THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER REPORT 10/12: Elliot vs. Alaniz, plus hot tub, drinks, coach’s challenge, golfing as best season of TUF continues

By Jared Dodds, MMATorch contributor

Here for another week of The Ultimate Fighter, and we have Tim Elliott fighting Charlie Alaniz from Team Cejudo.

Episode starts out with all the guys in the hot tub having a few drinks and talking about the previous fights and where they thought they were in the competition.

Matt Rizzo, who lost last week to Matt Schnell, appears to have had to much to drink and went off on how he felt he was a better fighter than Schnell. Jamie Alvarez, who trains with Schnell at ATT, told Schnell what Rizzo had said, and sparks began to fly. UFC has an easy fight to push for the finale now!

On to Tim Elliott’s camp, who appears to be the stereotypical college wrestler. Four-Time All American and one time national champion, this guy is no joke.

Tim Elliott was on a huge streak when the UFC signed him four years ago, but got knocked around inside the Octagon. He had a couple wins before losing three in a row, including one to Joseph Benavidez. He moved to Titan Fighting Championship and won their Flyweight Championship.

Benavidez believes that Elliott’s best attribute is his wild style, and the fact that he is impossible to read or get a rhythm on.

Elliott is a new father, and says that while It was scary to have a kid it gave him a purpose other than fighting for the first time in his life.

He trains out of Glory MMA, small gym in the Midwest that actually has a couple strong fighters. Heard good things about the gym, partially because of him.

Alaniz is originally from California, but trains and fights out of Melbourne, Australia. He is the Flyweight Champion of the Hex Fighting Championship.

Cejudo thinks that Alaniz is the hungriest fighter here, and he’ll take hunger over experience any day.

Some tension between Team Cejudo teammates Kai Kara-France and Charlie Alaniz, when Alaniz says that he’ll knock Kai out, and apparently quite seriously. Kai brings it up at the end of practice, and it doesn’t appear to be solved at all. Some tension there; could be setting up for yet another finale fight.

Time for the Coach’s Challenge, and this season it’s golf! They have to drive golf balls at some targets, with money and pride on the line for both teams. Benavidez chooses to go second, and both coaches appear to be useless at this. Long story short, Benavidez wins big, and we all had a little more of our time wasted.
Weigh ins are all good on both sides, and after warm ups, it’s fight time!

Tim Elliott vs. Charlie Alaniz

Big height and reach advantage for Elliott. Both guys come out swinging; Alaniz looks a little stiff though. This fight is already crazy, Elliott goes for a flying knee but misses, and each guy is just swinging leather. Good left hand off of a takedown fake from Alaniz. Elliott is keeping his hands down and getting caught a few times. Elliott tries to pull guard into a guillotine (What is happening???) and loses the position, ending up in his guard. Big elbow from Alaniz, and he gets Elliott’s back in a scramble. They work their way up and Alaniz lands a solid left hand. Elliott’s wrestling is finally coming into play and he lands to huge takedowns. Alaniz is fighting not to give up his back, but out of nowhere Elliott locks in a bulldog choke. There’s some squirming but it’s too tight, Alaniz is forced to tap. What a crazy fight.

RESULT: Elliott defeated Alaniz by Submission

Elliott thinks that he has even more to show, and Alaniz thinks that he let his emotions get the best of him.
Round two fight announcement time! The fights are going to be Alexandre Pantoja vs. Kai Kara-France (both team Cejudo), Hiromasa Ogikubo vs. Adam Antolin, Ronaldo Candido vs. Eric Shelton (both team Benavidez), and Matt Schnell vs. Tim Elliott. Still have Elliott winning the whole thing looking at those fights. That dude is massive and a madman.

FINAL THOUGHTS: That’s it from me! Join us next week for the start of round 2 on the best (yup, I said it) TUF season yet!

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