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UFC 220 Results and real-time reaction.

Early Prelims

Lightweight Islam Makhachev(14-1) vs. Gleison Tibau(41-11)

Round 1: Slow start to the fight, and Tibau is looking a bit tentative here, maybe uncomfortable. Makhachev throws out a slow right jab, and then floors Tibau with a HUGE left hook and he is out. Rough return to Tibau here, but Makhachev looked like a killer.

Henry’s Analysis: Tibau looked out of place, and Makhachev made quick work of him. Not much else to say really. 

Result: Makhachec via KO (Punch) at :57 of round 1

Featherweight Enrique Barzola(14-3-1) vs. Matt Bessette(22-7)

Round 1: long feeling out process to start the round. Barzola lands a nice leg kick. Bessette forces Barzola against the fence with a flurry of strikes, but Barzola circles out and they are back in the center. Barzola with another nice leg kick. Barzola is having some success with his body kicks here. Bessette lands a nice head kick and follows it up with an upper cut but Barzola is tough. Barzola gets a body lock, lifts Bessette up and slams him to the ground. Barzola I up standing in Bessette’s guard. They’re back to the feet. Solid fight so far. Barzola with a quick low kick and these are going to start to have an effect here if Bessette can’t stop them. 10-9 Barzola

Round 2: Bessette is landing some nice kicks to start the round. They’re trading leg kicks, and Barzola lands one that trips Bessette, but he catches himself. Some good back and forth action here, both guys are landing some hard shots. Barzola gets another take down half way through the second round, and he needed that. They’re both keeping a slow pace here. Barzola lands a nice shot on the ground. They get up for a moment, but Barzola gets another take down. Can’t keep him there though, and they’re back on the feet. Barzola gets a third takedown to end the round. 10-9 Barzola

Round 3: Barzola is landing at the start. Bessette needs to make something happen here. Bessette lands a nice uppercut, but Barzola shakes it off. Barzola is looking for a takedown, but Bessette is fighting it off. Slow round here. 10-9 Barzola (30-27 Barzola)

 Henry’s Analysis: Slow fight at time, but good at others. Barzola landed more effectively, had more takedowns, and was the better fighter tonight.

Result: Barzola via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) 


Featherweight Dan Ige(8-1) vs. Julio Arce(13-2)

Round 1: Ige catches a head kick and trips Arce down to the ground but they’re quickly back on the feet. Ige gets another takedown, but Arce uses the cage to get back to his feet. Slow round here. Arce lands a nice right hook, first big shot of the fight. Arce lands a left hand and Ige is down, but recovers and they’re back on the feet. Arce looked good they’re towards the end of the round. 10-9 Arce


Round 2: They’re exchanging wildly, Ige is landing a few but nothing significant. Lots of swinging and missing here. Arce lands a nice uppercut in the clinch, but they quickly separate. Arce lands a one two, and Ige definitely didn’t like it. Arce lands an uppercut, causing Ige to shoot for a takedown, but Arce sprawls. Ige shoots for another takedown, but Arce uses the fence to keep his balance, drawing a warning from the ref. 10-9 Arce

Round 3: More nice shots landed by Arce to start the round. Ige has been outworked throughout much of this fight. Nice uppercut landed by Arce, but Ige is tough. Nice jab by Arce. Ige is having success landing anything. Ige looks for a clinch, but Arce lands a shot and Ige is down. The ref backs Arce up and Ige is back on his feet. Nice right body hook by Ige, but he misses on the follow up takedown. More nice shots landed by Arce, and he is really beating Ige up here. 10-9 Arce (Arce 30-27)

Result: Arce via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,29-28) 

Flyweight #10 Dustin Ortiz(17-7) vs.#11 Alexandre Pantoja(18-2)

Round 1: Pantoja quickly gets the fight to the ground, and gets Ortiz back. He gets a body triangle and is landing some nice body shots. Half way through the round, and Pantoja is still in control on the back. He’s looking for a rear naked choke here. He got something, looks like more of a neck crank, but Ortiz escapes. Ortiz finally escapes the back mount, and lands a nice knee, but Joe Rogan is questioning the legality of the strike. The round ends with Ortiz on Pantoja’s back. 10-9 Pantoja

Round 2: I assume Ortiz would prefer to keep the fight on the feet here. One minute in and they’re exchanging shots. Ortiz gets a body lock against the cage, and is landing some nice knees to the thigh of Pantoja. Pantoja is frustrated here, and voicing it to the ref. Ortiz is relentless with the body lock, and is landing short shots. They separate with a minute to go. Nice shot by Pantoja, but Ortiz quickly gets a takedown. 10-9 Ortiz


Round 3: Pantoja gets a takedown, and is just holding on. Ortiz is landing shots from the bottom, but not much is really happening here. Pantoja transitions to the back, but Ortiz shakes him. Pantoja again gets the back. Ortiz shakes him and ends up in Pantoja’s guard. They are back on the feet, and Ortiz lands a nice short right, he’s applying the pressure here. Draw (Split Draw)

Result:   Ortiz via unanimous decision (29-28)

Welterweight Abdul Razak Alhassan(8-1) vs. Sabah Homasi(11-7)

I missed the first minute. Picking up around the 4-min. mark, both men are swinging for the fences. Remember this is a rematch from UFC 218. Homasi gets a takedown, and is controlling Alhassan on the ground. The ref stands them up. Alhassan lands a nice right hand, and then an uppercut and Homasi is out cold. That was a hell of a shot.

Result: Alhassan via KO(punch) at 3:47 of round 1 

Featherweight Kyle Bochniak(7-2) vs. Brandon Davis(8-2)

Round 1: Bochniak is confident early, dancing around with his hands down. Davis throws a head kick, but no dice. Bochniak rushes in and lands a nice combo, ending with a nice body hook. Bochniak stalls and lands another nice combo. He’s moving a lot, and landing stiff shots when he stalls. He’s looking for a takedown here, but Davis is no slouch. Bochniak finally gets him down, but Davis uses the under hook to get back to his feet. Bochniak is looking good here tonight. He’s really working for a takedown here, and gets a warning for grabbing the fence. They’re tied up here, with 20 seconds remaining. 10-9 Bochniak

Round 2: Davis is more active here at the start of the round, than the last, but Bochniak is keeping a steady pace. He lands a nice left hook, but Davis keeps moving. Bochniak moves in with a nice right hook. Davis swarms in but doesn’t land anything. Bochniak moves for a takedown, and eats a knee for his troubles. Davis is having some success with low kicks. Bochniak lands a knee, and a nice right hook in a quick exchange. Davis looks for a spinning backfist, but Bochniak ducks and gets a quick take down. They’re right back on the feet though, with 30 seconds left on the clock. Davis is trying to stalk Bochniak, but can’t really land anything clean and is getting tagged in the process. 10-9 Bochniak

Round 3: Bochniak lands a nice right hand. Davis returns a head kick but doesn’t land it. He does land a nice low kick though. Davis is having some success here, and Bochniak appears to have slowed a bit. Davis is looking for a takedown, but can’t get it and Bochniak puts him against the fence. They separate as the round ends. 10-9 Davis (29-28 Bochniak)

Result: Bochniak via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27) 

Main Card

Bantamweight #10 Thomas Almeida(22-2) vs. #14 Rob Font(14-3)

Round 1: Font is looking for a takedown early. He’s keeping Almeida against the cage, and throwing some heavy shots. Nice right hand by Font. Font was listed as the bigger man, but that doesn’t look to be the case in the cage. They exchange head kicks, which is always an interesting thing. I take back my earlier statement, Font is the larger man. Nice low kick by Almeida to end the round. 10-9 Font

Round 2: Font lands a huge right hand, and sits Almeida down! Almeida rolls to his feet, and eats an elbow from Font in the process. Font attempts a big knee, but slips allowing Almeida to breath. Font is landing the bigger shots here, and Almeida seems to realize that. Nice straight right by Font and Almeida is hurt! He lands several more shots, and then a head kick, and Almeida is in trouble! Font lands another big shot and its all over.

Result: Rob Font def. Thomas Almeida via KO (Head kick and Punches) Round 2, 2:24

Light heavyweight #15 Gian Villante(15-8) vs. Francimar Barroso(19-5, 1nc)

Round 1: Villante lands a big uppercut, and Barroso is hurting. Barroso has been backing up for most of the round, offering up almost no offense. Villante is stalking, and landing here and there. Barroso throws a spinning backfist, but Villante counters with a vicious low kick. Barroso lands a nice right hand and Villante tries to move in. 10-9 Villante

Round 2: Villante is landing huge shots here, and Barroso isn’t offering up much of anything. He does catch a shot to the groin from Villante though, and is now taking a second to recover. He really needs to get something going here. Nice low kick by Villante. He catches a kick from Barroso and makes him pay with a right hand. Barroso rushes forward but doesn’t land much. Villante has been landing through out and the shots are staring to take a toll. 10-9 Villante

Round 3: Villante lands a nice right hook to start the round. Nice combo to the head and body by Villante. Huge right straight, and then a left hook to follow it up by Villante and Barroso felt it. Nice low kick by Villante. Villante is showing his frustration with Barroso’s lack of activity. Barroso opens up a bit with a jab and a nice body kick, but its probably a bit late. arroso steps in with an elbow, but doesn’t land. 10-9 Villante (30-27 Villante.)

*This was a clear victory for Villante, and Rogan even stated that the commentators all felt that he won. No offense to Mr. Barroso but he did not do enough to win any of the rounds tonight.

Result: Gian Villante def. Francimar Barroso via Split Decision

Featherweight Calvin Kattar(17-2) vs. Shane Burgos(10-0)

Round 1: Two top prospects here. Burgos throws a jab but gets countered with a nice right hand. Katter is landing nice shots to the head and body. He lands another stiff jab. Hard right hand by Kattar. Burgos has a quick right hand, but he isn’t landing it. Another nicer jab by Kattar and he is looking good here and the underdog. He’s really chewing Burgos up here. Burgos seems to be throwing at a bit of a slower pace. He’s zoned in on something, and is getting tagged for it. Burgos lands a nice body shot, but he seems a bit tentative here. Kattar lands another nice jab, he’s having his way with it tonight. He ends the round with a nice front kick to the button. 10-9 Kattar

Round 2: Kattar lands a nice right hand, but Burgos is persistent. Nice jab by Kattar. Burgos is hard to hit, but Kattar is managing to find him. Kattar is looking for a takedown, but Burgos won’t let him have it and shakes him off. Nice low kick by Burgos. He really needs to change up his approach…my opinion at least. He’s just standing in front of Kattar, and is getting hit. Kattar lands a low kick but Burgos makes him regret it with a right hand. Burgos is starting to push the pressure a bit, and is landing a bit more. Kattar is still having success with the jab though. Burgos lands a series of low kicks. This was a much better round for him. 10-9 Burgos

Round 3: I looked down and when I looked up Shane Burgos was on the wrong end of a KO. Looks like he landed back to back upper cuts and Burgos went down. Nice stoppage and a really nice win for Kattar. Burgos looked good though, good fight over all.

Result: Calvin Kattar def. Shane Burgos via KO (Uppercut) Round 3, 0:32

Light heavyweight championship Daniel Cormier(19-1, 1nc) (c) vs. Volkan Oezdemir(15-1)

Round 1: Cormier is looking for a takedown early, and Volkan is swinging for the fences. Nice low kick by Volk. Cormier isn’t handling the size difference well. Volk is still swinging for the fences. Cormier is desperately looking for a clinch but can’t find it. Cormier is starting to find the jab, and follows one up with a nice low kick. Cormier lands a nice left hand. Volk seems to have slowed his pace a bit. Cormier lands a huge shot, and Volk returns fire. Cormier is applying pressure, and looking for a single leg. He gets it, and Volk is on his back. Cormier takes the back and slaps on a rear naked choke! Volk may have been saved by the bell there. 10-9 Cormier

Round 2: Cormier gets a trip takedown and Volk is on his back. Cormier isn’t doing much from the back here. Cormier has Volk in the crucifix position and is landing shots. Volk still isn’t offering up much defense and the ref stops it.

Result: Daniel Cormier def. Volkan Oezdemir via TKO (Punches from Crucifix) Round 2, 2:00

Heavyweight championship Stipe Miocic(17-2) (c) vs. Francis Ngannou(11-1)

Round 1: Miocic gets a takedown early, but Ngannou gets back to his feet. Stipe is looking for a takedown, but can’t get it this time. Ngannou is head hunting, and lands a nice right hand. Ngannou lands a nice uppercut. Stipe lands a big right of his own. Stipe gets a body lock and shoves Ngannou against the fence. Nice right hand by Stipe. He’s making Ngannou chase him. Huge counter right by Stipe and he follows it up with a double leg and Ngannou is on his back!! Miocic has side control. He’s landing some shots from the top, but Ngannou is up. Huge shots by both my god this is crazy…Stipe gets a takedown as the round ends. 10-9 Miocic

I can’t breathe.

Round 2: Ngannou lands a huge shot to start the round…who am I kidding, everything he throws is huge. Both men are tired, but Ngannou is still throwing with heat. Stipe shoots for a takedown, but slips and gets caught. Nice body kick by Stipe. Stipe gets a double leg, and Ngannou is down. Stipe is using pressure to keep him down, Ngannou isn’t doing anything, any time he tries to stand Stipe drags him back down. Stipe attempts a RNC as the round ends. Good Fight. 10-9 Miocic

Round 3: Stipe looks for a take down right out of the gate, but they end up against the fence. Stipe gets Ngannou down, and it’s the same as the last round, pressure, pressure, pressure. Ngannou is up, but he’s tired. Ngannou lands a huge right, but Stipe takes it and throws him to the ground, and Stipe is on top. Stipe is landing shots from the top. Stipe is really starting to land here, but Ngannou is hanging in there. Short elbows by Stipe, and Ngannou is just taking them. 10-9 Miocic

Round 4: Stipe gets a quick take down and moves into side control. Ngannou just has no answer who any of the grappling. He hit hard, and he’s strong, but he just doesn’t have the knowledge of what to do here. Stipe is landing shots, Ngannou is turtled up, just absorbing. More of the same, Stipe is just beating him up. Stipe is maybe looking for a choke here, maybe not though. 10-8 Miocic

Round 5: Stipe looking for a takedown early. Ngannou is tired…I mean…he’s tired. His hands are down, mouth open, but he’s somehow still scary. Miocic is holding Ngannou against the fence, and looks for a takedown, but Ngannou doesn’t let him have it. Ngannou looking for a front choke maybe? Hard to tell, but Stipe is looking for another takedown, and pushes Ngannou back against the cage. Herb steps in and separates them. Nice left hand by Stipe. Ngannou is lunging into his punches and if one landed it would be trouble. Miocic is just waiting out the clock, and Ngannou is allowig it. 30 seconds left. Ngannou gets an under hook and gets Ngannou against the fence. 10-9 Miocic

Result: Stipe Miocic def. Francis Ngannou via Unanimous Decision 

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