THURSDAY NEWS DIGEST 8/3: Woodley against an interim title, Florian’s idea for Woodley, Boxer evaluates Conor’s power, Snoop Dogg on Marquez KO, Stipe-Boxing

By Cole Henry, MMATorch contributor

Tyron Woodley (photo credit Gary A. Vasquez © USA Today Sports)

Tyron Woodley shoots down potential Robbie Lawler rematch

Rumors have circulated about an injury to the shoulder of UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley, leaving some to speculate about a potential interim title fight. Woodley has come out and said that he is against an interim title. He argues that since he has defended the belt three times since winning it, and will not be out for long, it is unnecessary.

He also commented on a potential fight with Robbie Lawler, saying that he doesn’t feel that Lawler has done anything to earn a shot.

Henry’s Analysis: Woodley has a habit of acting as if he is constantly mistreated, and he always comments that he believes that he is treated unfairly. While he is probably right in some ways, his attitude rarely does him any favors. When Woodley earned his shot he probably didn’t deserve it. He’d only won two straight, was just a year removed from losing to Rory McDonald, and just edged past Kelvin Gastelum in the fight that ultimately earned him his shot, but still he got it and he capitalized. So, for him to now say that others haven’t earned shots seems strange to me, but I also understand that a fighter’s mindset may chance once he or she wins the belt and see’s things from the other side. Still, though, I don’t think Woodley is in a place to be calling the shots and if the UFC wants him to face Lawler next I assume that is who he will face.


-With Dana White ruling out a Tyron Woodley vs. GSP fight, what’s next for the UFC Welterweight Champion? On FS1’s “UFC Tonight,” panelist Kenny Florian suggested Jorge Masvidal. “He had a close fight against Maia,” he said. “They both agreed they would fight each other if it was for a title. Masvidal is a tough opponent for anyone in the division.”

-Bellator MMA announced another Monster Energy Card. The event will take place Aug. 19 at the Bristol Motor Speedway. Phil Davis and Dan Henderson will appear as special guests.

-Stipe Miocic is still aiming for an Anthony Joshua fight. Miocic made headlines a few weeks back when he suggested a boxing “super fight” between himself and Anthony Joshua. Joshua teased Miocic in return, which only seemed to anger him. News broke today that former heavyweight kingpin Wladimir Klitschko has decided to retire, and Miocic saw another opportunity to insert his name into things and did so by tweeting at Joshua. “Looks like your schedule is wide open. No excuses, let’s dance! #BaddestManOnThePlanet.” Miocic is, of course, under contract with the UFC and would have to have a boxing match cleared with them before he could actually compete. This fight seems like a long shot and is more likely being used as some sort of bargaining tool by Miocic to try to get a bigger UFC contract. Still, though, it’s an interesting thing to follow.

-Snoop Dogg has ideas for a nickname for UFC prodigy Julian Marquez coming off his brutal KO victory on Tuesday’s episode of “Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series.” His existing nickname is “The Cuban Missile Crisis.” Snoop suggested on commentary: “Can I kick it? Yes I can!” Marquez told TMZ that he also called him “Big Foot.” Marquez rated his kick above Jon Jones’s to Daniel Cormier as the best of the week. He said his kick made a name for himself.

-Boxing champ Paulie Malignaggi tells TMZ it’s time for a reality check on Conor McGregor’s punching power. “Conor doesn’t have bad power. It’s not ‘Oh my god’ power … but it is respectable power. Every time I say this people get offended. It’s like they want you to lie. It’s like they want you to say he has this incredible power like I’ve never felt anything like it before. It is power to where if it hits you, it’s gonna get your attention and it may even put you down if you’re wearing those smaller fight gloves.” Malignaggi says Conor believes himself. He “really believes in his mind he’s gonna win the fight.” Malignaggi says McGregor has been making steady improvements in the ring since the last time they fought 12 days before and that he’s landing real shots.

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