MCGRATH: Five lessons we’ve learned from the UFC 232 move

By David McGrath, MMATORCH contributor

Dana White (photo John David Mercer © USA Today Sports)

This is NOT a failed drug test

Andy Foster, the head of the California State Athletic Commission would not sanction Jones if this could not be proven to be from old ingestion. Foster has been one of Jones most outspoken critics and made Jones submit to another test recently. I’m going to trust scientists and Andy Foster over Jones haters and Twitter trolls, I wholeheartedly believe what the scientists and Jeff Novitzky say at this point.

All rules are subject to change if it means money can be made

Have you ever in your life heard of a major sports organization moving a massive event six days before yo another venue in another state? This one is so crazy, the organization must be the UFC. If it were me Cyborg vs Nunes would have been enough with this undercard to keep 300-350 pay per view buys, I would have saved Jones for Brooklyn on ESPN or even UFC 235. The logistical headache and message it sends to fighters and fans are not worth it.

Jones is the biggest lightning rod the UFC has ever had

If you have Twitter, and you’re an MMA fan I’m sure you noticed the amount of sheer hatred on Twitter for Jones after the news, it was literally all over my feed. There are so many Jones haters and apologists it’s absolutely amazing to watch and a very interesting case study.

It’s time for Jones to be the bad guy

To this point, Jones has not embraced his bad boy persona. It’s time. Jones is the perfect villain. He has out of the ring drama and he is unbeatable inside it. People love him, and people love to hate him. Jon Jones going full villian mode is so money. It’s time to embrace it Jon the people who hate you are never gonna love you. Embrace the Hate!


UFC has a massive disconnect with its fighters

Most fighters found out that their families, friends and just about anyone else who is coming to see them fight are out of luck by social media posts. The fact that some had to learn that way it utterly embarrassing. The UFC has got to fix its fighter relations. They are the biggest MMA promotion on earth how is Megan Anderson and Mike Chiesa finding this out via Twitter? So you’re telling me there is no internal memo? Mass voicemail message? Carrier pigeon? Absolutely another embarrassing situation, which could have been easily avoided.

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