Paul Heyman says nothing could keep Brock Lesnar from taking Cormier fight, except money

By Michael Hiscoe, Managing Editor

Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Heyman acts as Brock Lesnar’s on-air manager as a WWE performer, but he is also a close confidant of Lesnar off-screen. It’s reasonable to assume that Heyman has a good understand of and influence over Lesnar’s future career moves. Lesnar is currently signed to WWE through at least April, but the prospect of a heavyweight clash with Daniel Cormier in UFC isn’t off the table.

Speaking to TMZ recently, Heyman let on that the fight is more than likely to happen, with little in the way to stop it. Except, of course, if the money isn’t right.

“As long as Daniel Cormier has the balls to step into the Octagon and put his title up against Brock Lesnar, and UFC comes up with the money for Brock Lesnar, I don’t see anything that would keep Brock Lesnar from taking the fight,” Heyman said.

We know that Cormier wants the fight, so there’s no issue there. The question will be, can UFC make Lesnar an offer appealing enough for him to leave the comfort of WWE. Lesnar’s WWE schedule is very light, me makes few TV appearances, and does very little physically in these appearances, and often doesn’t even need to speak. Even for the big events when he wrestles matches, Lesnar’s matches tend to be shorter than is typical for a WWE main-eventer.


With Lesnar committed to wrestling until Wrestlemania in April, a summer date with Cormier seems most likely at this stage. This would put Cormier past his self-imposed deadline of his 40th birthday on March 20 to retire but something tells us that Cormier might put retirement aside for a big money fight with Lesnar.

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