GROCKE’S DANA WHITE’S TUESDAY NIGHT CONTENDER SERIES REPORT 8/8 (WEEK 5): Simon vs. Frelow, Sims vs. Graves, Gray vs. Perez, Jones vs. Rodriguez, Petties vs. Arce

By Michael Grocke, MMATorch contributor

AUGUST 8, 2017

Dan Hellie welcomed viewers to the show and introduced Yves Edwards onto the broadcast. The two talked about how by now fighters know what Dana White is looking for. They then ran down the five-fight card starting with the main event and working backwards down the card. They then introduced Snoop and Faber and the Snoopcast.

(1) Everett Sims (4-0) vs. Shelton Graves (6-3) – Heavyweight 265 lbs.

Result: Shelton Graves over Everett Sims by TKO (2:20 of Round 3)

ROUND ONE: Sims opened the fight with a low kick and pushed Graves to the fence. Graves pushed Sims clear across the other side of the cage a minute in. Graves took Sims down at the 3:15 mark but landed in a Sims guillotine. Both fighters were back to their feet with just under three minutes left in the round. They tied up against the fence and Sims landed a few knees to the body. Graves transitioned to Sim’s back and took him down with two minutes left in the round. Sims went for a Kimura with Graves on top of him. Graves stepped over Sims and was out of the hold as Graves landed body punches with a minute left. Graves landed some shots to the head as the round ended.

ROUND TWO: Graves ran Sims around the cage and pinned him up against the fence 30 seconds into the round. Graves landed a takedown at 4:15. He took Sims back and landed short left hands as Sims covered up. Sims did nothing to get up and took a bunch of punches with his head on the mat. Graves landed heavy knees to the body as the round ends.

That was ridiculous; Sims was on all fours and just covered up as Graves pounded on him for almost four straight minutes.  

ROUND THREE: Graves ran Sims to the fence to start the round and finished the takedown 50 seconds in. Rinse and repeat. The ref encouraged Graves to work for the finish as Graves transitioned to full mount. Graves landed punches and knees as Sims just covered up on all fours and the ref was forced to stop it.

Shelton Graves’s mother and wife showed more energy than Sims. I hope for Sims’ sake he suffered an injury causing him to fight the way he did, or the way he didn’t fight. Dana White and the UFC have to be kicking themselves for giving him that opportunity.

(2) Ricky Simon (9-1) vs. Donavon Frelow (6-2) – Bantamweight 135 lbs.

Result: Ricky Simon over Donavon Frelow by Split Decision

ROUND ONE: Frelow came right out of the gate with some creative offense including a flying knee that didn’t come close to landing. He kept the pressure on until Simon took him down around a minute in. Frelow was up quickly though. Simon scored with another takedown at the 3:16 mark but Frelow was up quickly. Simon picked Frelow up, walked him across the cage and slammed him down at 2:44, but once again Frelow got back to his feet easily. The fight remained on the feet until Simon landed another takedown with 14 seconds left in the round. Frelow got back to his feet as the round ended.

ROUND TWO: Simon got a takedown 20 seconds in but once again was not able to keep Frelow down. Simon started bleeding from his left eye with four minutes to go. They traded on the feet until Simon landed another takedown at the 2:23 mark. Frelow was up quickly yet again. Frelow got hit with a big spinning elbow but he was able to brush it off with 1:34 to go. The fight went to the mat with 1:24, but both fighters were back to their feet with a minute to go. The fight stayed on the feet for the final minute with neither fighter landing much.

ROUND THREE: Simon took Frelow down at the 4:09 mark and tried to sink in a rear naked choke but Frelow turned into Simon and was able to get to his feet with four minutes left. Both fighters landed some heavy punches back on their feet. Both guys ate some big shots until Frelow was knocked to the canvass with just over two minutes left. He got back to his feet quickly but was taken down with just under two minutes left in the fight. Both fighters were back to their feet with 1:23 to go. Frelow was taken back down with under a minute left. Simon slammed Frelow down again with 20 seconds left and he rode Frelow’s back for the remainder of the round.

(3) Alex Perez (17-4) vs. Kevin Gray (9-3) – Flyweight 125 lbs.

Result: Alex Perez over Kevin Gray by Submission (2:54 of Round 1 – Anaconda Choke)

ROUND ONE: Perez got the better of the exchanges as the fight started by landing the cleaner punches and kicks. The fight continued on the feet with Perez landing a heavy punch that hurt Gray halfway through the round. Perez landed a big knee as Gray shot in that looked to hurt him. Perez immediately had an Anaconda Choke locked in and Gray went to sleep.

(4) Peter Petties (5-2) vs. Julio Arce (12-2) – Featherweight 145 lbs.

Result: Julio Arce over Peter Petties by TKO (2:39 of Round 2)

ROUND ONE: Petties opened the fight with a solid left hook. He followed up with a nice straight right hand 40 seconds into the fight. They clinched against the fence with both fighters getting some offense in. With 2:40 to go they finally broke the clinch and stood at center cage. The fight remained on the feet with Petties landing punches at range. Arce landed a nice left hook inside ten seconds but Petties took it well.

ROUND TWO: They traded low kicks to start the second round. Arce came out much more aggressively and mixed up his offense much better to start the round. Arce landed some big shots that looked to rock Petties with 3:43 to go. Arce began teeing off  with Petties’s back to the fence. Petties tried to cover up while taking some heavy punches. Petties tried to throw a punch but he fell to the canvass and as he did Arce pounced and started landing more big shots, as Petties worked his way back to his feet he took more punishment and the fight was finally stopped.

(5) Michael Rodriguez (8-2) vs. Jamelle Jones (7-4) – Light Heavyweight 205 lbs.

Result: Michael Rodriguez over Jamelle Jones by Knockout (2:15 of Round 1)

ROUND ONE: Both fighters started the fight landing low kicks for the first minute. There was a long feeling out process until Rodriguez stuffed a takedown attempt from Jones at the 3:21 mark. Rodriguez landed a huge flying knee that dropped Jones. Rodriguez landed two more unnecessary punches as Jones was clearly out from the knee, but the ref just couldn’t get in there fast enough.

Dana White said this week was a real tough decision. He said there are certain divisions where they are stacked with guys and other divisions where they need some help so he chose Alex Perez and Michael Rodriguez.

Julio Arce had an impressive showing as well, but ultimately I think White decision by giving both Rodriguez and Perez new contracts.

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