WRESTLEMANIA 35 RESULTS: Brock Lesnar opens the main card, loses Universal Championship to Seth Rollins

By Michael Hiscoe, Managing Editor

The Wrestlemania 35 main card got off to a hot start when Brock Lesnar’s “advocate” Paul Heyman interrupted a moment between Hulk Hogan and Alexa Bliss to announce that Lesnar’s Universal Championship defence against Seth Rollins would take place then and there.

“If my client’s not going on last, we’re not waiting around all night,” Heyman said in front of a packed Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Lesnar entered the ring first and jumped Rollins before he could enter the ring. They brawled outside of the ring with Lesnar fully in control for several minutes. The match was to officially start once both men entered the ring but the referee refused to ring the bell to start the match due to how badly Rollins was hurt. Lesnar continued to beat down Rollins outside of the ring, throwing him over and then through pieces of the announce table.

The match eventually officially started and Lesnar continued to dominate, suplexing Rollins repeatedly. Rollins was able to take over with a low blow and followed up with his signature “curb stomp,” ramming Lesnar’s head into the mat three times in a row. Rollins went for the pin and got the three count to dethrone Lesnar as WWE’s Universal Champion.


Lesnar took few bumps in the match beside the curb stomps, which are relatively safe. The decisive loss coupled with the safe approach Lesnar took could mean that a UFC fight is imminent. There was no Daniel Cormier involvement in the match, as was speculated by some. There’s a lot of Wrestlemania left to go so be sure to check in with PWTorch.com and read Wade Keller’s full report of every match.

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