COLE’S UFC FIGHT NIGHT 120 REPORT: Results and analysis of the Poirier vs. Pettis headlined card


NOVEMBER 11, 2017


The UFC will follow up arguably their best event of the year last week with UFC Fight Night 120. The main event takes place in the lightweight division where Dustin Poirier takes on former champion Anthony Pettis.

The co-main event features long time UFC veteran Matt Brown in what will be his last fight before hanging up the gloves. His final fight is against fellow UFC vet Diego Sanchez.

The main card rounds out with Junior Albini taking on veteran Andrei Arlovski who makes the walk for the forty-first time, Nate Marquardt vs. Cezar Ferreira, Raphael Assuncao vs. Matthew Lopez and fan favorites Joe Lauzon vs. Clay Guida.

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Early Prelims

(1) Darren Stewart (7-1, 1 NC) vs. Karl Roberson (5-0) – Middleweight 185 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Roberson comes out with a high kick. Good bit of showmanship by both men to start the fight. I wonder if it’s a good idea for Stewart to stand with Roberson here. Stewart is missing big with spinning kicks, he’s thrown several now. He appears confident but isn’t really engaging. They clinch up, both are landing shots. Stewart pushes him against the fence, but Roberson is still landing some nice elbows. Roberson with a nice trip, and he takes Stewart’s back. He’s looking for a rear naked choke, and it looks tight, but Stewart is fighting it well. Roberson repositions and it’s pretty deep again, and Stewart taps out! Roberson might be a fighter to watch here.

Result: Karl Roberson def. Darren Stewart via Submission (RNC) Round 1. 3:41

Cole’s Analysis: Roberson looked really good here. Stewart didn’t do much aside from throw some wild kicks, and he didn’t offer up much on the ground.

(2) Jake Collier (10-4) vs. Marcel Fortuna (9-2) – Light Heavyweight 205 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Collier opens with a series of leg kicks. They’re exchanging early, both are having success. Fortuna is moving forward with combinations. Collier is taking two for each shot that he lands. Fortuna lands a nice body shot, he’s moving a lot here. Collier is throwing some huge spinning back kicks, but just missing. Fortuna shoots for the take down, but Collier defends, and moves towards the fence. Fortuna has a body lock, but Collier is defending well, and breaks the body lock. Back to the center, and they’re both swinging heavy. Collier stuns Fortuna with a nice shot, but he recovers quickly.

10-9 Collier

ROUND TWO: They’re both boxing shadows at the start of the round. Lots of swinging and missing. Fortuna gets a trip, gets Collier down, and take his back, but Collier shakes him. Collier is starting to have success with his combinations, and Fortuna’s left leg is starting to show signs of a beating. I wish I could tell you how many spinning techniques have been used in this fight. It has to be some sort of a record. Collier is pretty fresh considering how much output he’s had. Fortuna gets a take down, and quickly transitions to the mount. Fortuna looking for an Arm Triangle, but Collier bursts out, and gets to the top position. He’s sitting in Fortuna’s guard, throwing the occasional elbow. Fortuna is just holding on.

10-9 Collier

ROUND THREE: Collier is landing some big shots to start the round, including a nice head kick, but Fortuna is tough or maybe just numb…who knows at this point. Fortuna is mostly just defending at this point, he looks pretty tired. Collier keeping up an impressive pace here through the third round. Fortuna gets a takedown, but Collier immediately reverses it and they’re back on the feet. Fortuna is tired here, but still manages to land a pretty big shot, but Collier takes it and keeps moving forward. They’re exchanging in the final minute but unless something crazy happens I think Collier is going to walk out the winner here tonight.

10-9 Collier (30-27 Collier)

Result: Jake Collier def. Marcel Fortuna via Unanimous Decision

Cole’s Analysis: Good fight, but not much to it. Good back and forth action.

(3) Court McGee (19-6) vs. Sean Strickland (18-2) – Welterweight 170 lbs.

ROUND ONE: They’re exchanging early, McGee lands a head kick, but Strickland catches it and trips McGee to the ground. They’re grappling on the ground, but quickly scramble back to the feet. McGee is absorbing a lot of shots here, but he’s as tough as ever. He seems to be having a hard time getting inside on Strickland who is using the jab effectively. McGee really looks like he could fight at 155, the size difference is notable here. McGee needs to make something happen, because he is clearly getting out boxed. McGee is trying to work the body, but Strickland is making him pay with counters.

10-9 Strickland

ROUND TWO: Lots of Wooing in the crowd. I would love to see a figure four leg lock tonight. McGee comes out with the pressure, and is landing. McGee attempts the double leg, but Strickland is defending. McGee has him pushed against the fence, and has a tight body lock, but they separate. Strickland seems content to stick to the game plan, he’s just working the jab and moving. McGee is a bit more aggressive here, especially in this round. Still a lot of the same though. McGee shoots, and its deep but Strickland defends and they’re back to the center. It really seems like McGee could get a takedown if he wanted one, but just as I say that Strickland shakes him off. Strickland is landing but I can’t help but feel that this is McGee’s round, he’s just far more aggressive.

10-9 McGee but it was close.

ROUND THREE: Nice head kick by McGee to start the round. Strickland seems like he’s still in first here. Lots of jabs but not much else, meanwhile McGee is putting on the pressure. McGee is really looking for a takedown, and he can’t get it, but these failed attempts are still controlling the fight in a weird sort of way. Strickland stuffs a takedown attempt, and ends up in McGee’s guard. McGee needs to get up here, because this fight is close and laying on the mat isn’t going to help him. Strickland isn’t doing much aside from maintaining side control. McGee is just holding on. McGee scrambles and he’s up, he has Strickland’s back and they’re against the fence. McGee drops for a heel hook, but its defended, and Strickland has his back, and attempts a rear naked choke, and its deep, but McGee escapes.

10-9 Strickland (29-28 Strickland, but it was close, and I won’t be surprised either way.)

Result: Majority Draw

Cole’s Analysis: Strickland was upset, but it was close, and I think it was a fair decision. Strickland could have been a bit more aggressive and maybe that would have been enough. I don’t think he has any reason to be upset though.

They just announced a judging error in the previous fight, and Sean Strickland is actually the winner via Unanimous Decision



(4) Angela Hill (7-3) vs. Nina Ansaroff (7-5) – Strawweight 115 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Nina Ansaroff with a nice jab to start the fight. It took them about 15 seconds to mention Amanda Nunes. Hill with lots of movement here, and they’re both swinging. Ansaroff is throwing some big kicks but Hill is covering up. Hill gets a body lock and pushes Ansaroff against the fence, but they quickly separate. Ansaroff with a nice kick to the body, they’re both looking for blood here. Hill is starting to land some nice leg kicks here, and Ansaroff isn’t doing much about them. Ansaroff is throwing crisps strikes here, she’s fun to watch, but Hill is controlling the pace. Very close round.

10-9 Ansaroff

ROUND TWO: Ansaroff is landing more kicks, and they seem to have picked up the pace a bit. Hill is bleeding from the nose, but I didn’t see what caused it. Anik just pointed out some damage to the knees of Ansaroff, and it is starting to turn red. Ansaroff just seems to barely be winning these exchanges, Hill might want to change things up a bit because what she’s doing doesn’t seem to be working. Nice combo by Hill, she is certainly the quicker fighter. Ansaroff lands a nice leg kick that clearly upset Hill. Angela Hill gets the clinch, and lands a nice knee to the body. She hasn’t faded at all; her pace is impressive here. Ansaroff is pretty much landing kicks at will when she throws. Hill is tough but she’s taking shots. Just as I say that she lands a nice right hand on Ansaroff.

10-9 Ansaroff

ROUND THREE: Hill lands some nice shots in the clinch to start the fight. Ansaroff with a nice spinning back kick, but it may have missed, hard to tell. Hill lands a nice body shot, Ansaroff isn’t backing down on the leg kicks though. Hill is moving but her leg has to be hurting. Hill is turning it up, and Ansaroff is bleeding from the forehead. Hill is starting to land with some frequency, but Ansaroff trips her and she fall down only to pop right back up. Good luck to the judges…this is a close fight.

10-9 Ansaroff  (30-27 Ansaroff but no score would surprise me. It was a close…I guess I’ve made that clear)

Result: Nina Ansaroff via Unanimous Decision

Cole’s Analysis: So far this is my fight of the night…I thought about making up an excuse and just skipping this fight. Glad I didn’t…Angela Hill is a real athlete and with some polishing I think she will be a good fighter in the future.

(5) Sage Northcutt (8-2) vs. Michel Quinones (8-2) – Lightweight 155 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Sage with a counter right hand as they get going. They’re both starting out aggressive. Sage is throwing some sweet kicks…I just wish they would land. Sage is very fast, very, very fast. Sage lands a nice right hand, and follows it up with a high kick. Quinones is just trying to figure things out I think. Sage is training at Alpha Male now and I’ll say that he definitely does seem to have improved. Quinones is landing the occasional jab here, and Northcutt has a busted nose. Northcutt is really controlling the pace here, and landing some nice punches. He gets a takedown after a scramble as the round ends.

10-9 Northcutt

ROUND TWO: Northcutt with a nice side kick against the fence, he’s making it hard for Quinones to get anything done. Quinones changes stances. Northcutt gets through with a nice jab, and throws a high kick, its blocked but still appears to have done some damage. Northcutt is a lot quicker, Quinones needs to figure something out because this is a one man show right now. Northcutt lands a nice body kick, followed by a nice superman punch. Northcutt explodes into a takedown, and gets it easily. He really looks good here tonight.

10-9 Northcutt

ROUND THREE: They come out swinging early, but it’s a lot of the same as the first two rounds. It would be interesting to see Northcutt take this fight to the ground, and attempt to work down there, but he’s doing fine on the feet so far. Northcutt grabs a double leg, and slams Quinones but they are back on the feet just as quickly as they hit the ground. Sage again shoots, and ends the fight with a cartwheel kick. Best performance of his career I think.

10-9 Northcutt  (Northcutt 30-27)

Result: Sage Northcutt via Unanimous Decision

Cole’s Analysis: Best performance of Northcutts career. He looked composed, and won every second of the fight. After the fight he spoke about Jesus and said he wants to fight more often. More power to him…he’s no Conor McGregor on the mic though.

(6) Tatiana Suarez (5-0) vs. Viviane Pereira (13-0) – Strawweight 115 lbs.

Result: Tatiana Suarez via Unanimous Decision

Cole’s Analysis: I had to take a few minutes to walk my dog, so I didn’t get a chance to watch this fight. My apologies, but my dog is big and honestly, he runs the show. From what I could tell though it was a pretty dominant performance by Suarez.

(7) John Dobson (20-8) vs. Marlon Moraes (18-5-1) – Bantamweight 135 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Moraes is the much larger man. Dodson is attacking the body early, but Moraes is threatening with shots of his own. Lots of back and forth action and Dodson drops Moraes with a counter left hand! Moraes is right back up, but damn that was a fast strike. Dodson as usual has the speed advantage. Moraes connects with a groin kick and Dodson is hurting. It was right down the middle…I actually winced a bit. By far the hardest shot of the fight. The doctor is checking Dodson out, and the ref is making it clear that he has five minutes to recover. Moraes lands a right hand as the fight restarts, got to wonder what effect that kick with have on Dodson. Dodson’s midsection is turning a bit red, Moraes is landing some nice body kicks. He’s landing them consistently as Dodson tries to move inside. Dodson claims an eye poke and the ref stops the fight again. 2nd foul for Moraes, and he gets a second warning as the round ends. Exciting first round, close, and tough to call.

Moraes 10-9

ROUND TWO: They tie up early, and both land shots. Moraes lands a huge right hook, and Dodson is fine, but it was a big shot. He returns a left, it lands but doesn’t do much. They clash heads, or something, but the ref tells them to keep fighting. Nice right by Moraes, he’s landing the bigger shots here. Dodson gets the takedown, but Moraes rolls and attempts a heel hook. Dodson spins out and they are back on the feet. Dodson gets another takedown, and again Moraes spins for the heel hook, and again Dodson steps out. They’re back in the center now. Both men have slowed down a bit which seems like an advantage for Moraes, he’s able to set up his shots and I think he has more power. He connects with a nice left, Dodson needs to work. Moraes gets a double leg, and is struggling to keep Dodson down against the fence. Dodson gets up, but Moraes gets him down again. They struggle back to the feet as the round ends.

10-9 Moraes

ROUND THREE: Several quick exchanges start the round, but nothing significant. Jon Anik will not stop mentioning how important these last five minutes are. Not much action here, the pace has slowed considerably. Moraes is jabbing, and Dodson is lunging into the occasional hook but not much else is happening. This fight is still up for grabs, but both men seem content to take it easy here. Nice left hook by Moraes, Dodson landed something also, but I missed it. Nice combo by Dodson. Moraes attempts the takedown, but Dodson defends. They’re against the cage, the ref threatens to separate them after about 5 seconds. I like his style…and then he separates them. I like this ref. Moraes slaps on a guillotine and Dodson actually taps right after the bell ends. Little bit of controversy here. The replay shows that it was after the bell.

10-9 Moraes (Moraes 30-27)


Result: Marlon Moraes via Split Decision

Cole’s Analysis: Dodson has a right to be upset about the fouls, but aside from that it was a fun fight that showed both men’s skills. Dodson should consider a drop back down to 125. One of the judges gave him the fight with a 30-27 score, I just don’t see it. Moraes called out Jimmie Rivera after the fight, I’d love to see it. 


Main Card

(8) Joe Lauzon (27-14) vs. Clay Guida (33-14) – Lightweight 155 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Guida drops Lauzon early! He’s smashing Lauzon from the top! It’s all over! Wow that was an impressive performance by Guida. I honestly need to watch that again…it was hard to process. Looks like Guida dropped him with a left hook to the ear and a big uppercut. The ground and pound was brutal, elbows and punches and Lauzon was busted open. Lauzon has a big gash on his head. Rough night for him, and I kind of hate to see it happen to him.

Result: Clay Guida def. Joe Lauzon via TKO (Punches and Elbows) Round 1. 1:07

Cole’s Analysis: Very impressive performance by Guida, and really, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him stop somebody like that. Lauzon is a tough guy and Guida just ran through him. He thanked the military in his post-fight speech, and told the fans to make noise for him. He said it’s the final fight on his deal, and he wants to keep fighting and finish his career in the UFC. He again asked the fans to make noise if they want to see that happen. I hope it does, Clay Guida seems like a cool guy and I like when they keep the vets around. He’s got a solid fan base, why not keep him around until he retires?


BREAKING NEWS: The UFC has announced that Michael Bisping will step in for Anderson Silva against Kelvin Gastelum at UFC: Shanghai. They also announced that Jose Aldo will step in to face Max Holloway at UFC 218


(9) Raphael Assuncao (25-5) vs. Matthew Lopez (10-1) – Bantamweight 135 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Nice body kick by Lopez to start the fight. He has a decent size advantage, but Assuncao has a massive edge in experience. Assuncao rushes in and pushes Lopez against the cage but not much is happening. Slow first round here, but they seem to be fighting at Assuncao’s pace. Nice low kick by Assuncao. Lopez is throwing pot shots, looking for the KO, but Assuncao is elusive and landing with more volume. Lopez is a wrestler on paper, but his defensive boxing looks decent and he seems to have a pretty heavy right body kick. Lopez grabs a body lock and manhandles Assuncao to the ground. They struggle for position, and they’re separated and back on the feet.

10-9 Assuncao

ROUND TWO: Assuncao swings with a wild hook and grazes Lopez. Nice leg kick by the Brazilian. Lopez forces Assuncao against the fence, but he escapes and they’re back in the center. Heavy leg kicks by Assuncao. I missed some of the round, but it seemed like Assuncao did enough to win it.

10-9 Assuncao

ROUND THREE: Assuncao is attacking with low kicks, and Lopez has a badly bruised leg. It’s bad, and I’m sure he’s in pain, either way though he’s tough and not showing it if it’s affecting him. Assuncao is starting to open up, and he lands another hard leg kick. Brutal. Lopez shoots for a takedown but Assuncao easily shakes it off. Assuncao with a flying knee that just misses but he follows up with a MASSIVE right hand! Lopez is out cold! That was a huge shot by Assuncao! Just a great performance by Assuncao who probably earned a few more fans by not landing a few extra shots at the end when it was clearly over. He just continues to prove that he is one of the best bantamweights in the world.

Result: Raphael Assuncao def. Matthew Lopez via KO (Punches) Round 3. 1:50

Cole’s Analysis: Assuncao looked great tonight, and called for a third fight with Dillashaw in the post-fight interview. He looked great tonight, and really deserves that shot. He called for his brother Freddy to get a shot in the UFC, and said he was happy with his performance. If the UFC is going to give a top ranked guy a risky fight against a young contender, they should reward them afterwards.

(10) Nate Marquardt (38-18-2) vs. Cezar Ferreira (12-6) – Middleweight 185 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Ferreira is massive. I mean…it’s worth noting. He’s huge compared to Marquardt. Big shots by Marquardt, Ferreira is moving. Ferreira was a welterweight at one point…just crazy. He lands a nice right hand. He lands another nice right and misses with a follow up left. Ferreira with a low kick, and Marquardt attacks, upping the pace a bit. Another low kick by Ferreira. Marquardt is looking for a big punch, and not throwing much in the process. Crowds booing but it’s not a bad fight, just slow paced. Nice right hand by Marquardt.

10-9 Ferreira

ROUND TWO: Both men have busted snouts coming into the second round. Marquardt needs to start mixing things up. He’s just looking for a big punch, and not doing much else. Nice combo by Marquardt, and he shoots for a takedown, but Ferreira defends well. They’re against the fence, but at a bit of a stand still. Both men land right hands. Slow round, slow fight in general. Both men seem tentative. Ferreira with the single leg, but Marquardt shakes him. Ferreira with another takedown, and he gets it but Marquardt pops right back up. Nice one, two by Marquardt but not much follow up. Ferreira seems to find things that work, but abandons them just as quickly as he finds them. Possibly fearing counters? He’s having success with the low kick. Nice left by Ferreira, and he follows it up with a nice hook. Marquardt returns a right hand, and knocks Ferreira down! He attacks but the round ends. Close round but I think that final scramble gave it to Marquardt.

10-9 Marquardt

ROUND THREE: Nice takedown by Ferreira to start the fight, and Nate is just chilling on the bottom. Ferreira is just bullying him from the top. He gets an under hook and begins working his way to his feet. They scramble, and Nate ends up on top, and they’re back on the feet. Ferreira gets a takedown, and Marquardt attempts a Guillotine but Ferreira counters into side control. He’s just lying there, but Marquardt isn’t doing anything to get up. Marquardt tries to recover guard, but like I’ve mentioned Ferreira is huge. He has a sort of half nelson, and isn’t allowing Marquardt to do anything. The fans hate Ferreira…what can you do? He’s really not winning any fans, but he is securing the victory. Marquardt gets on top and lands a few huge shots, and busts Ferreira up. A little late though I think.

10-9 Ferreira (Ferreira 29-28)

Result: Cezar Ferreira def. Nate Marquardt via Split Decision

Cole’s Analysis: Good performance by Ferreira, but I’m a big Marquardt fan so I hate to see him lose a third straight fight. After the fight Ferreira called out Paulo Costa, and said a bunch of stuff about Costa needing to learn respect. I don’t mean to be critical, but I don’t think he beats Costa if he performs like he did tonight. He looked good, but he faded badly late, and he’s going to need to address that.

(11) Junior Albini (14-2) vs. Andrei Arlovski (25-15, 1 NC) – Heavyweight 265 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Albini appears to be wearing a diaper but I am sure that I am wrong. They both connect early, but nothing notable. Albini is very composed. Arlovski with a nice body shot. They’re against the fence, but not much else is happening. They finally separate. Arlovski lands a nice shot, but Albini is made of stone. Nice superman punch by Arlovski who seems to be opening up. Nice knee to the body by Albini. Albini lands a nice hook, but Arlovski takes it. They’re back against the fence. Slow round really. Nice left hook by Arlovski, and Albini just misses with one of his own.


ROUND TWO: Arlovski lands a few shots in the first exchange, but they’re moving at a snail’s pace. Not saying they’re tired, but they aren’t moving fast. Albini fights like he is in some sort of a trance…reminds me of the Undertaker and his urn. Sorry for the WWE references, this is a slow fight. Albini has Arlovski against the fence, and not much is happening. The ref separates them. Albini quickly pushes him back against the fence, and it’s more of the same. Some wrist control by Arlovski, but he isn’t doing much with it. They’re exchanging in the center and Arlovski seems to be getting the better of most of them. Arlovski is starting to land some night hooks to the body, and is having success with the straight right.

10-9 Arlovski

ROUND THREE: Arlovski lands a nice left. Albini seems a bit more aggressive here in this third round. Arlovski lands a nice right hand, but like I said earlier Albini is made out of some sort of metal, or stone. He just takes these shots like they are nothing…Arlovski hits like a truck, so that’s no small feat. I think Arlovski got eye poked, but they keep fighting, and then Arlovski gets poked again, but he declines to see a doctor. Nice hook to the body by Arlovski. He’s looking good here tonight, but really Albini just isn’t doing much. His face is busted up pretty bad, and Arlovski is looking good. Albini with a nice hook, but Arlovski follows up with a nice combination and finishes it with a nice uppercut. Arlovski follows it up with a knee to the groin of Albini, and they stop the fight. 15 seconds later and we’re back. 50 seconds left. They’re back against the cage, with Albini in control, but I think Arlovski has done enough to get the win here tonight.

10-9 Arlovski (Arlovski 29-27)

Result: Andrei Arlovski def. Junior Albini via Unanimous Decision

Cole’s Analysis: Good return to the win column to Arlovski. He looked good from the second round on, and really was just too much for a young Albini. Still though it will be interesting to see if he can keep it up. He was coming off a 5-fight losing streak, and hadn’t looked good in some time. Still though he is only 37 and heavyweight is famous for being an old man’s division.

(12) Matt Brown (22-16) vs. Diego Sanchez (29-10) – Welterweight 170 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Diego Sanchez comes out like a mad man and looks for a takedown, but Brown is making him work for it. I mean he’s really making him work for it…finally they separate after a minute or so. Brown stuffs a takedown, but they’re back against the fence. Matt Brown is having success with his jab, and Sanchez seems a bit frantic…no surprise. Sanchez really wants a takedown, but Brown keeps shaking him. Brown with elbows against the fence, but Sanchez lands a nice body kick. The feed cut to an empty room due to a glitch, and during the glitch Brown knocked Sanchez out with an elbow. I’m waiting for a replay now to see what actually happened. They addressed the glitch on commentary, and apologized. The replay showed that Brown caught a Sanchez kick and landed a huge elbow over the top, and Sanchez hit the ground hard.

Result: Matt Brown def. Diego Sanchez via KO (Elbow) Round 1. 3:44

Cole’s Analysis: Post fight Matt Brown said that he will talk about retirement with his family before deciding. He complemented Diego Sanchez, and his children joined him as he left the cage. If it’s his last fight he went out with a bang. Sanchez will probably keep fighting, but he has taken a lot of punishment throughout his career.

(13) Dustin Poirier (21-5, 1 NC) vs. Anthony Pettis (20-6) – Lightweight 155 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Common sense says Poirier needs to avoid the kicks, work the boxing and try to pressure with takedowns. He does that as the round starts, turns up the pressure, and gets Pettis down with a double leg against the fence. Pettis is dangerous off of his back if he wants to be. He’s threatening with a guillotine, but Poirier has control of the legs. Pettis attempts a kimura, but let’s go. Poirier clearly read the blue print on beating Pettis, but Pettis with a sweep and he’s on top. Pettis has Poirier against the fence, but the diamond is still landing some nice short elbows. They separate, and Pettis lands a straight right, and then another. Poirier shakes it off, but then shoots for a double leg, but Pettis shakes it. Pettis took a shot but im not sure what it was, but the commentators are noting that it busted his eye. Nice shots by Poirier and he might have Pettis hurt here, he’s turning it up! The round ends but Pettis was taking a beating at the end.

10-9 Poirier

ROUND TWO: Poirier gets a takedown early. It’s incredible that Pettis hasn’t been able to fix this hole in his game. It’s not like Poirier is a dominant wrestler. Pettis threatens with an armbar but takes several hammer fists for his effort. He’s busted open, and Poirier takes his back. Pettis is bleeding everywhere; the crimson mask is real in this one. Pettis rolls into Poirier’s guard, a much better position for him. Poirier is landing some sharp elbows from the bottom, and Pettis is returning the favor. Pettis has the back here, but Poirier shakes him and ends up on top. I can’t even tell who the blood is coming from at this point. Pettis attempts a triangle, but Poirier shakes him. Pettis takes the back, my god this is crazy. Pettis has the back, but Poirier ends up on top. PLEASE watch this fight!! They stop it and allow the doctor to look at Pettis. He’s busted but they should let him fight. They’re cleaning the blood off. Poirier really likes to fight, the mans an animal. And we’re back!! They start back with Poirier in Pettis’ guard, and Pettis is looking for a triangle, but Poirier escapes and takes advantage ending the round with some heavy ground and pound.

10-9 Poirier

ROUND THREE: Blood everywhere. This is almost a crime scene if I’m being honest. Poirier comes out fast, and pushes Pettis against the cage. Pettis is looking for a kimura, but it will be tough from here. Pettis recovers guard, but they stand, and Poirier ends up with the back. Pettis spins for something, but misses, and Poirier follows him down. He has Pettis’ back, with a body triangle locked in tight. He has a RNC over the jaw, you can finish it with that, but Poirier did something…it just ended I don’t know what happened. Its over but I have no idea what happened. Pettis seemed to get hurt trying to twist out of the body lock…strange ending here but he was taking a beating. Big win for the Diamond and he says he wants the winner of Eddie Alvarez and Justin Gaethje.

Result: Dustin Poirier def. Anthony Pettis via Submission (Body Triangle/Injury) Round 3.

Cole’s Analysis: Pettis is lost right now, and I’m not sure where he goes next. Maybe 170? I don’t know, but he needs to work on his wrestling. The game plan to beat him is way too obvious. They called it a TKO in the cage, but I saw Pettis tap so I’m sticking with it. Poirier deserves what he’s asking for. 


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