ROUNDTABLE: Who wins the Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Rose Namajunas fight and why?

BY MMATorch Staff

ROUNDTABLE: Who wins the Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Rose Namajunas fight and why?

ZACK HEYDORN, MMATorch Contributor

Jedrzejczyk. I love her style and demeanor. She’s simply too quick and too strong for Namajunas. I think we’ll see a very patient fight from Jedrzejczyk in which she controls the pace and counters much of the offense that Namajunas will drum up. I’m firmly behind Joanna on Saturday and believe she’ll wrap the fight up in round two.

JOSHUA GARCIA, MMATorch Contributor

Joanna will win this fight via decision.  It will be close early with plenty of pressure put on by Thug Rose, but she will tire and Joanna will out strike her in later rounds.

RICK MONSEY, MMATorch Contributor

This will be fight of the night.  Jedrzejczyk will be victorious but it will be a battle. Namajunas is tough as hell but Jedrzejczyk is tougher.  This fight will be a display of striking excellence. Namajunas’s best shot will be to take Jedrzejczyk down and look for the submission. If that doesn’t happen it will be the champ will building upon her already impressive record.

SEAN COVINGTON, MMATorch Contributor

JJ unless she underestimates Thug Rose. Thug Rose shouldn’t even be fighting for a title but I guess that’s all the UFC has is her left to try and make some money in that division.

JOHN HARRIS, MMATorch Contributor

My prediction is Joanna  Jedrzejczyk by Unanimous Decision. Jedrzejczyk is one of the most complete fighters in all of MMA. She has pin point striking, amazing take down defense and a pretty solid ground game.  Rosa Namajunas has one of the better submission games in the women’s strawweight division but is pretty raw everywhere else. That does not matchup will against  Jedrzejczyk.  For  Namajunas to win this fight she will have to either land the one shot KO or manage to get this fight to the ground. I just do not see that happening as Jedrzejczyk has proven she can grapple with the best the division has to offer.  Jedrzejczyk should be able to stick and move to a unanimous decision.

FRANK HYDEN, MMATorch Columnist

I think we get an instant classic here, with Jedrzejzcyk picking up a deceiving four or five round decision win. I say deceiving because I think it’ll be really close, but Joanna Champion does a little bit more to take the rounds. Namajunas is incredibly tough, but Jedrzejzcyk is one of the best fighters in the world. She’s so strong is so many areas. I think it’s close, but Namajunas comes up just short.

COLE HENRY, MMATorch Contributor

I think that Rose will prove to be a tough test, but I think that JJ is a better striker and will have the takedown defense to avoid going to the ground with Namajunas. Rose is a solid fighter, but hasn’t shown up in the past for big fights, and while she may overcome that mental block here, I don’t think it will be enough to defeat JJ. I think Joanna wins via clear cut unanimous decision.

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  1. What a complete donkey. Better research next time your prediction was so far off I can never read anything you right ever again.

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