UFC ON FOX 19 LIVE RESULTS: Penick’s round by round report for “Evans vs. Teixeira” event

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

APRIL 16, 2016

The UFC is back on FOX this afternoon with eight fights on network TV, and we’ll have live round by round coverage of the full televised card starting tonight at 6PM ET right here. Additionally, we’ll have quick results and commentary on the UFC Fight Pass prelims as they get underway at 4:30PM ET, so stick with us all day for live coverage of the fights from Tampa!

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=====UFC Fight Pass Prelims=====

– Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos def. Omari Akhmedov via TKO at 3:03 of the third round

Note: Tons of fun as an opener. They had a competitive first ten minutes with some great ground exchanges and sweeps, including a near kimura from the bottom by Akhmedov. Dos Santos then completely took over in the third, and picked Akhmedov apart throughout the round. Akhmedov refused to go down, taking strike after strike against the cage until the referee finally stepped in following a series of knees to the head.

– Cezar Ferreira def. Oluwale Bamgbose via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)

Note: Bamgbose nearly had this finished within three minutes, but Ferreira survived, and took advantage of the exhausted Bamgbose from there to get top position for much of the last two rounds to edge the decision. He didn’t do much with position, but Bamgbose had nothing left to offer after failing to stop the fight.

-John Dodson def. Manvel Gamburyan via TKO at :47 of the first round

Note: Just fantastic work from Dodson. He took a little time closing distance, then in his first combination he rushed in with a few quick jabs, landed three more that forced him down, and then delivered about 10-15 uppercuts in less than ten seconds to force the stoppage. Such fast work, so highly entertaining, and Dodson’s right back in the mix as a relevant name at 135 lbs.

=====Fox Prelims=====

-As the broadcast begins, Michael Graves is already in the cage, and Randy Brown’s on his way out. I like that pacing, let’s keep that up all night tonight.


ROUND ONE: Graves got in with a leg kick. Brown threw out a few short strikes as both judged the distance. Graves then shot in and tried for a takedown at the cage. Graves defended well and landed a couple of hard elbows before spinning him around on the cage. Brown pulled off a nice trip, but Graves popped up. Brown landed some knees to the legs. Graves turned back into him, and they continued jockeying for position on the cage. They were separated, and both missed several strikes. They clinched again, this time with Graves getting Brown to the ground. He tried to stack him up to do some damage, but needed to defend as Brown tried to attack for an arm. He worked well from the top to avoid an armbar, but then had to defend late again as Brown went for a triangle choke. Graves ended the round on top.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Graves. Not much offense from either, but Graves positional edge likely takes it there.

ROUND TWO: Brown closed in, but Graves ducked in nicely, then picked Brown up and put him on the ground. Nice takedown. Graves tried to posture up heavy on Brown to throw a couple elbows. Brown stayed active on his back in order to keep Graves off balance and unable to do much damage. Graves then passed to half guard, but Brown regained guard quickly. Graves landed some short forearm strikes. Graves tried to take Brown’s back in a scramble. He got both hooks in nicely, using some strikes to force Brown to open up. He then quickly locked on a rear naked choke after flattening him out, and forced the quick tap. Really good work from Graves there in that round.

WINNER: Graves via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:31 of the second round

STAR RATING: (**) Really good second round from Graves. What he was trying at first wasn’t working, so he switched the strategy up a bit, took advantage of a couple small openings, and got the submission. Well done.


ROUND ONE: McGee engaged immediately and tried to shoot in, but backed off when it wasn’t there. They reset and McGee scored a few strikes before shooting in again. Again he backed off when it was defended well. They traded jabs. Ponzinibbio landed a hard leg kick that tripped McGee up. Good pace to start. McGee landed a significant combination and drove him to the cage. Ponzinibbio got separation and landed a right hand to the shoulder. Ponzinibbio landed a hard right hand flush and pressed him back. McGee landed a right hand in return. Ponzinibbio landed several more. He landed a hard leg kick with punches behind it, and things were moving his direction. Things slowed a little, but Ponzinibbio continued to stay active. McGee finally returned fire. Both continued finding a home for their strikes, and both of their faces were showing it. Ponzinibbio was getting the best of the mid-round exchanges. Ponzinibbio dropped McGee with a big right hand, then followed up with a big flurry on the cage. McGee got back up to his feet, but got dropped again, and Ponzinibbio continued with his attack and forced the stoppage. Hell of a performance from Ponzinibbio.

WINNER: Ponzinibbio via TKO at 4:15 of the first round

STAR RATING: (***) Really good one round fight. McGee was doing very well in the opening minute or two, but then Ponzinibbio got into a comfortable rhythm and started beating McGee to the punch on every exchange. Great pace start to finish, and a great win for Ponzinibbio, who is now the only person to ever stop McGee in the cage.


ROUND ONE: Slow start. Correia landed the first jab. She caught a kick but didn’t follow with anything. Pennington seemed to be trying to judge the range in the opening minute as she walked Correia down. Correia landed a hard two punch combo. Correia landed a hard counter. Pennington then connected with a big right hand and drove in for the clinch. She didn’t get much working there and then missed an exit strike. Pennington landed a leg kick. Correia came back forward with a few strikes. She stuffed a takedown attempt and landed a couple strikes. Pennington got in her two best strikes of the round as she jumped in with a left, followed by a right hand. Pennington ducked under a strike and landed a hard right hand. Pennington dropped down and shot in but got stuffed. Correia landed a leg kick. Pennington missed a few strikes as she tried to rush in. They clinched at the cage and Correia was the aggressor as Pennington was sporting a cut by her right eye just before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Correia. Could go either way in that one. Pennington had some offense of her own, but was a bit less active overall. Competitive start, still anyone’s fight.

ROUND TWO: They exchanged some heavy strikes early. Pennington landed a big left and avoided the counter. Both landed jabs. Pennington landed a hard leg kick. She ducked under the counter but didn’t get anything going in the clinch. Pennington threw a jump knee but ate a couple strikes. Correia landed two hard strikes in a center clinch. Correia landed some more as Pennington got a bit hesitant on an attempt. Pennington landed a right hand. Pennington connected on a left after missing the right hand. Correia stuffed another clinch to takedown attempt. Both missed a few strikes in the center. Pennington connected on a left hand. They traded some heavy strikes in a clinch, both landing several in that exchange. Pennington landed a hard step-in left hand. Correia grabbed a clinch and drove Pennington to the cage. Pennington eventually got herself turned around, and she landed a few hard elbows and punches. She tried to drop for a takedown, gave it up, then landed a big knee to the body and another right hand to close out the round.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Correia. When Pennington engages she’s doing some significant damage, but she’s been hesitant and seemingly unsure of her attacks through a lot of this fight. She now might need the finish to win.

ROUND THREE: They traded strikes early, both connecting on significant blows. Correia landed a few strikes and Pennington countered well. Correia tried to fight off a clinch with several significant strikes, then turned Correia around at the cage. Correia backed off. Pennington grabbed a thai clinch for knees and Correia swung wildly to get a break. Correia countered a kick with a big right hand. They traded strikes again in the center. Correia landed a right, then Pennington came back in. Correia ducked under a strike but Pennington held off the takedown attempt. Correia held her in the clinch. They traded knees. Pennington landed a solid jab. Both missed a few more strikes. Correia clinched. Pennington got in a couple knees to the body before they broke. Correia grabbed a brief headlock, but Pennington landed a right hand. She got in a leg kick after Correia missed. Pennington shot in late, but Correia held off the attempt. Pennington got in a few strikes, Correia fired back, and they had one last wild exchange to the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Correia? Toss-up round, but Correia was landing more overall in the fight and I think she edged that round slightly. Anything from 30-27 Correia to 29-28 Pennington is possible here. Can’t call robbery either way, I don’t think.

WINNER: Pennington via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

STAR RATING: (**+) Fun, competitive brawl. Only seemingly clear round was second for Correia, but first and third were a toss-up, and some have scored the second for Pennington. Regardless, lots of offense from both, and could have gone either way there.


ROUND ONE: Chiesa circled around the outside early. Dariush landed the first hard strike with a leg kick. He blocked a body kick. Dariush came back ahead with a big kick. He caught Chiesa with a big left hand, but Chiesa recovered well. Dariush landed another hard leg kick. Dariush got in with a kick after being out of range for his strikes. Dariush continued attacking the lead leg well. He landed a left counter after Chiesa missed a strike. Dariush grazed Chiesa with a couple more strikes, then came back ahead with the leg kick. Dariush shot in, but Chiesa stuffed the attempt and drove the clinch to the cage. They battled for position for a bit, and Chiesa finally backed off with a left hand. Chiesa got in a hard left hand in the center. He started pressing forward. Dariush landed a rigth hand. He got in a left, then covered up as Chiesa tried to rush in. Dariush then stuffed a takedown attempt and turned back into Chiesa on the cage. They traded knees to the body before Chiesa backed off. Both missed left hand strikes. Dariush got in a couple knees and an elbow up at the cage. Dariush landed a leg kick. Dariush shot in. Chiesa nearly escaped the attempt, but Dariush wound up on his back to end the round.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Dariush. Good opening round, but Dariush much more active and effective there.

ROUND TWO: Dariush went right back to leg kicks early. He got in a couple strikes along with them, then shot in for a takedown. Chiesa then countered with a takedown of his own. He took Dariush’s back in a scramble! Dariush fought off a choke attempt and got to his feet with Chiesa still on his back. Dariush tried to defend with his chin down, but Chiesa tightened it up even further despite that and forced Dariush to submit on his feet. Wow. Huge, huge win for Chiesa, equally huge loss for Dariush.

WINNER: Chiesa via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:20 of the second round

STAR RATING: (***) Elevated by that finish. Seriously great work from Chiesa in that second round. That choke was on the jaw and he tightened it up even further to force that tap. Awesome highlight, and Chiesa moves himself into the top ten conversation with that win.

-We’ve got ten minutes to kill until the main card, so let’s watch John Dodson destroy Manny Gamburyan again!

=====Fox Main Card=====

-Curt Menefee, Brian Stann, and Dominick Cruz are at the desk to welcome in the main card audience. They always pace these to go to the overrun, so hopefully we can skirt that with some quick finishes tonight. Hopefully…


ROUND ONE: Swanson tried to press forward early. Dias landed a couple of early kicks, but neither was all that active in the first 45 seconds. Dias landed another hard leg kick a minute in. Swanson fired off one of his own. Dias grazed him with a jab. Dias connected to the body with a hard kick. Dias connected on a few strikes as he rushed ahead. Swanson moved back forward himself with a kick and a right hand. Swanson missed a left a short time later. Swanson finally got in his best strike with a hard kick to the mid-section. Dias went back to a couple kicks. Swanson swung wildly, but Dias avoided a couple rush attempts. Dias stretched out and missed a couple in return. Dias connected on a few strikes in combination. Swanson missed several big strikes. Dias landed a counter right as Swanson went to the body, then landed a hard leg kick. He landed another strike and avoided the counter. Swanson got in a strike before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Dias. Swanson just didn’t actually land much of anything, and wasn’t all that active, either.

ROUND TWO: After an early kick exchange, Swanson dropped Dias with a grazing left. He tried to pounce on the ground, but Dias started to get his wits back. Swanson did some damage, then dropped down into his half guard. Dias tried to escape, but Swanson continued to hold him down to land some more strikes. Dias finally got to his feet in a clean break. Swanson moved out of the way of a few strikes. Swanson got in a left. He went back to the body after backing away from a few strikes. Swanson landed a right, then a left behind it. He cracked Dias with the left hook again. Swanson landed inside with a leg kick. Swanson got back with a kick to the lead leg. He landed a hard body strike and tried to stalk. Dias grabbed a brief clinch. Dias connected on a right hand. The crowd booed some of the tentative nature of the last minute. Swanson landed a big kick that dropped Dias but couldn’t keep him there, then he ate a big strike and they both smiled. Swanson got back in to the body with a kick late in the round. They traded strikes, then clinched to the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Swanson. Very good round for Cub. Has to follow up in the third, but he did the most damage in the fight thus far that frame.

ROUND THREE: Swanson pawed out the jab early. Dias landed an inside leg kick. Dias landed a right hand and Swanson countered. Swanson landed a solid left. Dias grabbed for a headlock in a brief clinch, but gave it up and separated with a knee. Swanson landed a punch to the body. They traded punches simultaneously and smiled at one another again. Swanson landed another big left but nearly got tripped with a kick. They traded strikes in the center again. Dias landed another hard strike, but he took the return from Dias as well. Swanson went to the body with a kick. Swanson went for a spinning high kick that missed the mark. Both missed some strikes. They butted heads to bring a brief halt to the action, but quickly restarted. Dias landed a hard kick. He got in a two punch combo. Swanson landed a big right hand. He hurt Dias with a follow up. He dropped Dias with a flush head kick! Dias recovered on the ground. Swanson dropped down with a strike, but Dias was still in it. Ridiculous chin. Dias tried to attack for an arm. Swanson scrambled out and stood above him. He landed a couple kicks, including a spin kick. Swanson dropped in with a few more strikes. He landed a big flurry on the ground, then stood up again and over Dias to end the fight.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Swanson. Arguable 10-8. Not sure how Dias survived that late head kick, that thing landed flush. Regardless, great final ten minutes for Swanson should give him the clear decision win here. Anything else is wrong.

WINNER: Swanson via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

STAR RATING: (**+) Right scores all around. Good fight from the second round on after a tentative opening frame. Swanson needed that performance after his consecutive brutal losses to Frankie Edgar and Max Holloway.


ROUND ONE: Very tentative start. Nurmagomedov barely missed on a winging right. More tentative feeling out. Nurmagomedov landed a leg kick and blocked a strike attempt. Horcher landed a kick of his own. Things remained extremely tense and tentative as neither was looking to engage first. Nurmagomedov feigned a shot but backed out. Horcher landed a couple of punches to the body. Nurmagomedov missed a strike. Then he shot in, picked Horcher up, walked him to the center, and dropped him down into half guard. Horcher tried to lock him down, but Nurmagomedov looked to get hands free to do damage. He got in a few early punches and elbows. Nurmagomedov got to side control and started dropping hard elbows and punches to the head. Horcher covered up a bit but got cut up. Nurmagomedov did more damage, but Horcher got it back to half guard. Nurmagomedov then scrambled to take Horcher’s back. He got a brief mount, then got Horcher’s back again. He landed some more strikes but time ran out in the round.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Nurmagomedov. Close to 10-8 had there been more than two minutes of actual work in the round. What you’d expect once it hit the ground.

ROUND TWO: Nurmagomedov blocked a couple early strikes. He shot in, but Horcher initially stuffed it and landed some solid strikes. Nurmagomedov wouldn’t let him go this time, though, and he scored a great throw to take side control by the cage. Nurmagomedov tried to pass as he continued to stay busy. Horcher got Nurmagomedov to guard. Nurmagomedov passed again, then got into a mounted crucifix and started unloading punches. Horcher tried to buck out, but he kept taking strikes. Nurmagomedov added in some elbows. Horcher escaped the crucifix and rolled to his knees. Nurmagomedov took his back. Horcher covered up. Nurmagomedov continued throwing punches to the head and body while Horcher covered up. Nurmagomedov kept pounding away until the referee finally stepped in.

WINNER: Nurmagomedov via TKO at 3:38 of the second round

STAR RATING: (**) Squash match, but needed for Nurmagomedov after two full years out of action. He needed the in-cage work, he showed how scary he remains on the ground, and now he can move ahead to what should be a title fight later this year.

-We get a “via satellite” interview with Jon Jones and Ovince St. Preux talking to Joe Rogan.


ROUND ONE: Namajunas pawed out a jab early. She connected with a solid left hook. Definite feeling out period began the round. Namajunas landed a solid leg kick, then got in some jabs to the body. Torres landed a good body kick after a right hand. Namajunas rushed in looking for a throw but Torres held it off so she backed out. Torres caught a kick and landed a big right hand. They traded strikes at the cage with Torres getting the best of that exchange. Torres landed a hard leg kick and a few more strikes in another big exchange and Namajunas grabbed a clinch. My feed suddenly went out. When it came back Namajunas was on top in half guard ending the round with a strike.

Penick’s Scorecard: Can’t give accurate round one score without that last two minutes

ROUND TWO: Torres came forward with a couple kicks. Namajunas scored with a right hand. She did a slight taunt, then came in with a front kick. Namajunas seemed much more sure of herself early in the second than in the first. They traded and Torres landed a big combination. Namajunas fired back with a nice right hand. Torres came back forward with some leg kicks. Namajunas landed several big strikes. She tagged Torres with another left as Torres tried to rush in. Namajunas with another big combination. Namajunas countered another kick with a big right hand. She landed a kick of her own. Torres got back in with a leg kick. Namajunas got in a nice side kick to the body. Namajunas slipped and Torres landed a body kick. Torres got in a couple body kicks. Namanuas shot in from across the cage. Torres held it off and turned Namajunas around until a break. Torres landed a short combo and Namajunas fired back. Namajunas landed a body strike. Torres tried to rush late but neither landed anything in that exchange. Torres connected on a couple. Namajunas landed a big combination, then a huge left hand and a couple more strikes late. Wild finish to that frame.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Namajunas. Tons of offense that round. Namajunas got the best of it, but Torres did some considerable work of her own during the round.

ROUND THREE: Torres came straight ahead throwing kicks, but Namajunas did well avoiding them. Torres landed a kick to the leg, then to the body as Namajunas tried to walk her down. Namajunas landed a big right hand over the top. Torres continued using the kicks from the outside. Namajunas landed a jab. Namajunas popped in with a jab to the body, but she was slower in her pace to that point. Torres beat her to the punch in a quick exchange. Namajunas timed a solid jab well. She landed a counter left as Torres rushed in. There were some boos coming down. Both missed wildly in the center. Namajunas got in a jab. She landed a hard right hand. Torres landed a big combination off a clinch. Namajunas missed a flying knee and got countered. Namajunas rushed for a late takedown and completed it. Torres tried to punch from the bottom and get to her feet. Namajunas tried to posture up, but Torres locked her down. Namajunas finally stood to get in a kick, but Torres fired one back herself to end the round.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Torres. Namajunas just didn’t do much of anything that round, and given how the first seemed to be going, this could be another close decision loss for her against Torres.

WINNER: Namajunas via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

STAR RATING: (***-) The second round was excellent, the first and third were real close, and there’s nothing wrong with the decision there. If Rose isn’t getting the next title fight (and she might get the winner of Jedrzejczyk-Gadelha), we should get the rubber match between these two in a five round fight.

-Back to the desk to do more talking and stretch this out much longer than it needs to be. Ugh. Five rounds of Evans-Teixeira at this point could be bad.


ROUND ONE: Teixeira took the center and tried to stalk immediately. Teixeira missed a strike and Evans got in a couple in a clinch. Teixeira backed him up and they traded. Evans clinched up to slow things down. They separated again. Evans blocked a high kick. He landed a jab as Teixeira tried to back him up. Teixeira then rocked Evans with a huge left hand! Evans tried to recover and Teixeira face planted him! Wow. Another big win from Teixeira.

WINNER: Teixeira via KO at 1:48 of the first round

STAR RATING: (**) Not much to it. Teixeira hits hard as all hell, but that’s a real rough loss for Evans. That might be it for him given previous comments about only wanting to fight with the title as his goal.

Thanks for sticking with us tonight, we’ll have lots to follow up with tomorrow and throughout the week as we lead into next weekend’s UFC 197 pay-per-view event!

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