MMA NERD FIGHT: The best of the rest

Rick Monsey & Dante Morgan

In this new specialist column to MMATorch, Rick Monsey and Dante Morgan compete for ultimate MMA bragging rights. For the inaugural MMA Nerd Fight.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The world of MMA has changed significantly since the debut of  MMA NERD FIGHT, to check out the previous editions click here part 1, part 2. Initially, the entire main card was predicted, but given the events of the last few days, only the fights that are still intact will be posted.)

UFC 223 is in Brooklyn on April 7th and despite the main event changing this event still has a lot to get excited about.  Fight night weekend is on the horizon and it’s time again to predict some outcomes.

Being an MMA fan I enjoy watching individuals compete.  With that in mind, a guest will be participating in this column with me.  We’re going to have a journalistic competition of our own.

The rules to this are simple:

  • We predict a winner and a looser for each fight and give a quick explanation behind the picks.
  • There’s obviously a chance we would pick the same winners on occasion. Well in this competition there are no split decisions.  To avoid a tie, we will also forecast the way the fight will end, for example, “third round by decision”.
  • The person who gets the most picks right wins bragging rights.

Well folks, let’s get on with the show!

This week competitors are:

  • Rick “the Alaskan” Monsey: Regular com contributor and occasional co-host for the “MMA Talk for Pro Wrestling Fans” podcast.
  • Dante Morgan. MMA fan since the days of T-Rex and Stegosaurus used to fight no hold barred in the steamy jungles of Patagonia.

UFC 223 Main Card


Renato Moicano vs. Calvin Kattar

Rick’s PICKS

WHO:          Calvin Kattar

HOW:          Decision

WHEN:        After 3 rounds

WHY:          Here’s a why question…  Why is this fight on the main card?

No offense to either guy, but come on.  Renato Moicano hasn’t had a finish in over three years. I know he had an exciting fight with Brain Ortega in his last fight but that was almost a year ago. His current opponent Calvin Kattar doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page.  Anyways, I picked Kattar despite his lack of a bio on the Internets free encyclopedia. At least Calvin Kattar won his last fight.

Yes, the fight could be good. But its placement on this card is all wrong.  Swap it with any other fight on the prelims.  Might as well give Bec Rawlings vs. Ashlee Evans-Smith the main card boost instead of being buried on the Fight Pass Prelims.  With a loss either Bec or Ashlee could be out of the UFC with their current records… This is what a lack of interest I have in the Renato Moicano vs. Calvin Kattar fight; I’m analyzing the repercussions of an entirely different bout.  Moving on.


Dante’s PICKS

WHO:          Renato Moicano

HOW:          Decision

WHEN:        After 3 Rounds

WHY:          I’m picking Moicano. It’s not a real thought out pick.

Both fighters seem very promising. Kattar looked amazing in his last fight and he trains at a solid camp. Moicano’s only loss is against Brian Ortega and we all know how amazing he turned out to be. Maybe Moicano vs. Ortega was similar to when Holloway and Macgregor fought. Two championship caliber fighters that fought before they made it big, maybe not. But it’s fun to think about.

Women’s Strawweight

Karolina Kowalkiewicz vs. Felice Herrig

Rick’s PICKS

WHO:          Felice Herrig

HOW:          Decision

WHEN:        After Round 3

WHY:          Hey look folks!  Here’s another example of a fight that deserves to be on the main card more then Moicano vs. Kattar.

Anyways…  Felice Herrig’s nickname “Lil Bulldog” seems to be correctly assigned as she has had an underdog resurgence.  Putting together four wins in a row.  Karolina Kowalkiewicz hasn’t done that bad for herself with only loosing two fights in her whole career against stiff competition (Cláudia Gadelha and Joanna Jędrzejczyk).

Karolina will likely try to keep the fight on the feet.  Meanwhile Felice will find some openings for the takedown.  By the end Felice will have her hand raised after three rounds of back and forth action.


Dante’s PICKS

WHO:          Karolina Kowalkiewicz

HOW:          Decision

WHEN:        After 3 Rounds

WHY:          Felice really has matured as a fighter the past couple years.

Very talented in all aspects of MMA. I remember some of her older fights where she lost most positions in scrambles but that was the old Little Bulldog. But for this fight I’m going with Karolina. She is top 5 in her division and I think she will always be that 2-3-4 spot for the time being. I’m thinking it will be fought at a methodical pace with a close decision for Karolina.


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