MMATorch Daily Top Five 6/16: Top MMA Quotes of the Week

Brock Lesnar (artist Grant Gould © MMATorch)

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6/16/16: Top Five Quotes of the Week

In our regular Thursday feature, today we list out the most newsworthy, entertaining, or incendiary quotes of the week.

5. Eddie Alvarez on fighting for UFC Title on UFC Fight Pass: “I don’t give a s*** where [this fight takes place]. I don’t care if they even got a ref in there. Where this thing is and when it airs and where it airs, that ain’t got nothing to do with me. I’m getting a world title shot. I’m getting the opportunity to do something that I’ve been fighting 13 years for. I don’t care where they view this or if they view this at all. I couldn’t give two s***s. I just want that title shot.”

4. Dan Henderson on potential title fight with Michael Bisping: “I wasn’t even thinking about it. I start getting texts ‘hey you should fight Bisping again’ and I kind of shrugged it off. It wouldn’t happen but the momentum kind of built and now everybody’s asking about it. Everyone of my fans on my social medial outlets are asking for that fight as well. Who knows it could happen. It’s something I definitely would fight one more time against him for sure, if I got the opportunity I would absolutely fight against him and that would be my last fight for sure. That would definitely be my retirement fight for sure. I think with that being known ahead of time, it just adds to the excitement to the fight and the draw of the fight. Hopefully, they can make that happen.”

3. Daniel Cormier rips Jon Jones’ power: “He cannot punch. He hit me, and I’m like ‘Wow! This is actually him punching me as hard as he can.’ He can’t punch, so he has to throw elbows, kicks, and knees, because he can’t punch. He doesn’t hit very hard, so he has to do something. He does not punch very hard, I’ll be honest with you, man. He kicks very hard, he knees very hard, and he elbows hard, but he can’t punch.”

2. Miesha Tate on absent Ronda Rousey: “She’s at the lowest point of her career. I think she’s second-guessing whether she even wants to be in it… Do I think she’ll come back the same? Something tells me no. Something tells me that she won’t and I think it’s just my take on the interviews that I’ve seen her do. I feel like she’s somewhere else other than fighting. I don’t feel like this is her No. 1 drive or source anymore.”

1. Brock Lesnar on returning to the UFC: “I feel very fortunate that I’m 38 years old, I work for the WWE, and I can step foot back into the Octagon again for the UFC. How many people can do that? I’m one in a million. How many people can pull that off? One in a million. And you’re looking at him. I literally feel like I got beat by diverticulitis. My number one objective is to get in and prove it to myself. I’m not proving it to anybody else. I’m not doing this for fans. If there are fans [who] are excited that I’m doing this? Great. But I’m not doing it for them. I’m doing this for me.”

[Brock Lesnar art by Grant Gould (c)]

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