ROUNDTABLE (pt. 2 of 2): Who are the top three talkers and worse three talkers when it comes to hyping their fights?

Nick Diaz (photo credit Jayne Kamin-Oncea © USA Today Sports)

TOPIC: Rank the top three relatively big name talkers in MMA today in terms of their effectiveness at boosting the drawing power of their fights and increasing fan interest. Then, on the flip side, who are the worst three relatively big name fighters (who speak English) when it comes to selling their fights?

MICHAEL GROCKE, MMATorch contributor

The Best starts with… 1. Chael Sonnen. He took trash talking to an all new level and created the blueprint for Conor McGregor to follow. He talked his way into a title fight against Anderson Silva and through his trash talking made a fight no one really cared about “must see.” The verbal onslaught he unleashed on Silva, the country of Brazil, and its people made him the true bad guy of MMA. His pro wrestling-like promos, not his fighting skills, are what made him the attraction that he became.

2. Conor McGregor. The flashy Irishman isn’t just the best talker currently in the UFC, he’s one of the best in all of sports. His quick wit is second to none. McGregor’s trash talking is what got him noticed in the first place. His constant badgering of then Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo landed him a shot at the title. He then backed up his talk with a 13 second knockout to capture the Featherweight Championship. His verbal battle against Nate Diaz leading up to their fights were must see, as was his now legendary promo at the UFC 205 press conference.

3. Nick Diaz: His trash talking isn’t rehearsed or written for him. Nick’s verbal warfare comes from the heart while speaking his mind. Let’s just say Nick Diaz views the world and life in a very unique way, and it comes out in his talking.

The Worst: This could be a long, long list. Choosing the top three is next to impossible. Obviously names such as Jose Aldo and Demetrious Johnson immediately come to mind due to their inability to draw PPV buys. There are other guys who are just considered “nice guys” and don’t have trash talking in them. There are many fighters who fall into this category, Junior dos Santos immediately comes to mind as do countless others. Some of the greatest fighters in MMA history can’t sell water in the desert, but it doesn’t affect my excitement when it comes to watching them compete in the Octagon.

MATT ECOCHARD, MMATorch contributor

I don’t believe that it is completely necessary to talk much to set up an exciting fight, but here are my list of best and worst talkers when trying to sell

Best Talkers:
(1) Connor Mcgregor
(2) Chael Sonnen
(3) Nick Diaz

Worst Talkers:
(1) Rashad Evans
(2) George St. Pierre
(3) (Cheat answer) The majority of the roster who just don’t speak up enough to hype up their fights.

CHRIS KING, MMATorch contributor

Three big name talkers I would say in terms of boosting their drawing power would include Michael Bisping, Chael Sonnen, and of course the overwhelming tour de force that is Conor McGregor. Chael wrote the blueprint in how to change your personality and boost your profile and added the WWE style gimmick, but it worked. Bisping loves to talk trash. It is how he gets himself fired up for a fight. It certainly works on these shores. How effective it is on the other side of the point, I am not so sure.
I have said time and time again how important it is to use some verbal skills in order to boost your drawing power and therefore your earnings. It makes me want to pull my own hair out to those who do not do this, especially if they are a top level fighter. To that end, Damien Maia drives me crazy. He comes cap in hand saying “pretty please, I think I deserve a title shot.” No! Damien, in this business if you want it, you have to scream and take it.
The other two who don’t nearly do it enough for me are Frankie Edgar and T.J. Dillishaw. Frankie is far too nice, and whenever Dillishaw says anything it makes me cringe. His latest attempt at a bet with Dominic Cruz made me feel sorry for him. T.J. shouts and tries to make a fight, but I just feel he goes about it all wrong and it makes me want to see him less as a fighter.

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