Luke Rockhold thinks Chris Weidman rematch “might have been easier” than Michael Bisping bout at UFC 199

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

“I think [Weidman] might have been easier, in my opinion. Bisping is just a little bit funner. It’s more tactical. I’m gonna enjoy it more. It’s gonna be funner for the fans. Weidman kind of fights ugly and fights with his balls. Comes forward and might get a little sloppy. I’d pick him off fairly early. I think he overextends… It excites me more. It’s gonna be fun for me. It’s gonna be fun for the fans. I like tactical battles. I like outsmarting him. I like adjusting and making my points. Weidman just kind of fights like an idiot. He just f***ing runs forward and exposes himself and kind of overcommits and relies on his toughness. Bisping tries to make it more tactical and I enjoy that, that process of finding my shots and outdoing him, outsmarting him in the cage and putting him away.”

-Luke Rockhold talks to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour about his UFC 199 opponent switch and why Michael Bisping might actually be a tougher fight for him.

Penick’s Analysis: In all honesty both fights could be relatively easy fights for Rockhold given how both went the first time they happened. Rockhold was better than Weidman in all facets in December in taking that title, even as he looked less than his best. He also demolished Bisping in their first meeting. Sure there can be adjustments made by both challengers into a second fight, but Rockhold at his best is better than both of them. The short notice nature leaves a little question mark in that both are coming in having not been prepping for one another long, but Rockhold’s gotten to this spot for a reason, and it’s highly unlikely he loses that belt on Saturday night.

[Photo (c) Gary A. Vasquez via USA Today Sports]

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