UFC TONIGHT’S Daniel Cormier and Kenny Florian preview UFC 216: Ferguson vs. Lee


Daniel Cormier and Kenny Florian previewed the upcoming UFC 216 event. UFC TONIGHT is the official weekly news and information show of the Ultimate Fighting Championship on FS1. Veteran UFC fighter and multiple title contender Kenny Florian, former light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and veteran combat sports journalist Karyn Bryant bring you all the news and analysis.


UFC TONIGHT host Daniel Cormier

On how Tony Ferguson matches up against Kevin Lee: “He’s a phenomenal wrestler. In Tony, you saw his evolution come complete in his fight against Rafael Dos Anjos. He fought a former champion and dominated him on the feet, dominated the grappling exchanges, and seemed to be the guy who was ready for that moment. This guy is so tricky to fight.”

On Kevin Lee: “Kevin Lee truly has the ability and confidence to become the UFC champ. He has really good wrestling. In his last fight against Michael Chiesa, he looked so calm and confident. He never looked out of place and he got the finish.”

On how Borg can defeat Johnson: “He has to believe that he can get it done. He seems to believe it. He has all the ability to challenge with Demetrious Johnson. He’s got to make it ugly. He has to catch DJ and make him make a mistake. I think Ray Borg is ready for this fight.”

On Borg’s keys to victory: “Early in the fight, he’ll need to make the fight crazy and wild. He has to slow it down, take Demetrious down to take him out of his rhythm. Second, he needs to keep the pressure on. Key three, he’s got to secure ground control. He’s got to hold Demetrious down and can’t allow him to get back up and get his rhythm again.”

Cormier’s one fighter to watch at UFC 216: “The Black Beast Derrick Lewis. He’s not only a hero, he’s a phenomenal fighter. He’s show he’s got the power and he can knock anybody out at any time. If there’s any guy more entertaining in the Octagon and on social media, you’ve got to show me!”

UFC TONIGHT host Kenny Florian

On Ferguson: “He’s a maniac. He’s so tough. He’s battle tested. He can defeat you in in a lot of different ways on the feet. He’s big and tall for the division. He has a long reach and an excellent jab. He’ll throw every strike out there. On the ground, if he gets you in the transition, this guy is nasty with those front chokes, a D’Arce or a guillotine.”

On Lee’s technique: “Right now I think his skills are catching up with his ability. He’s very well coached. He’s an excellent wrestler, but is working hard on his striking. He throws a lot of different variety at you. Then he sets up the takedowns. He’s good at taking the back and has finished a lot of guys with the Rear Naked Choke. He gets the guys frustrated, then hits the takedown.”

Florian picks Ferguson over Lee: “I think Kevin Lee can be a champ in the future. I think it’s just a little early for him. His skills are still catching up with his physicality. I’m going with Tony Ferguson.”

On Ray Borg’s skills against Demetrious Johnson: “Ray is a phenomenal submission artist. He’s very dangerous in the transition. He’s got a lot of skills and speed.”

On Johnson: “He’s shown he’s susceptible to other fighters on the mat. He showed it against Tim Elliott. But, I believe he has the best skills in the UFC, period. He can really do it all. He can finish everyone. He’s head and shoulders above everyone in that division.”

On Johnson’s keys to victory: “He can do it all at a very high level. He has skills for days. Key number one, he needs to vary his attack. Key two, he needs to stay off his back. He doesn’t want to be down with Ray Borg. And key number three, he’s got to use his speed. When he’s mixing it all together, there’s no one who can hang with him.”

Florian picks Johnson over Borg: “I’ve got to go with the champ.”

Florian’s UFC 216 fighter to watch: “Tom Duquesnoy. He’s has an excellent standup. He’s very exciting. He’s a finisher through and through. He’s absolutely fearless, he’s violent and he’s technical.”

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