) Close round, but that final sequence should give the edge to Eubanks.

Round 2: Eubanks forces the fight against the fence in the early going. Ladd scores with a takedown from the fence, body lock right into side control. Eubanks is working to her feet, but Ladd is on her back and she’s working for an RNC. Ladd has two hooks in, but no choke right now. We’re seeing some good defense from Eubanks, but she is getting worked at this point in the second round. She’s pinned down, against the fence, eating elbows from the top. (10-9 Ladd)

Round 3: Eubanks is landing hooks in the early part of the round. Eubanks is working combination, attacking the body and the head. Ladd returns a lead jab and follows it up with an elbow. Ladd connects with a jab but eats a right hand in return! This is turning into quite a fight. Both women are standing and trading a diverse array of strikes. Eubanks connects with a left hook! Ladd drops for a takedown, Eubanks is defending, we have one-minute left in this round! They are both swinging for the KO! (10-9 Ladd) (29-28 Ladd)

Result: Aspen Ladd def. Sijara Eubanks via Unanimous Decision

Main Card

Davi Ramos vs. Austin Hubbard (Lightweight)

Favorite: Ramos -500

Round 1: Ramos connects with a right hook to get things started. We just had a double groin strike… both guys kicked each other in the groin. Great stuff there… Hubbard scores with a quick combination. He follows it up with a low kick. Ramos is connecting, but as long as I live, I’ll never understand a fighters urge to prove that he’s learned new things. Ramos, a BJJ World Champion, has elected to box for the entirety of this round, against a guy that is taking a massive step up in competition. Ramos scores with a takedown and takes the back. He’s looking for an RNC, but he will run out of time. (10-9 Ramos)

Round 2: Round opens up with an exchange of low kicks. Hubbard connects with a knee right up the middle! Ramos attempts a high crotch takedown, but Hubbard defends. Ramos still takes his back standing though, and he’s maintaining the position with a body lock. Ramos drops to his back, pulling Hubbard with him. Hubbard scrambles out of the position though and we are back on the feet. Hubbard connects with a shot to the body; Ramos returns one of his own. Ramos connects with a left hook and uses the opening to shoot for a takedown. He’s working from half guard with under 30 seconds left in the round. (10-9 Ramos)

Round 3: Hubbard comes out looking to land. Hubbard connects to the head and body! Ramos returns a low kick. Ramos connects with a left hook but eats a combination for his efforts. They’re trading, Ramos is connecting, and Hubbard could be in trouble here! Ramos takes him down, he has a sort of modified half guard, and he’s landing from that position. We see a stand up from the ref, Hubbard has just over a minute to make something happen. Ramos connects with a jab; Hubbard is still moving forward though. Ramos attempts a spinning back kick but misses and Hubbard tags him. Ramos is down, throwing kicks from his back, and that will do it. (10-9 Ramos) (30-27 Ramos) Austin Hubbard was a game opponent and it will be fun to see what he can do with a full camp. He looked good on the feet and held his own on the ground.

Result: Davis Ramos def. Austin Hubbard via Unanimous Decision

Charles Oliveira vs. Nik Lentz (Lightweight)

Favorite: Oliveira -500

Round 1:  Lentz connects early with a right hook. Oliveira returns a few shots of his own. Lentz scores with a quick takedown, but Oliveira scrambles back to his feet. Oliveira connects with a jumping front kick to the face! Lentz takedowns Oliviera down, but the Brazilian sweeps him right into half guard. Oliveira connects with a hard elbow! Oliveira is busting Lentz up from top position. (10-9 Oliveira)

Round 2: Lentz takes Oliveira down early in the round. Oliveira has a guillotine from his back though, and Lentz is in trouble here. The commentators are saying that Lentz tapped, but the fighters are still fighting, the ref must have missed the tap if it happened, I didn’t see it. Back to the ground, Oliveira lands an up kick, and illegal one I might add, and Lentz will get a moment to recover… this fight is falling apart…  Oliveira connects with a right straight! Lentz is down and this fight is over! Oliveira caught a kick and returned the kill shot!

Result: Charles Oliviera def. Nik Lentz via TKO (Punches) Round 2, 2:11

The UFC just announced that Rashad Evans will be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. Fitting that he is going in at the same time as Mike Bisping.

Derrick Krantz vs. Vicente Luque (Welterweight)

Favorite: Luque -1200

Round 1:  Krantz charges forward to start the round, he tags Luque a few times, and attempts a takedown. He keeps pushing and completes it. Krantz takes the back but moves to mount. He attempts a guillotine, but its hard to tell how tight it is. They scramble and we’re back on the feet. Luque connects with a big shot and Krantz is down, but he appears to be okay. Luque is staying on him though and after a few more shots on the ground its all over!

Result: Vicente Luque def. Derrick Krantz via TKO (Knee and Punches) Round 1, 3:52

*Felicia Spencer def. Megan Anderson via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 1, 3:24

*I thought I had time to make a quick trip down the road to grab some coffee… The days of the UFC dragging these cards out are long over and I should have known better.

Ian Heinisch vs. Antonio Carlos Junior (Middleweight)

Favorite: Carlos Junior -115

Round 1: They’re both swinging a bit wildly in the opening moments of the round. Carlos Junior scores with a take down, and he’s now working from top half. Heinisch is trying to create a scramble but Shoe face is controlling him. Heinisch finally gets to his feet, he attempts to somersault out of the back-body lock, but Junior rolls with him. Junior scores with a trip, but Heinisch pops right back up. Junior takes him down again, this time with a double leg. Heinisch gets up again, but Junior double legs him again. Junior takes the back he has one hook in, with just under a minute remaining. The rounds going to end with Junior in full mount. (10-8 Antonio Carlos Junior) Heinisch looked good in defense, but he didn’t get any of his own offense in.

Round 2: Heinisch opens up with a few low kicks, and a nice right hook. Junior is frustrated here on the feet. Heinisch rushes in, but Junior times it and takes him right down with a single. He’s looking to take the back, and Heinisch must know if he can’t get up, he will lose this round. He briefly gets up, but Junior takes him right back down. Heinisch ends up on top though, and he’s landing some short shots from there. Junior has a leg trapped, but Heinisch is pressuring him, and landing shots with just under a minute left. Heinisch is landing lots of shots here in the final moments of the round. (10-9 Heinisch)

Round 3: Junior connected with a left straight right out of the gate! Heinisch is down, but he pops right back up. They clinch, and Junior connects with a knee to the groin… We see a brief break in the action and Junior is being warned for his… inaccuracy. Heinisch connects with a right hand, and Junior is down, though I think it was a slip. Heinisch is controlling the head, but Junior ends up with a leg anyway. Heinisch sprawls though. Junior takes the back standing, he has a body lock, but slips to the mat and Heinisch follows him. Junior sweeps him and takes top control. They scramble, and Heinisch takes Junior down with just over a minute left in the round. Heinisch is landing some punches from the top in the final moments of the round. (10-9 Heinisch) (28-28 Draw) Heinisch clearly won the second and third but I think the 4 minutes of top control in round one should be enough for a 10-8. If anybody deserves a win though I would say it should go to Heinisch.

Result: Ian Heinisch def. Antonio Carlos Junior via Unanimous Decision

Rafael Dos Anjos vs. Kevin Lee (Lightweight)

Favorite: Lee -125

Round 1: They exchange some heavy strikes in the early going. Lee catches RDA with a short shot that knocks him down! Lee charges in and completes a takedown. They scramble and we’re back on the feet. Lee lands with a kick to the midsection. He shoots for a double, but RDA defends with the help of the cage. Lee is pressuring RDA against the fence but can’t quite complete the takedown. We’re seeing constant pressure from Lee. Lee connects with a knee to the body as they separate. RDA returns fire with a grazing head kick! RDA shoots and completes a takedown with 30 seconds left in the round. He has the neck, but Lee shakes him off as the round ends. (10-9 Lee) RDA came on strong late in the round but Lee looked good for the entire frame. He looks quick, accurate, and strong at Welterweight, but we’ll see what happens as the fight progresses.

Round 2: RDA connects with a whipping kick to the body to open things up. Lee moves forward with a takedown though and completes it. RDA has the neck though and uses it to sweep Kevin Lee. Lee is back on his feet though and he’s looking for a takedown. Back on the feet, and Lee misses with a high kick. RDA returns one of his own that lands, but just barely. RDA grabs a body lock and drags Lee down against the fence but doesn’t quite complete the takedown. Lee is backing RDA up against the fence with jabs and straights. He changes levels for a takedown, but RDA is so far defending. RDA sprawls, but Lee keeps pressuring forward and puts RDA back against the fence… very tedious fight so far. Lee is working hard for the takedown, but RDA connects with a solid right hand! Lee shoots for a single, but RDA sprawls… this could be trouble for Lee. How much longer can he keep this pace up? (10-9 Lee) Lee is edging these rounds but his cardio is going to be the real question here. If it holds up, he will likely win, if not things could get rough.

Round 3: RDA opens things up with a flying knee. Lee returns a crisp jab and kick to the midsection. RDA appears to be very fresh. He scores with a takedown and moves right into side control. Lee is looking to move his hips, but RDA is controlling him. Lee is up, but he eats a knee for his efforts. RDA has a body lock and he’s looking to take Lee down. Lee scrambles out of it though and takes RDA’s back. RDA breaks the hook though and returns to top position. He has the back with two and a half minutes left in the round. Lee escapes the position, but RDA takes him down again. Lee is up, and takes RDA down this time… I’m tired just watching this pace. RDA is looking to get back to his feet, and Lee is mostly just holding on. Lee takes the back, but RDA escapes the position and takes top position again with 15 seconds left. (10-9 RDA)

Round 4: They’re exchanging in the early moments of the round. RDA clips Lee with a right hook. Lee connects with a shot to the groin. Back to the action, and RDA connects with a right hook and then a heavy low kick! Lee shoots, but RDA hits the cage and is so far defending. Lee is trying to take the back against the fence, but RDA escapes the spot. Lee lands a kick to the body and then shoots but RDA defends. Lee rips RDA with a kick to the body, he’s landing that shot at will. Lee shoots again, but RDA is hard to takedown. RDA steps out of the takedown and lands some hard shots on a turtled Kevin Lee! Lee rolls and RDA takes the mount! He’s attacking with an Arm-Triangle Choke and this fight is over!

Result: Rafael Dos Anjos def. Kevin Lee via Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) Round 4, 3:47

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