ROUNDTABLE (pt. 2 of 2): How would you book Cyborg in UFC going forward? Immediate title shot or match against someone else?

Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino (photo credit Jason da Silva © USA Today Sports)

Now that Cris Cyborg is officially done with Invicta, how would you book her in UFC going forward? Would you give her an immediate title shot or book her against someone else?

ROBERT VALEJOS, MMATorch contributor

If GSP can be dormant for nearly four years and receive a title shot in a new weight class, Cyborg can have an immediate shot at Germaine de Randamie. The UFC does not need to overthink this.

MATTHEW ECOCHARD, MMATorch contributor

Anything other than an immediate title fight seems silly for Cyborg. She is the most dominant female athlete at 145 lbs and anything else would just be fodder for her. More women need to enter the division for it to even be considered a division as only one fight has taken place in it so far. Three fighters doesn’t make a division; there needs to be at least 20-25 fighters to make it a legitimate division. There is no one else for her to fight other than Holly Holm, but what good would that do for anyone other than protecting the champion?

FRANK HYDEN, MMATorch columnist

She should get a title shot in her next fight, without question. She has to prove she can make the weight and the UFC has to prove that they’re serious with this Women’s Featherweight Division. Until someone beats Cyborg, she has to be considered the best at featherweight. To have a title fight without her makes the title mean less.

ADAM TINDAL, MMATorch contributor

Cyborg needs an immediate title shot. It’s her natural weight class and she’s been dominant against everyone she’s faced there and even 5 lbs. lighter. I just hope she can pass the drug tests and make the weight safely.

MICHAEL GROCKE, MMATorch contributor

Cyborg should fight Germaine de Randamie for the UFC Featherweight Title. The real question is, will de Randamie even defend the title she beat Holly Holm for  at UFC 208? Word out her camp is she is going to be taking what sounds like an extended leave from the UFC to deal with what they are calling “personal issues.” Hopefully, whatever the issues are that de Randamie is working through, she gets them resolved sooner rather than later. Fans have had to deal with too many of UFC’s champions holding up their respective divisions for varying reasons. The last thing we need is another interim title.

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