LIVE BARE KNUCKLE FC 5 REPORT: Real-time results & analysis of Lobov-Knight

By Cole Henry, mmatorch Contributor

April 6, 2019
Biloxi, Mississippi from Mississippi Coast Coliseum
Live on pay-per-view and (Prelims 8 PM ET, Main Card, 9 PM ET)


Bobo O’Bannon def. Troy Beets via TKO (Round 4)

Sheena Starr def. Ivana Coleman via KO (Round 2)

Main Card:

Johnny Bedford def. Abdiel Velasquez via KO (Round 4)

Isaac Vallie Flagg vs. Randy Hedderick (165 Catchweight)

Round 1: They’re going after it early. Vallie Flagg is a former UFC fighter, I don’t know much about Hedderick. Vallie Flagg is looking to establish a jab, but Hedderick clinches and bashes him with a good right hand! More clinch work and Vallie Flagg lands an uppercut as they separate! Vallie Flagg lands a few shots to the body as the round ends. Good work by both guys and I think I’d score this for Vallie Flagg, but we’ll see. (10-9 Vallie Flagg)

Round 2: Hedderick opens up with a nice straight right hand! Vallie Flagg circles way from his opponent and lands a hard shot to the body. Vallie Flagg lands a jab as Hedderick attempts to move in! Hedderick connects with a nice 1-2 and Vallie Flagg damaged near his left eye. Vallie Flagg returns a 1-2 and follows it up with a hard hook to the body. I think that last flurry gave it to Vallie Flagg. (10-9 Vallie Flagg)

Round 3: Hedderick rushes forward out of the gate and scores with several good punches! Vallie Flagg is returning fire though and lands a nice left hand! Hedderick is down! He’s back up but Vallie Flagg is targeting the body and he connects with several more good shots! Hedderick takes a knee and the ref calls it!

Result: Isaac Vallie Flagg def. Randy Hedderick via TKO (Round 3)

Reggie Barnett vs. Rusty Crowder (Lightweight Tournament)

Round 1: Crowder is using the clinch early. He forces the fight against the ropes and gets in a few good body shots before they are separated. Crowder lands a right hand as they engage again but ends up slipping himself and falling to the mat. (10-9 Crowder)

Round 2: Barnett starts the round with a flurry. Crowder rushes back himself but neither guy is really landing. Barnett lands a grazing left hand, but Crowder is proving hard to hit. They clinch again but not for long. Apparently, they are allowed to clinch as long as they are throwing punches. (10-9 Barnett)

Round 3: Barnett lands a nice right hook midway through the round. Crowder is using lots of movement and he’s forcing Barnett to come to him. Straight right lands for Crowder. Barnett is stalking but this will likely be Crowder’s round. (10-9 Crowder)

Round 4: They clinch early, and Crowder uses momentum to toss Barnett through the ropes. That will result in a point deduction for Crowder. Barnett’s left eye is a mess, but he is starting to land some nice shots to the body. Crowder connects with a right hook and then another! Barnett continues to stalk him, (9-9 Draw)

Round 5: They clinch early, and Barnett lands some hooks to the body. Barnett is loading up, but he just can’t connect. As I say that he connects with a big left hand! Barnett lands again with a few shots to the body but Crowder clinches as the round will end like that. (10-9 Barnett)

Result: Reggie Barnett def. Rusty Crowder via Unanimous Decision

The president of BKFC just entered the ring and informed the crowd that he was taking half of Rusty Crowder’s purse for his “lack of effort” … not a fan of that at all. A yellow/red card system is one thing but this isn’t that.

Chase Sherman vs. Sam Shewmaker (Heavyweight)

Round 1: Shewmaker is dressed like Butterbean or something… Sherman is landing his jab effectively. Shewmaker is looking to land a big punch but he isn’t landing. Shewmaker connects with a right hand but Sherman returns a hook as the round ends. (Draw?) Very hard round to score… Both guys seemed to be feeling out the fight.

Round 2: Shewmaker lands a right hand to get things started. Shewmaker lands a counter hook. Sherman attempts to close the distance and eats a jab for his efforts. Shewmaker connects with another stiff right straight. He follows it up with a left hook and just misses with a follow up right cross! Sherman attacks the body with a hook as the round ends! The last few seconds of that round almost got crazy. (10-9 Shewmaker)

Round 3: Good defensive round for Shewmaker. I lost connection and these rounds end quickly. Looked like Shewmaker’s round though.

Round 4: Shewmaker is landing his jab but Sherman counters with a hook to the body and a right hand. Sherman flurries and lands a few good shots. Lots of movement here but not much is landing outside of the jab for Shewmaker. (10-9 Shewmaker)

Round 5: Shewmaker lands a left hook as Sherman attempts to close the distance. Shewmaker continues to lead the fight with his jab! Sherman is swinging and missing. Both guys are taking deep breathes as the round ends. (10-9 Shewmaker)

Result: Chase Sherman vs. Sam Shewmaker fought to a Split Draw

Analysis: Lots of movement in these fights but not a ton lands. I will admit I know far more about MMA than boxing but I’m doing the best I can.

Britain Hart vs. Christine Ferea (Women’s American Featherweight Championship)

Round 1: They’re circling, and each is looking to establish a jab early on. Not much is happening outside of that. Both fighters used the first frame as a feeling out process. Ferea appears to be the more aggressive fighter. Second round should be interesting. (10-9 Hart)

Round 2: They clinch early and both land hooks! Hart moves in with a jab but Ferea counters with a hook! Jab lands for Ferea! Hart clinches and they are both opening up! Ferea lands a hard shot to the eye and Hart is busted open! They are going to stop the fight. Hart is badly busted open near her left eye.

Result: Christine Ferea def. Britain Hart via TKO (Doctor Stoppage)

Analysis: The second round was exciting. I am honestly not sure how I feel about this as a sport. It’s somewhat exciting but on the other hand I feel like I am watching MMA fighters try to box.It’s still early for BKFC though and I do like a lot of the presentation. The fights come in a pretty steady stream without much random delay in between fights.

Chris Leben vs. Justin Baseman (Light-heavyweight)

Round 1: Leben is moving forward like a bat out of hell! He connects with a left hand! Baseman is on his heels! Leben connects with another left hand! He clinches Baseman against the ropes and unleashes a flurry of uppercuts! This fight is over in just 25 seconds! Chris Leben lives!

Result: Chris Leben def. Justin Baseman via KO (Round 1)

Analysis: Very exciting fight. Leben looks like he’s found a very good place for himself here in BKFC. It would be fun to see him return to MMA but if not this seems like a good fit for him. Justin Baseman’s bad luck streak continues. He has been on the receiving end of some tough KO losses over the years…

Artem Lobov vs. Jason Knight (Featherweight)

Round 1: They lock up right out of the gate. Knight lands and Lobov is down! He’s up and Knight puts him right back down! Lobov is up again and Knight moves in only to eat a right hand! Knight hits the mat! Knight is busted open very badly and this is a very fun fight! (10-9 Knight)

Round 2: Lobov lands early and Knight is stunned but still in the fight. Lobov is swinging for the fences and Knight is returning fire! Lobov lands a shot to the body! They briefly clinch and Lobov lands a grazing left hand. (10-9 Lobov)

Round 3: Lobov moves forward and lands to the head and body! Knight lands a jab and Lobov returns a right hand over the top! They exchange straight punches! Both guys are busted open. Lobov lands a left hook and then a right straight! Lobov connects again with a left hook and another right hand! Knight’s face is an absolute mess. (10-9 Lobov)

Round 4: Lobov charges forward with a right hand and follows it up with an uppercut. Lobov again moves forward with a hook to the body and follows it up with a big overhand right! Artem Lobov is looking like we’ve always hoped he would look! Lobov scores with a lead left hand! Knight returns a left hand and a then a right! This fight has saved the card! Lobov scores with a left hook! Knight returns a right! This is absolute chaos! Wow! (10-9 Lobov)

Round 5: Lobov connects with a left hand! Knights face is falling off… Knight connects with a right hand, Lobov ducks under him and secures a clinch. They’re separated and Lobov sort of just falls down for a moment… he’s now back up. They are exchanging in the final seconds of the fight. Knight is starting to land with power here and Lobov could be in trouble! Wow that was a very exciting fight… no defense, just forward movement and flurries of punches. (10-9 Knight)

Result: Artem Lobov def. Jason Knight via Unanimous Decision

Analysis: That was my first taste of bare-knuckle boxing. It was rough at first and I wasn’t sure about what I was watching but once the higher-level guys stepped into the ring it was quite a bit of fun. It’s a but difficult to cover bare-knuckle in the same way that I am used to covering MMA, I guess that goes without saying. But it was a fun experience and thanks for joining.


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