FS1 UFC TONIGHT: Show Quotes and Videos: UFC 218 Preview


Los Angeles – UFC TONIGHT was hosted by Kenny Florian and Daniel Cormier with Karyn Bryant adding reports. The crew previewed this weekend’s UFC 218.

UFC TONIGHT is the official weekly news and information show of the Ultimate Fighting Championship on FS1. Veteran UFC fighter and multiple title contender Kenny Florian, light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and veteran combat sports journalist Karyn Bryant bring you all the news and analysis.


UFC TONIGHT Host Kenny Florian

On Holloway: “Bruce Lee used to say the sign of a great fighter is a great counterstrike. Holloway does that so well. In the first fight with Aldo, he slips Aldo’s punch and then hits Aldo. But in this fight, Aldo’s got to use his kicks. He kicks like a mule – I’ve felt them. He’s got to slow Max down with his kicks to the legs. He’s got to go back to being the vicious kicker. He fell in love with his boxing. But it’s a mixed martial arts fight. He needs to use some takedowns as well. He’s a world class Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt. I’d like to see him work on some takedowns.”

On Aldo’s keys to victory: “He needs to mix up his strikes. He needs to utilize his head movement. He needs to throw leg kicks to slow Max down. And he needs to land a takedown.”

On Gaethje: “He keeps coming at you. He’s like a zombie. You can’t kill him. He just gets stronger during a fight. Gaethje is all offense all the time.”

On how Overeem should counter Ngannou: “For Overeem, he’s got to be careful not to shell up to protect himself, because that will open himself to those uppercuts. He’s fighting much smarter now. He’s been showing great footwork in his recent fights against Junior Dos Santos and Mark Hunt. He’s got to use is kicking game from the outside. He’s finished a lot of guys like Ngannou.”

On what makes Gaethje so tough: “He’s so tough because he keeps coming at you. He’s like a zombie. You can’t kill him. He just gets stronger during a fight. He continues to move forward. He’s had so much adversity in his fights and keeps coming at you. Gaethje is all offense all the time.”


UFC TONIGHT Host Daniel Cormier

On how Max Holloway control fights: “He’s long, big and strong for the division. He controls you with his jab. When he gets in range, he throws his punches. He’s such a big guy that when Max is throwing punches from a distance, he can’t get hit. It was a straight one-two that put Jose Aldo down in the first fight.”

On Holloway’s keys to victory: “He’s a dynamic striker. He’s got endurance and can put a pace on people and break you. He’s got to stay in boxing range. And he needs to stop the takedown.”

On Francis Ngannou’s talent: “He’s a great striker. He’s very powerful. He throws uppercuts really well. It’s come natural to him. He finished Arlovski with them. And he throws them the correct way. That’s what’s putting guys to sleep.”

On similarities between Overeem and Ngannou: “If I’m Alistair, you’re thinking Ngannou is best where I was best. You’ve got to think, I was you when I was younger. I was the big guy knocking people out. And he’s probably not too worried about it.”

On Gaethje’s style: “He wants to win in violent dominant fashion. You saw that against Michael Johnson. He wants to take your soul. But one thing can stop him. It’s the overhand right from Eddie Alvarez, the former lightweight champion. Eddie took out Dos Anjos with it and knocked him out. If he’s not careful, he can take him out.”

VIDEO: Cormier and Florian break down Max Holloway vs Jose Aldo Tonight


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