LIVE UFC WICHITA REPORT: Real-time results & analysis of Lewis-Dos Santos

By Christian Moore, MMATorch Contributor

UFC Wichita,

UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Dos Santos
March 9, 2019
Wichita, Kansas from Intrust Bank Arena
Live on ESPN+ (Prelims 5 PM ET, Main Card 8 PM ET)

ESPN+ Prelims

(1) Alex White vs. Dan Moret (Lightweight)

Prediction: Moret defeats White via 2nd Round Submission

ROUND ONE: Big overhand from Moret, and clinches up against the cage. Fighting for a takedown, but just a hold on the cage. Now at 2 minutes against the cage. Nice elbow from a quick break from Moret, and Moret clinches again. A takedown attempt blocked, and Moret goes for the clinch and gets put in a guillotine. It looks deep, but Moret escapes. Blows exchanged, and Moret finally lands a takedown. White gets his back to the cage. Nice elbows gash open White. White gets up,and goes for a takedown of his own, but is stuffed. End Round 1. 10-9 Moret

ROUND TWO: White bleeding. Moret goes for a takedown, bit White reverses position and gets control against the cage. Moret takes control, and thy separate. Moret tries for another takedown and again gets caught in a guillotine, and White breaks and goes for a takedown. Stuffed. White’s cut continues to get worse. They separate. Nice left stuns Moret. White landing combos. Moret running in wildly and keeps getting hit. Moret again clinches White against the cage. Nice body shot from White, and combos from both. More combos from both, White landing better. Another combo from White wobbles Moret, End Round 2. 19-19

ROUND THREE: Deciding round. Moret tries for another takedown, is stuffed, and eats some shots. Another clinch on the cage. White lands a takedown, but Moret get up. Break, an combo from White. Moret goes for another takedown but is blocked again. Moret could see a deduction, keeps grabbing the fence. White gets control and has his takedown stuffed. White lands a takedown. Moret gets up. Nice knee from White. Just clinch against the cage. White grabs the leg and pulls Moret down. Moret gets up. They separate. They’re swinging big and both are popping each other, but White seems to wobble Moret. End Round 3. 29-28 White

Result: Judges Scorecards- (29-28 x3) for the winner by Unanimous Decision Alex White

Analysis: It seems obvious enough, but lesser fights always start cards. Often we can see those fights actually be very good even though they don’t mean anything, but this fight was the first fight for the reason. It was basic, nothing special, and pretty boring. My only thoughts on the fight.

(2) Alex Morono vs. Zak Ottow (Welterweight)

Prediction: Ottow defeats Morono via Unanimous Decision

ROUND ONE: Nice jab from Morono. Nice jabs from Morono. Nice jabs from both. Nice body shot by Ottow. Another big body shot from Ottow. Nice jab from Ottow. Spinning body kick from Morono lands. Ottow dives for a takedown, but Morono catches him in a guillotine. Looks tight. Ottow turns on his back. Morono lets go of the choke and lands big shots. Ottow gives his back. Elbows from Morono. Morono landing flurries and thats it!

Result: Alex Morono defeats Zak Ottow via Verbal Submission in Round 1 (3:34)

Analysis: Another mediocre fight, but a good finish from Alex Morono. Not a fight that will jump Morono up in the ranking or anything, but shows he does  have some pieces that he could get ranked soon enough.

(3) Louis Smolka vs. Matt Schnell (Bantamweight)

Prediction: Smolka defeats Schnell via Unanimous Decision.

ROUND ONE: Schnell the quicker fighter. Both landing jabs. Nice right from Smolka. Schnell with a big right. Schnell keeps landing. Schnell gets caught on the chin. Schnell attempts a takedown and lands it. Schnell flips over into a guillotine and its tight. Smolka looks unconscious. Ref checks, and Smolka is fine. Smolka allowing Schnell to tire his arms out. Schnell now attempts a triangle. Schnell lets go. Smolka comes back in and Schnell gets another Triangle attempt, and Smolka taps out. That’s it!

Result: Matt Schnell wins via Submission due to a Triangle Choke in Round 1 (3:18)

Analysis: So I’m 0-3 tonight on predictions, so for those rooting for dos Santos in the main event, you could be in for a disappointment. Back to this fight, Schnell looked really good. Smolka looked off his game. Schnell was way faster and stronger and had good submissions,  finally getting the win after his 3rd attempt. Schnell is definitely a true contender in either the Flyweight or Bantamweight, so he’ll see himself ranked in whatever division after this fight, and most likely finds himself against a top 10 opponent up next.

(4) Maurice Greene vs. Jeff Hughes (Heavyweight)

Prediction: Hughes defeats Greene via Unanimous Decision.

ROUND ONE: And here goes the rematch. Jabs from both. Nice jab from Greene. Body kick from Greene. Nice leg kick from Hughes. Nice right from Greene. Greene throwing a lot, but landing almost nothing. Blocked body kick. Greene lands an elbow. Pushes Hughes against the cage and throws, but Hughes gets out. Another nice elbow from Greene that gets him into the clinch. They separate. Big swings all miss from Hughes, but goes for a takedown. Greene blocks and separates. Nice right by Hughes. Exchange of shots to end the round, as Greene already looks tired. Greene 10-9

ROUND TWO: Nice left from Hughes. Another left from Hughes. Nice combo by Hughes. Spinning body kick from Greene. Good overhands from Hughes. Good jab and body shot hurt Greene. Hughes goes for a takedown, and is stuffed. Good jab from Hughes. Nice jab gives Hughes chicken legs. Hughes seems to have recovered though. Nice combo from Hughes hurts Greene. Huge overhand misses for Hughes. Nice hook from Hughes. Good leg kick from Greene. Big misses for both. End Round 2. 19-19

ROUND THREE: Nice body shot from Greene. Big overhand misses for Hughes. Another body kick from Greene. Nice leg kick drops Hughes. Jabs from both. Nice overhand from Hughes. Nice right from Hughes. Nice jab by Hughes. A lot of throwing, with no landed strikes. Greene missing every throw. Good head kick from Hughes that hurt Greene. Both throw spinning kicks, both missing. Have no clue on that round but I’ll guess. 29-28 Hughes

Result: Judges Scorecards- (29-28 x2 Greene, 28-29 Hughes) for winner by Split Decision Maurice Greene.

Analysis: The crowd seemed to enjoy the fight, but it just slowed down rapidly throughout the fight. I thought Jeff Hughes won, but neither did anything in the 3rd, and 2 of the 3 judges thought that Greene won, so Greene got the win. Yet another basic fight, but it probably gets Greene a very low ranked fighter next. The fight that will probably be overshadowed  by the other ranked Heavyweight fights, but we’ll see Greene back soon.

(5) Grant Dawson vs Julian Erosa (Featherweight)

Prediction: Dawson defeats Erosa via Submission in Round 1

ROUND ONE: Dawson goes for a takedown, lifts Erosa up and slams him down. Erosa gets a Triangle in and throws elbows but Dawson escapes. Dawson goes for another takedown. Stuffed at the moment, but lands the takedown. Another takedown for Dawson, but Erosa gets up again. Dawson takes Erosa down again after eating a right. Dawson being very sloppy in full guard. Erosa gets up. Dawson lifts him, but Erosa lands on his feet. Dawson holds clinch. Dawson carries Erosa across the cage, and eventually lightly slams him. Dawson gets into side control. Erosa gets in full guard. Dawson continues to be very sloppy. Dawson being held in full guard. End Round 1. 10-9 Dawson

ROUND TWO: Dawson dives for the takedown immediately and lands it. Erosa gets up. Dawson clinches against the cage. Nice uppercut from Erosa. Dawson throws some lazy strikes. Erosa tries for a takedown, but Dawson turns it around. Dawson tries the back and misses. Another clinch against the cage. They separate. Leg kick sweeps Dawson on his butt. Dawson goes for another takedown, and is stuffed. Erosa breaks. Another calf kick crumbles Dawson. Dawson gassed out. Good knee from Dawson. Jab from Dawson stumbles Erosa. Dawson with a punch that drops Erosa. Erosa let up. Dawson pushing forfard and goes for a spinning elbow that misses. Erosa lands hard strikes that wobble Dawson. End Round 2. 20-18 Dawson

ROUND THREE: Lets go! Both men gassed. Good leg kick from Dawson. Dawson lands a takedown. Erosa throws up the triangle, but Dawson is fine. Dawson takes the back. Dawson attempting an arm triangle. Gives it up. Erosa gets to full guard. Dawson on the back again. Flattens Erosa out. Dawson bright red and breathing heavy. Dawson puts in a rear naked choke but can’t get it. Dawson stands up and throws down strikes. Dawson gets the back again. Dawson going for another arm triangle. Dawson misses a big elbow. Dawson unloading to end the fight. End Round 3. 20-27 Dawson

Result: Judges Scorecards- (30-26, 30-27, 29-28) for winner by Unanimous Decision Grant Dawson

Analysis: Grant Dawson looked okay, and the fight was very good, the best of the night so far, but the hype that Dawson put on himself. Dawson doesn’t look like anyone who can be anybody, because he gassed out very easily, and was as sloppy as I’ve seen a fighter in a while, but he is 23 and has PLENTY of time to improve.

(6) Marion Reneau vs. Yana Kunitskaya (Bantamweight)

Prediction: Kunitskaya defeats Reneau via decision

ROUND ONE: Body shot thrown by Kunitskaya. Kunitskaya lands a takedown. Reneau tries to fights her off and gets up. Kunitskaya clinches on the cage. Knees to the body from Kunitskaya. More knees. Kunitskaya separates and lands a solid jab. They trade body shots. Nice leg kick from Kunitskaya. Great spinning back fist from Kunitskaya. Reneau trips Kunitskaya, and lands on top. End Round 1. 10-9 Kunitskaya

ROUND TWO: Nice combo from Reneau. Kunitskaya clinches against the cage. They break. Hard combo from Reneau. Nice left from Reneau. Leg kick from Kunitskaya. Reneau landing nice strikes. Kunitskaya hit again. Nice body shot from Reneau. Kunitskaya making a lot of noise, but not landing anything. Another solid combo from Reneau. Right hand by Kunitskaya busts up Reneau’s nose. End Round 2. 19-19

ROUND THREE: Both exchanging jabs. Reneau landing the better shots. Kunitskaya throwing a lot of kicks, not with much impact. Reneau with another great combo that stuns Kunitskaya. The combo repeats. Kunitskaya nose is busted up. More good combos from Reneau. Kunitskaya throwing a lot more, but not landing much at all. Kunitskaya getting hit hard, and Kunitskaya’s nose is obviously broken. Kunitskaya nose is in differnet directions. Reneau targeting the nose. Reneau opening up. Kunitskaya continues to bleed really badly. End Round 3. 29-28 Reneau

Result: Judges Scorecards- (29-28 x3) for the winner by Unanimous Decision Yana Kunitskaya

Analysis: Kinda a shocking decision, but Kunitskaya made her case for the win, and deserved it. Kunitskaya 100% broke her nose, so who knows when we’ll see her again, but she is probably 1-2 fights away from the title fight. Also, an incredible performance by the 41 year old Reneau.

(7) Anthony Rocco Martin vs. Sergio Moraes (Welterweight)

Prediction: Moraes defeats Martin via Round 2 Submission.

ROUND ONE: Nice leg kicks from Rocco. Moraes lands a quick takedown. Moraes goes for a guillotine, but Martin seems fine. They both seem fine with stalling. Body punches, but the ref should stand them up. And there it goes. Ref stands them. Martin keeping with the leg kicks. More calf kicks. Moraes being more aggressive landing combos. Another good leg kick from Martin. Moraes with a good left hand. End Round 1. 10-9 Moraes

ROUND TWO: Nice left from Moraes. Martin missing some leg kicks. Martin only seems to be going for leg kicks. Nice combo from Moraes. Nice jab from Martin. Moraes clinches, but they break. Good jabs from Moraes. Nice punch from Moraes. Rocco throwing more, but rarely landing. Nice kick from Moraes. Ref stops the fight for some reason. Moraes skims the cup, but Martin wants the fight continued and here we go again. Nice jabs from Martin. Another good leg kick from Martin. Nice right counter from Moraes. Nice left from Moraes. Moraes takes down Martin and takes the back but round ends. 19-19

ROUND THREE: Great leg kick from Martin. Moraes avoids the big shot and hits Martin hard. Martin clinches against the cage. Martin breaks. Martin landing combos. Nice body shot from Martin. Another good leg kick from Martin. Martin clinches against the cage. Another separation. Nice right from Moraes. Takedown attempt from Moraes. Stuffed at the moment. Another separation. Nice uppercut from Rocco. Another takedown attempt from Moraes, and Moraes throws down Rocco. Moraes hitting Rocco. Rocco gets mounted, but round ends. 29-28 Martin

Result: Judges Scorecards- (30-27 x3) for winner by Unanimous Decision Anthony Rocco Martin

Analysis: A really good performance from Rocco. On the other side, Moraes didn’t seem himself. That being said, Rocco put on a show, and most certainly gets at least a ranked opponent next if not a ranked number next to his name. A good fight to end the Under Card.

ESPN+ Main Card

(8) Tim Boetsch vs. Omari Akhmedov (Middleweight)

Prediction: Akhmedov defeats Boetsch via Round 2 Submission

ROUND ONE: Nice head kick seems to stun Boetsch. Clinch on the cage. Omari tries for the takedown, but Boetsch blocks. Boetsch goes for a trip, but Omari blocks. They break. Nice right from Omari. Nice right again from Omari. Good combos from both. Good leg kick by Omari. Omari goes for a takedown and is stuffed. Boetsch with a good uppercut. End Round 1. 10-9 Omari

ROUND TWO: Good leg kick from Boetsch. HUGE swing just misses for Omari. Big right from Omari. Boetsch nose is broken. Boetsch nose now bleeding. Boetsch keeps checking the nose. Jabs from both miss. Nice combo from Omari. Another good right from Omari. Good leg kick from Omari. Clinch from Omari. Boetsch eats a knee to the body. Boetsch throws a shot that goes low. Ref stops the fight, and now its back on. Both throwing in the clinch. End Round 2. 20-18 Omari

ROUND THREE: Boetsch starts with a good combo. Nice right from Omari. Nice front kicks from both. Nice combo from Omari. Boetsch keeps taking shots. Body kick from Boetsch is blocked, and he eats a shot. Nice left from Omari. The ref telling the fighters to engage.Huge swing from Omari misses. Boetsch hit hard. Boetsch can’t see out of his left eye now. Boetsch lands some nice strikes. Omari clinches. .End Round 3. 30-27 Omari

Result: Judges Scorecards- (30-27 x3) for the winner by Unanimous Decision Omari Akhmedov

Analysis: Great fight from Omari. Boetsch broke his nose early and was out of it from there. It sounds like that is the end of Tim Boetsch, so congrats on a great career.

(9) Beneil Dariush vs. Drew Dober (Lightweight)

Prediction: Dober defeats Dariush via Round 2 TKO

ROUND ONE: Dariush with a nice left. Huge leg kick from Dariush. Big left from Dober, but we see a clinch on the fence. They break. Big shot from Dober wobbles Dariush, but Dariush clinches. Dober separates. Great combo by Dober. Dariush eating big shots,but still seems there. Clinch on the cage. Dariush keeps getting hit. Leg kick from Dariush. Dariush clinches. Knees to the body of Dober. They separate. Dober landing big shots. Dober with a flying knee that lands. End Round 1. 10-9 Dober

ROUND TWO: Dober knocks down Dariush immediately. Dariush gets up and clinches. Dariush lands the takedown. Dariush trying to get to top mount. Dariush seems content just stalling. Dariush gets top mount. Dariush landing elbows, but Dober gets up for a moment. Half guard for Dariush. Top mount, and Dariush throwing strikes. Dariush gets the back. Dariush slides off the back, and Dober puts in a guillotine. Dariush gets out and is in side control. Dariush has an armbar in. Dober taps.

Result: Beneil Dariush wins via Submission due to an Armber in Round 2 (4:41)

Analysis: A tale of 2 rounds. Round 1 dominate on the feet by Dober, with Round 2 being dominated on the floor by Beneil Dariush. Great comeback from Dariush. Dariush probably sees a top 10 opponent in his next fight.

(10) Blagoy Ivanov vs. Ben Rothwell (Heavyweight)

Prediction: Rothwell defeats Ivanov via Unanimous Decision

ROUND ONE: Ivanov trips after a Rothwell leg kick. Missed shots from both. Jab to the chest of Rothwell. Left from Rothwell stuns Ivanov. Leg kick from Rothwell. Jab by Ivanov. Body shot from Ivanov. Nice right from Rothwell. End Round 1. 10-9 Rothwell

ROUND TWO: Jab by Ivanov. Body jab by Ivanov. Jabs by Ivanov. Nice stiff shots from Ivanov. Rothwell has a head kick blocked. Ivanov putting combos together. Big left hook by Rothwell. Counter left by Ivanov. They’re swinging big. Ivanov getting the better of the exchanges. Rothwell’s nose leaking blood. Nice combos from Rothwell.Nice left hook from Rothwell. End Round 2. 19-19

ROUND THREE: Combos exchanged. Big combo for Ivanov. Rothwell pokes Ivanov in the eye. The fight is stopped briefly but its back on. Rothwell hits him low. Fight stops again, but the fight is back on. Nice hit on the chin of Rothwell. Strrong right from Rothwell. Ivanov looks hurt. Nice combos by both. Overhand by Rothwell. Good jab from Ivanov. Both swinging big, oand both looked stunned. Head kick and elbow from Rothwell. End Round 3. 29-28 Rothwell

Result: Judges Scorecards (29-28 x3) for the winner by Unanimous Decision Blagoy Ivanov

Analysis: Even though I thought it would go to Rothwell, this isn’t a robbery or anything like that. Round 3 was definitely Rothwell’s and Round 2 was definitely Ivanov’s,with Round 1 being iffy. A good fight for both. Rothwell seemed WAY slower than he was 3 years back, but he did hit hard, and can still compete. I don’t see a future for Ivanov, but that’s just me. We’ll know soon enough who he’ll fight next.

(11) Tim Means vs. Niko Price

Prediction: Price defeats Means via Round 1 TKO

ROUND ONE: Body shots from both. Price with big rights that hurt Means. Price lands a knee, but Means lifts Price and slams him. Means staying on top. Means landing some solid shots. A knee from Means, but Price gets back up. Leg kicks from Price. Means takedown attempt is stuffed. Nice combo from Means. Big shots from both. Price gets tagged. Right rocks Price. Price gets wobbled again. Price stunned and is about to fall. OH BUT PRICE WITH A HOOK THAT KO’s MEANS!

Result: Niko Price wins via KO in Round 1 (4:50)

Analysis: Niko Price is up there for my favorite fighter. I’ve loved watching him for about 2-3 years now. He looked out of it, but then not only KO’d Means, but Means also broke his ankle on the way down. Price is a killer,and he’ll get a ranked opponent next. As for Means, I think this might be it. Not only is Means on the elder side of many fellow fighters, but a broken ankle takes him out for a while, and at his age, I don’t know how well he’ll be able to recover. Best wishes towards him.

(12) Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos vs. Curtis Millender (Welterweight)

Prediction: Millender defeats Zaleski dos Santos via TKO in Round 2

ROUND ONE: Zaleski dos Santos takes a shot, but takes Millender down. Millender catches him in a guillotine, but Zaleski dos Santos gets in half guard. Millender shoves him off, but Zaleski dos Santos jumps on the back. Zaleski dos Santos fighting hands at the moment. Zaleski dos Santos gets in top mount. Millender gives up the back. Zaleski dos Santos quickly locks in a rear naked choke. Millender in pain, and he taps.

Result: Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos wins via Submission due to a Rear Naked Choke in Round 1 (2:35)

Analysis: Well UFC has a prospect fall in Curtis Millender, but obviously he isn’t ready for the spotlight yet. Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos proved that he is a true contender, and now see’s himself  1-2 fights from a title fight. He probably gets someone in the top 7. So, don’t be too surprised to see Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos getting a title fight by the end of the year.


(13) Derrick Lewis vs. Junior dos Santos (Heavyweight)

Prediction: dos Santos defeats Lewis via Round 3 TKO

ROUND ONE: Lewis lands a leg kick which dos Santos answers.  Nice left hook by Lewis. dos Santos pokes Lewis in the eye. Lewis rubs his eye on Herb Dean’s shirt, but Lewis is fine, and its back on. Nice body kick from Lewis. dos Santos misses a spinning back kick. Lewis with a right that stumbles dos Santos. Big overhand right rocks Lewis, but Lewis answers with an overhand that rocks Cigano. They separate, and the fight is cooled down a bit. JDS with a body jab. Nice leg kick by JDS. Big overhand misses for JDS. Spinning back kick to the body hurts Lewis. Lewis bends over. JDS comes in slowly, but Lewis with an overhand that rocks JDS. Lewis bends over again in pain. He turns his back, and JDS hits him, but Lewis separates. Lewis protects his body, and the round ends. 10-9 JDS

ROUND TWO: Head kick just blocked by JDS. Body shot from JDS. JDS slips and Lewis gets on his back. Lewis hits him, but JDS got up. JDS with a right that stuns Derrick Lewis. Lewis stumbles around, and JDS knocks him down. Lewis is just taking shots, and thats it.

Result: Junior dos Santos wins via TKO in Round 2 (2:58)

Analysis: After that body shot, Lewis obviously was looking for a way out. He wasn’t hit too hard, and he just gave up and took shots,ending the fight. It just read like he didn’t wanna be in there. JDS though, is a miracle. JDS has had a career resurgence that is definitely the biggest Heavyweight comeback since Fabricio Werdum. dos Santos has to be the #1 contender behind Ngannou.So if the UFC still has the ludicrous idea of doing Brock and DC, then I guess we get the 3rd attempted booking of JDS vs Ngannou. If Ngannou does get the shot, than I see JDS vs Miocic. Although, being that JDS did KO Cain Velasquez in the past, Cormier may take this fight. So now the UFC has JDS, Ngannou, and Stipe, yet Brock is expected to get the shot. I don’t know what they do. Stipe vs DC, facing the winner of Ngannou/JDS makes the most sense, but with a Brock fight, god knows what will happen.


That’s it for this show. Overall a mediocre card, but it finished very strong. Let us know your thought @mmatorch or @coachCMmma on Twitter, and make sure to head back in our direction next week for more live coverage on UFC Fight Night: Till vs Masvidal. See you then


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