ROUNDTABLE: If you could book one fight to determine the Bellator Heavyweight Championship, which two fighters should do battle?

If you could book one fight for the vacant Bellator Heavyweight Championship between fighters realistically available, what would it be?

NOTE: We asked our team to answer this question BEFORE the announcement of Fedor vs. Matt Mitrione, but it was listed by several contributors.

ADAM TINDAL, MMATorch contributor

The biggest Heavyweight title fight Bellator could make in my opinion would be Fedor vs. Matt Mitrione really. I wouldn’t be surprised either if they made the fight (which is rumored to be all but official) for the title anyway. Considering also just how thin the UFC’s heavyweight division is I find it hard to invest in any heavyweight fight outside of the promotion unfortunately.

NICK GRINUPS, MMATorch contributor

Without a doubt I would book Matt Mitrione vs Bobby Lashley.  It would be two huge Bellator names going at it and I think it would do well with ratings and excitement.  You have a former UFC contender taking on one of the scariest physical specimens that Bellator has ever seen.  I think the fans would love to see this match-up and it could set up either fighter to be a very marketable champion.

MICHAEL HISCOE, MMATorch contributor

I think you take the winner of the rumored Fedor Emelianenko vs. Matt Mitrione fight and put him against Bobby Lashley. Fedor is tough to negotiate with, but if he’s willing to sign a straight up contract with Bellator, and he can beat Mitrione, then a championship fight on Spike TV against Lashley, who has a fan base of his own and has drawn good ratings while winning all of his recent fights, could make for a big heavyweight championship worthy fight. If Mitrione wins, he’s enough of a name and is a good talker, so him against Lashley would also make for a good fight that will do solid ratings.

FRANK HYDEN, MMATorch contributor

Bellator should book Matt Mitrione vs. Fedor Emelianenko for the Bellator Heavyweight Championship. Why not? The heavyweight division in Bellator isn’t doing all that much for them, so why not go crazy with it? There’s obvious long-term ramifications of this fight that could be detrimental to Bellator, but when has that ever stopped them before? Booking this fight makes a huge splash and gets people talking. Maybe not always in the way you want, but Bellator seems to crave this kind of attention. And at least this fight would make sense as a headliner on a big show for them.

CHRIS KING, MMATorch contributor

If you want a massive fight, then the winner of Matt Mitrione vs. Emelianenko against Vitaly Minakov would be awesome. Other names that would be easy to sell would include Rampage Jackson and Cheick Kongo, but if you want a huge event, they better hope and pray that Fedor can look like he’s still a top level heavyweight near his best.


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