BREAKING NEWS: Daniel Cormier reinstated as UFC Light Heavyweight Champion


Daniel Cormier

It is an anticlimactic coronation, but Daniel Cormier is once again the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. The decision came down a day after news broke that incumbent champion Jon Jones’s “B” sample from a failed drug test prior to UFC 214 confirmed the presence of a PED.

The news of Cormier’s reinstatement was announced by Cormier on the weekly airing of “UFC Tonight.” Cormier said that White informed him earlier in the day that the ruling of a “no contest” essentially invalidated the result of Jones’s 3rd round KO of Cormier at UFC 214. Cormier admitted that receiving the championship in this manner is unsatisfying; but he did acknowledge the financial gains of being a champion.

Previously, Cormier won the vacant light heavyweight title at UFC 187, when Jones was striped after being involved in a hit-and-run incident. Additionally, Cormier was declared the undisputed champion due to Jones failing a drug test prior to their scheduled fight at UFC 200.

You can view the UFC Tonight clip here:

Vallejos’s Analysis: This is not surprising news given the circumstances, but it is another twist in the Cormier-Jones rivalry. For different reasons both men have complicated legacies. Jones might be the biggest disappointment in modern sports history, while Cormier is the guy that has suffered and benefited from Jones’s poor judgement. If you take PED’s out of the equation, it is fair to slot Cormier firmly behind Jones. However, Cormier bears no responsibility for the titles that he has been gifted. Cormier would be foolish to not take advantage of these championship opportunities.

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