ROUNDTABLE (pt. 1 of 2): Do you want to see the McGregor vs. Mayweather fight happen? If it happens, how do you think it will play out once the bell rings?

Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz at UFC 202 (photo credit Joshua Dahl © USA Today Sports)

Do you want to see the McGregor vs. Mayweather fight happen? If it happens, how do you think it will play out once the bell rings?


Despite the recent news of this fight getting closer to fruition, I just don’t see it happening. While I understand the public’s enthusiasm for such a fight, there are too many obstacles standing in the way. It took six years for Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao to get made, how long do you think this will take?

That said, let’s just say the fight happens. While I am in no way a fan of Floyd Mayweather or his fighting style, if he truly comes into the fight looking to prove a point, then I think Conor gets knocked out in the first round. However, if Mayweather is more interested in putting on an exhibition, then the fight will be just like all of his other fights… boring as f—.


Yeah, I want to see it, but that’s because I like a good trainwreck. Plus, I want to see Dana White and the UFC trying to lean into the promo shots with Mayweather and McGregor like a photobomber. That should be pretty funny. As for the fight itself, I think it’ll be pretty damn boring. Mayweather’s whole thing has always been defense and avoiding contact so he’s going to be ready to ride that bike against McGregor. Mayweather fights are generally boring and fairly frustrating to watch. He’s brilliant at what he does (just like UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson is), but what he does isn’t very exciting. You can’t deny his greatness and talent, and his ability to market himself, but you have to go in with a certain mindset to enjoy a Mayweather fight. He’s generally so much better than his opponents that he doesn’t need to try as hard.

That’s why the strategy McGregor should use is to charge forward and constantly be throwing. He needs to be like a windmill in a tornado. The ring is only so big and if he can trap Mayweather in the corner or on the ropes he can try to pummel him into defeat. Mayweather isn’t going to knock him out, more than likely; that’s not what he does. It’s fully possible, of course. Look at Michael Bisping knocking out Luke Rockhold. But that’s not the most likely scenario. McGregor can’t try to beat Mayweather at his own game; that’s a recipe for disaster. McGregor has a chance to win; it’s a small chance, but it’s a chance. He just has to blitz Mayweather and, if nothing else, try to break his confidence.


I would not completely discount Conor McGregor’s chances, but I would not bet against Floyd Mayweather in this situation. Mayweather may not be a compelling fighter, but he knows how to ensure the W. Also, McGregor’s punching power would be negated by 16 oz. boxing gloves.


I can’t say I don’t want to see the May-Mac fight, but I’d rather see two of them, one in the ring and one in the Octagon. In a pure boxing match, I find it hard to believe that McGregor will be able to outclass Mayweather or even land that one shot to end it. Although anything is possible. If they were to fight in the Octagon, I believe it would be massacre along the lines of Randy Couture and James Toney only much more lopsided in McGregor’s favor, if that is even possible. Instant leg kicks and then instant flying switch kicks to the face for the knockout or instant takedown and instant submission.

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