20 YRS AGO – KELLER’S EXTREME FIGHTING BATTLECADE REPORT: Maurice Smith vs. Silviera headlines an early off-brand MMA event

By Wade Keller, MMATorch editor

The following is my report, originally published in the Torch Newsletter (prior to us launching websites), on the Extreme Fighting “Battlecade” PPV 20 years ago this week on PPV. This was among the “off-brand” MMA events that tried to get in on the MMA craze established by the Ultimate Fighting Championship PPV series. They’d go on to market the VHS tapes and plaster “Banned in New York” as part of the marketing of the “whatever it takes to win” fights. This was the third of four Extreme Fighting PPV events between 1995 and 1997.

OCTOBER 18, 1996

Dave Bontempo hosted the program and John Perretti handled color commentary. At the start of the show the announcers talked about how they will be around for a long time as they are now sanctioned. The matches were fought in three five-minute phases (rounds) with one minute of rest between rounds. They also outlawed hanging onto the fence. The rounds system theoretically helped stand up fighters while the rule against grabbing the fence could help ground fighters.

(1) Johil De Oliveira (Vale-Tudo, 29, 5-6, 157) fought John Lewis (28, 6-0, 159) to a draw in a light-weight match.

It was fought almost entirely on the ground.

(2) Matt Hume (Kick boxing, 30, 6-0, 188) beat Erik Paulson (Shoot wrestling, 30, 5-10, 183) when Paulson suffered a deep cut on the forehead in the third phase.

Both men were clenched either on their feet or on the mat most of the match, but some solid punches were exchanged.

(3) Ralph Gracie (Gracie jiu-jitsu, 24, 5-8, 159) beat Ali Mihoubi (Kenpo, 25, 5-11, 153) at 1:32 in the first phase to retain the Extreme Fighting Lightweight Title.

Mihoubi went for a kneelift at the start, but Gracie hugged his legs and tackled him, slamming him hard to the mat. He threw a barrage of punches on him before he applied an armbar. Perretti said Gracie is the best fighter in the world and he challenges anyone who is willing to fight him to let him know.

(4) Alan Goes (Jiu-jitsu, 25, 6-0, 199) beat Anthony Macias (Freestyle, 27, 5-9, 189).

Perretti called both “really nice guys” before the match, yet Goes fought dirty and didn’t show respect to the referee during the match. Goes fishhooked Macias after being warned about an illegal headbutt, so the referee separated Goes and warned him. Goes ignored the ref. After another headbutt Macias quit, deciding he didn’t want to fight someone who was going to fight dirty despite warnings.

(5) Igor Zinoviev (30, 6-0, 189) fought John Lober (28, 5-11, 196) to a draw so Zinoviev retained the Extreme Fighting Middleweight Title.

The first two phases were fought mostly on the mat with some strong punches landing on the ground. Both fighters decided to fight on their feet in the third phase, although they mostly circled and stared at each other en route to a draw.

(6) Murakami Kazunari (Judo, 23, 6-3, 217) beat Bart Vale (34, 6-3, 244) via knockout.

The judo fighter beat Vale at his own game, striking, at 4:37 of the first phrase. Vale beat Ken Shamrock a few years ago in a worked match and has bragged about that in the shoot fighting world since then.

(7) Maurice Smith (Kickboxing, 35, 6-2, 222) beat Conan Silviera (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, 32, 6-2, 241) to capture the Extreme Fighting Heavyweight Title.

Smith said in the pre-match segment, “Mostly I eat chicken, rice, beans, noodles, and Snickers occasionally.” This match will probably be considered the most significant match of the year in the hybrid fighting sport worldwide. Never before has a world class stand-up style fighter defeated a world class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter in this type of a contest. Conan is regarded as among the best, if not the best, overall Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter, including the Gracie’s, which makes this finish all the more amazing. Smith, formerly a Pancrase fighter, showed a great sense of balance when Conan attempted to take him to the mat. In the second phase Conan shot in on Smith, but Smith avoided his tackles. Conan resigned himself to exchanging punches and kicks, which was his downfall. In the third phase, Smith hit some solid back leg round kicks to Conan’s thigh. Conan began favoring his leg and Smith surprised Conan with a high back leg round kick to the head for the knock out. Conan never left his feet, but was staggering a bit and appeared defenseless for a Smith follow up attack. Conan told the ref he made the right decision after the fight.

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