SATURDAY NEWS DIGEST 7/15: White addresses Trump at Mayweather-McGregor, Gegard Mousasi debut date, Bellator 184 news, Conor-Khabib talk

By Cole Henry, MMATorch editor

Donald Trump not expected to attend MayGregor

Just in case you were wondering, WWE Hall of Famer and President of the United States, Donald Trump, will not be attending the upcoming Connor McGregor/ vs. Floyd Mayweather fight. According to Dana White, the President feels as though he could serve as a distraction and does not want his security to be an annoyance to those in attendance. Still, though, White, a noted Trump supporter, stated that the commander-in-chief can have as many as ten tickets, if he so wishes.

Trump, of course, has somewhat of a history with MMA. He hosted some early UFC events as his Trump Taj Mahal, and was a part owner of failed MMA promotion, Affliction. While Trump won’t be in attendance, I’m sure the crowd will still be filled with an interesting selection of celebrities.

Henry’s Analysis: This was an amusing bit of news I thought. I would be interested in seeing Trump ref this fight. White claims that he spoke with Trump, or at least his people, and they gave him all the info mentioned above.

Gegard Mousasi scheduled to debut at Bellator 185

When Gegard Mousasi signed with Bellator, it was expected that he would get an immediate title shot. Instead Bellator booked Rafael Carvalho and Alessia Sakkara in Italy, leaving Mousasi to debut against somebody else. That somebody else will be former Bellator Middleweight Champion Alexander Schlemenko. Schlemenko has had much success in Bellator and his native Russia, but Mousasi will be his toughest opponent to date by far, and that’s saying something considering the number of fights he’s had. Mousasi will have a chance to come in and beat one of the division’s top fighters right out of the gate and solidify himself as the top contender for the belt.

Bellator 184 fights announced

The main event of Bellator 184 has been announced. It will feature two of Bellator’s most exciting young fighters. Eduardo Dantas will look to defend his Bantamweight Championship against top contender Darrion Caldwell in what should be an exciting fight. Also, former multiple time Featherweight Champion, Daniel Straus will face off against top young prospect Emmanuel Sanchez. These fights will take place in Oklahoma on Oct. 6.

McGregor claims victory in Media tour

Following a four-event media tour that reached circus-level antics at times, including claims of racism and every other “ism” that one can think of, it has finally ended and McGregor has declared himself the victor. (I personally feel that this tour was too long, and that one date, or perhaps two at most, would have been enough.) But when it was all said and done, both men, especially Mayweather, seemed to have run out of original ideas and were reaching in all directions in attempts to get the crowd to pop. McGregor certainly had the funnier moments, but something about his shtick seemed different this time. Mayweather seemed unbothered by a lot of it. Still, though, perhaps McGregor did more damage psychologically than what appeared obvious. Mayweather’s act got old very quickly and seemed rehearsed at times. Of course, this was all for attention, and to increase interest, but still I’m not sure how much ether guy really benefited from these appearances.


The talk continues. Connor McGregor has again stated that he would like to face Khabib Nurmagomedov in Russia when he returns to MMA. This time he compared to situation to Rocky, and mentioned that he liked the idea of fighting him in his home land. He also mentioned the idea of fighting Nate Diaz for a third time. Still, though, until this boxing match takes place, anything McGregor says about his future is purely talk. All that money might change his mind.

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