GSP’s potential payday in UFC vs. McGregor making headlines as the MMA world awaits word of GSP’s return date and opponent (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, MMATorch editor

George St. Piette (photo by Wade Keller © MMATorch)

A headline at today read: “Jose Aldo: Georges St-Pierre Wanted $10 Million For Conor McGregor Super-Fight, Dana White Said No.” This is according to Jose Aldo in an interview with Combate.

GSP, among UFC’s all-time top stars and draws, has watched Conor McGregor surpass 1 million PPVs three times in a row since his last fight. GSP never reached that level. GSP also never received the type of paychecks being offered to (or “earned by” is perhaps a better way to put it) Conor McGregor. GSP has earned millions per fight, but nothing close to McGreggor’s pay level.

Keller’s Analysis: GSP is likely to fight at UFC 206 in Toronto on Dec. 10. A title shot against Tyron Woodley for his former Welterweight Title is not possible given Woodley is defending that title at UFC 205 in early October. If McGregor succeeds in defeating Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in MSG, and if GSP looks good in a return in November, there will be clamoring to see a GSP vs. McGregor superfight, although that would put McGregor in a position to be criticized for winning titles, but not defending them. Money, though, trumps just about anything regarding the “sports integrity” of title defenses when you’re talking the kind of money GSP vs. McGregor would draw. GSP is only 35 and still would be considered in his prime years age-wise, but within a few years of reaching the end, whereas McGregor is just 28 and had potentially ten years of big money fights ahead of him. Beating GSP in perhaps the biggest UFC fight of all-time might be tough to top.


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