UFC FIGHT NIGHT CHINA LIVE REPORT: Real-Time Results & Analysis of Blaydes-Ngannou, Overeem-Pavlovich

By Cole Henry, mmatorch Contributor

UFC Fight Night China
November 24, 2018
Beijing, China from Cadillac Arena
Live on UFC Fight Pass (3:15 AM ET)


Louis Smolka vs. Su Maderji (Bantamweight/135)

Round 1: This is the UFC bantamweight debut for Smolka. He is making his return to the UFC after a brief run on the regional circuit. Smolka moves right in for a takedown but Maderji gets his back against the fence. Smolka moves in for another takedown but eats a shot coming in. Maderji sprawls the takedown and nearly takes a crucifix position but Smolka pushes through into top position. Smolka is working to pass the guard of his opponent but Maderji is defending well so far. Good work by Smolka to maintain top position. Smolka is starting to land some nice shots to the head and body and Maderji doesn’t seem to have much of an answer at this point. Smolka takes the back briefly but Maderji is defending. Smolka has a hook though but Maderji is not giving him anything for free. Smolka is landing some good punches as he looks for a good position. He has the back with two hooks in now and he is landing some big shots with 25 seconds left in the round. Maderji will survive the round but he was in deep waters there. 10-9 Smolka

Round 2: Smolka scores with a takedown early. He quickly takes the mount but Maderji recovers guard. Maderji throws up a triangle but Smolka pulls out of it. Maderji uses an Omoplatta to escape to the top position. Smolka is looking for an arm from his back through and Maderji could be in trouble here! He taps! Maderji taps and this fight is over!

Result: Louis Smolka def. Su Maderji via Submission (Armbar) Round 2, 2:07

Analysis: Louis Smolka looked fantastic in his return to the octagon. He was the clearly superior fighter but the skill discrepancy on the ground was immense and Smolka exploited it perfectly.

Kevin Holland vs. John Phillips (Middleweight/185)

Favorite: Kevin Holland -600

Round 1: Holland was first discovered on Dana Whites Tuesday Night Contender Series. He debuted on short notice against Thiago Santos. This will be his first fight in the UFC with a full camp under his belt. Phillips trained with SBG Ireland for this fight. They have had a bit of a rough run as of late and I’m sure they would like a win here. Holland is opening up early with kicks to the head and body. Phillips is looking to land hooks, but he is having a problem getting past the kicks. Phillips lands a solid left hand but eats a few for his efforts. Holland connects with a front kick to the body. Holland is attacking, and Phillips is hurt. Holland is landing punches and kicks to the head and body! Phillips is throwing wild punches but so far, no luck with landing. Holland lands some hard knees in the clinch. Phillips is moving forward but Holland is just bashing him with kicks to the body. Phillips connects with a hard punch to the body! He’s just a bit slow though and he can’t quite land any combos. Holland lands a groin kick and Phillips will get a moment to recover. Phillips lands a hard-right hand that staggers Holland but just for a moment. Holland is back on the offensive with kicks to the body and legs. Holland lands a flying knee as the round ends and fires off a few hard punches as Phillips hits the ground. 10-9 Holland

Round 2: John Phillips body is very red. He cracks Holland early and Holland hits the mat! Phillips is attacking! Holland is defending well though and showing that he is hard to hit. Phillips is working hard in the clinch though and he is landing some shots. Holland lands a knee as he circles off the fence. Phillips appears to have slowed a bit. Phillips digs into the body with a right hook. He’s using lots of energy here. Holland appears to be very composed. Holland is scoring with the jab and he’s slowly wearing Phillips down. Phillips is chasing him though but not much is landing. Holland is just to quick and evasive. Phillips is pressuring with one-minute left in the round. Holland is bleeding above his right eye, but it isn’t a serious concern yet. 10-9 Holland. Phillips pressured but Holland defended well and landed plenty of his own shots. It could go to Phillips, but Holland’s defense is probably winning him the fight.

Round 3: Holland drops for a takedown early and scores. Phillips is eating some hard shots and Holland is looking to take the back. Phillips is okay so far. Holland lifts him up and slams him and Phillips is down again. Holland is smothering him with pressure and punches. He has one hook in, but John Phillips is working to get his back against the fence. Holland forces him off though and takes the back with one hook in. Holland is defending the rear naked choke right now, but Holland has just under two minutes to work. Holland has the choke briefly but Phillips escapes! Holland slams him again though and he is now in side control. Holland moves into mount and Phillips has two minutes to escape. Phillips powers out and he is landing some short punches on the ground. Holland is looking for an armbar but Phillips escapes. Holland is in top position and he takes the back with a minute left. He locks in a rear naked choke and its over!

Result: Kevin Holland def. John Phillips via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 3, 4:05

Analysis: It was a good, fun fight that was more competitive than people expected. Holland showed that he has very good defense on the feet and then once he got the fight down he was dominant. Phillips is tough, but he ran into a better fighter tonight.

Yan Xiaonan vs. Syuri Kondo (Strawweight/115)

Result: Yan Xiaonan def. Syuri Kondo via Unanimous Decision

Liu Pingyuan vs. Martin Day (Bantamweight/135)

Favorite: Liu Pingyuan -190

Round 1: Day scores early with a side kick to the body. Pingyuan catches a kick and attacks with a takedown. Day is defending but Pingyuan is relentless with his pressure. Pingyuan catches another kick and he’s threatening with another takedown. Pingyuan attacks the neck with a guillotine and he might be able to get it here! Day is surviving though and manages to pop his head out of the submission. Pingyuan connects with an uppercut as they move in towards a clinch. Day is attacking with flurries and lands a hard kick to the body for his efforts. Pingyuan moves in for a takedown but Day sprawls and he’s attacking with a Darce choke. Pingyuan escapes though and they are back on the feet with 10 seconds left. 10-9 Pingyuan

Round 2: Uriah Faber is cornering Pingyuan along with a translator. I wonder how well the translation is in a situation like this. Pingyuan is doing fine but its just a thought. Pingyuan is attacking with punches and lands a solid straight right as he forces the fight against the fence. He is looking for a takedown, but Day is defending well so far. Both fighters’ trip and It’s Day that winds up on top. Pingyuan is attacking from his back but Day elects to relocate the fight to the feet. Day is targeting the body quite a bit here. Its hard to say if it is having an effect so far but he is piling on the shots. Day lands a grazing superman punch. He is throwing lots of volume but a lot of the shots either miss or just graze his opponent. They exchange low blows but neither guy seems bothered with 25 seconds left in the round. Day lands a straight right and Pingyuan is down. 10-9 Day

They are saying in Pingyuan’s corner that his hand is broken. Faber is telling him to ignore it, but he definitely seems a bit flustered.

Round 3: Pingyuan is throwing punches early but we will see if the injury starts to take more of an effect. Day lands a hard-left hook and Pingyuan certainly felt that one. Pingyuan attempted to pull guard but Day shakes him, and they are back in the center. Pingyuan lands a counter left hand and Day is down! Pingyuan is attacking with a guillotine but Day is defending! He escapes and is now in top position. Day is looking for a darce choke but Pingyuan is fighting it with 2:45 left in the round. Pingyuan escapes and he is now in top position, He takes the back and he is looking for an arm it looks like, but Day is defending. Pingyuan was just warned for 12-6 elbows. Somewhere Joe Rogan is losing his mind and talking about how stupid some commission is. Pingyuan is threatening with a rear naked choke. He has a tight body triangle locked in and he is threatening the neck. Pingyuan is going to ride out the round in a sort of side control/back mount position. 10-9 Pingyuan (29-28 Pingyuan)

Result: Liu Pingyuan def. Martin Day via Split Decision

Analysis: It was a fun back and forth fight. Both guys threatened with strikes and submission but in my opinion Pingyuan did just enough to win the fight. He suffered a broken hand it seems somewhere during the second round, but he was able to gut it out after initially showing a bit of concern.

Jessica Aguilar vs. Zhang Weili (Strawweight/125)

Favorite: Zhang Weili -500

Round 1: Weili scores with a hard elbow early and Aguilar is busted open! Weili takes the fight to the ground and she is elbowing Aguilar directly in the face. This is an absolute blood bath. Weili moves into mount and then attacks with a triangle choke! She rolls to the back and she has the triangle! She is landing some hard elbows! She transitions to the armbar and Aguilar taps! Wow that was a beating! You don’t often see a beat down like that in these lighter divisions. Zhang Weili very well might be the first major worldwide Chinese MMA star if she can keep these performances up. She is now 18-1 in her career.

Result: Zhang Weili def. Jessica Aguilar via Submission (Triangle/Armbar) Round 1, 3:41

Analysis: I gave most of my conclusion during the break down of the first round, but I’ll say it again. Zhang Weili is fierce, and she is certainly a fighter to watch in this division.

Rashad Coulter vs. Hu Yoazong (Light-heavyweight/205)

Favorite: Even

Round 1: Yoazong works the fight towards the fence early. Yoazong is a decorated wrestler so this could be his game plan. Coulter doesn’t offer much of a threat from this position. Yoazong has a pair of under hooks but Coulter shakes out of it and they are back in the center. Yoazong lands a left hook to the body and follows it up with a stiff low kick. Coulter lands a series of shots and Yoazong is busted open. His right eye is damaged, and it appears to be the source of the blood. Coulter lands a big shot and Yoazong is down! He pops back up, but Coulter is staying on him. Big right-hand lands for Coulter and then another! Yoazong is returning fire though and he grabs a clinch and forces the fight against the fence. Yoazong attempts a takedown but Coulter steps out of it and lands some hard shots! Yoazong’s face is a mess and his eye is busted up pretty badly. 10-9 Coulter

Round 2: Yoazong is looking for a clinch early. Both guys are breathing heavily. Yoazong is controlling the action with his clinch work. Both guys are throwing big punches! Coulter is starting to have some success with his jab. Yoazong is just standing in front of him and letting the shots land. Coulter is starting to get into a really good rhythm but Yoazong is starting to anticipate these shots and Coulter isn’t doing much to change them up. Nice kick to the body lands for Yoazong but he is starting to look like he’s been in a car wreck. Hard left hook to the body lands for Yoazong! He follows it up with a hard-left hand! Coulter is feeling these shots! 10-9 Coulter

Round 3: Yoazong is attacking the body early. He forces the fight against the fence and he is now controlling things with an under hook. Low kick lands for Yoazong. The fight has slowed considerably but Yoazong is doing enough to win the round. Just over two minutes remain in the round. Yoazong is doing some good work with his boxing but he’s allowing Coulter to stay in the fight by doing so. He has success in the clinch but doesn’t seem to want to stay there. Both guys are throwing shots as the seconds are starting to wind down. 10-9 Yoazong (29-28 Coulter)

Result: Rashad Coulter def. Hu Yoazong via Unanimous Decision

Analysis: It was what it was. It was very sloppy and neither guy seemed to have any skills aside from solid chins and the ability to just keep punching.

Wu Yanan vs. Lauren Mueller (Flyweight/125)

Favorite: Lauren Mueller -380

Round 1: Muller connects with a solid combo early on. Yanan attempts a takedown but Mueller easily shakes it off. Muller is controlling things against the fence. Muller has a body lock, but she is having a hard time taking down her much taller opponent. Yanan connects with a solid left hook as they separate but Muller returns one of her own. Muller connects with a short-left hand and Yanan is down! Yanan attacks with an armbar and Muller taps! Big upset there by Wu Yanan.

Result: Wu Yanan def. Lauren Mueller via Submission (Armbar) Round 1, 4:00

Analysis: Kind of a surprise ending there. Nice win for Yanan though. She is certainly an interesting character.

Song Kenan vs. Alex Morono (Welterweight/170)

Round 1: I missed the first two minutes of this round due to a computer update. I am slowly losing control over my technology…its only a matter of time. Back to it and Morono is the far more aggressive fighter. He connects with a solid jab. It appears that Kenan is bleeding from the nose. Kenan connects with a hard body kick just as the round ends. From what I saw it looked like Morono’s round. 10-9 Morono

Round 2: Morono connects early with a spinning back fist! Morono is going back and forth between left hooks and low kicks and Kenan doesn’t seem to have an answer for any of it. Just as I say that he connects with a solid left hand. Both guys are throwing big shots here but nothing of note is landing. Song just isn’t offering offense up very much here. He has a busted nose and he seems to be focused on that more so than on Morono. Grazing spinning back kick lands for Kenan but Morono just keeps moving forward. Kenan lands a solid elbow but Morono seems to be okay. 10-9 Morono

Round 3: Morono connects with a left hook and then changes levels and completes a takedown. Kenan gets right back up though, and they are back on the feet. Morono is busted open though I am not sure what did it. Morono connects with a left hook and an uppercut. Both fighters have just over two minutes left to work in the round. Morono was working hard for a takedown for a moment there but Kenan managed to shake him. Kenan just connected with an eye poke and we are going to get a break in the action. Back to it and Morono connects with a nice combo as the round ends. Good work by Morono. 10-9 Morono (30-27 Morono)

Result: Alex Morono def. Song Kenan via Unanimous Decision

Analysis: Fun fight. Morono was better everywhere though and clearly won all three rounds in my opinion. The eye poke in the third round was vicious but Morono seemed to recover nicely.


Main Card
Li Jingliang vs. David Zawada (Welterweight/170)

Round 1: Zawada connects with the first notable shot of the fight and Jingliang is down! Zawada is staying on him though and is now applying pressure against the fence. Jingliang circles out though and scores with a takedown. Jingliang is landing some heavy shots from the top position. Zawada is scrambling to avoid the shots but Jingliang is staying on him. Zawada manages to escape and he connects with a big right hand! Jingliang is hurt! Zawada drops for a takedown but Jingliang sprawls and they will remain on the feet. Zawada connects with a big knee! Good round over all. 10-9 Zawada

Round 2: Jingliang changes levels for a takedown early but Zawada shakes it. Both guys are landing good shots but Zawada is just a step quicker. Jingliang lands a solid right hand. He appears far more confident than he did in the first round. Nice low kick lands for Zawada and he follows it up with a solid knee to the body. Jingliang is having success landing low kicks but he is eating a lot of straight punches in return for his efforts. Jingliang lands a solid right hand and then unloads with a flurry as the bell sounds! And he lands several punches after the bell as well…The Leech strikes again! 10-9 Jingliang

Round 3: Good back and forth action early. Zawada is looking for a takedown but can’t find it. Jingliang is stalking and it appears that Zawada has slowed a bit. Zawada moves in for a takedown but Jingliang stuffs it and lands a hard-right hand. Zawada moves in for a takedown with two minutes left in the round. Jingliang connects with a left hook and a straight right hand. He’s starting to pull away with it. Jingliang connects with a side kick and Zawada is hurt! Jingliang moves in with a flurry and this fight is over! Nice come back win after a tough first round!
Result: Li Jingliang def. David Zawada via TKO (Side Kick and Punches) Round 3, 4:07

Analysis: Nice finish there by Jingliang. He took a beating and was dropped several times in the first round, but he started getting things together as the fight progressed. He is a very exciting fighter and eventually will earn himself a ranked fighter if he keeps earning these KO victories.

Song Yadong vs. Vince Morales (Bantamweight/135)

Favorite: Song Yadong

Round 1: Both guys are throwing early. Yadong has a speed advantage and Morales is having trouble dealing with it early. Morales is doing a good job to avoid a lot of the shots from Yadong. Yadong connects with a solid kick to the body. Yadong connects with a series of punches and then a big right hand as the round ends. 10-9 Morales

Round 2: Yadong connects with a kick to the body. Morales lands a left hook in return. Left hook lands for Yadong. Very close fight so far. Neither guy has managed to really gain any sort of advantage. Lots of movement by both guys. It’s a bit hard to keep up really. Yadong connects with a left hook and follows it up with a solid uppercut. 10-9 Yadong

Round 3: Yadong completes a takedown early. Morales is working from his back but Yadong is working for a pass and does so. Yadong is now working from half guard but Morales finds some space to escape and get back to his feet. Yadong is controlling things against the fence and he drops for a takedown. Morales defends well but Yadong pushes through and completes the takedown. Just over two minutes remain in the round. Morales has butterfly hooks in and he is looking for an escape. He’s looking for a kneebar now but Yadong escapes and takes top control again. They are exchanging shots with 45 seconds left in the round. Morales is looking for a big shot as the round ends. 10-9 Yadong (29-28 Yadong)

Result: Song Yadong def. Vince Morales via Unanimous Decision

Analysis: Vince Morales took this fight on short notice and put up a good effort. Song Yadong continues to impress though and he is one of the top prospects to watch in my opinion in all of the UFC. He is now 3-0 in the UFC.

(6) Alistair Overeem vs. Sergey Pavlovich (Heavyweight/265)

Favorite: Sergey Pavlovich

Round 1: Pavlovich is undefeated (12-0) and debuting here tonight in the UFC. Pavlovich connects early but Overeem maintains his composure. Overeem fakes a takedown and secures a clinch. He has an under hook, but Pavlovich reverses the position and attempts a takedown. Overeem defends though, and they remain standing. Overeem lands a good knee in the clinch. Overeem connects with a low kick and then trips Pavlovich to the ground. Overeem is looking to stack the guard. He drops down into the guard of Pavlovich and he is looking to land some shots from there. Huge shots are landing for Overeem and its over! Wow! Those were some nasty shots!

Result: Alistair Overeem def. Sergey Pavlovich via KO (Punches) Round 1, 4:21

Analysis: Overeem fought a very smart fight here tonight. I was getting tired, but those punches woke me up just as they put Pavlovich to sleep. Overeem fought smart on his feet and once he got the fight down he sliced through the guard and unleashed some seriously violent punches. He needed a win and he got it. Pavlovich will have to wait a while to earn his first UFC win.

(4)Francis Ngannou vs. (3)Curtis Blaydes (Heavyweight/265)

Favorite: Curtis Blaydes -180

Round 1: Ngannou connects early and Blaydes is hurt! It was a right hook that did the damage. Blaydes desperately grabs for a single leg but Ngannou is pouring on the shots! Blaydes is up but Ngannou is still pounding him! This fight is over!

Result: Francis Ngannou def. Curtis Blaydes via TKO (Punches) Round 1, 0:45

Analysis: It was a clubbing blow that took Blaydes out. It was sloppy but powerful and Blaydes is now 0-2 against Ngannou.

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