MMATorch Daily Top Five 4/14: Top MMA Quotes of the Week

Demetrious Johnson

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4/14/16: Top Five Quotes of the Week

In our new regular Thursday feature, today we list out the most newsworthy, entertaining, or incendiary quotes of the week.

5. Holly Holm on why Miesha Tate rematch would have been warranted: “It wasn’t like she was just dominating me. I was ahead. I was winning that fight. And yeah, she totally had round two and dominated round two. But in my eyes and I think most people’s eyes, that’s why a rematch made sense. It wasn’t like really one-sided. I felt like I was winning and she came with a submission in the end. I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to see a rematch with something like that.”

4. Junior dos Santos after UFC Fight Night 86 win: “I don’t know whats next, that’s up to the UFC, but I needed this to feel the passion inside my heart again. I gave my all to win the fight. I found that passion tonight and now anything is possible. Write it down, I’m gonna be champion again.”

3. Jon Jones on Daniel Cormier offering to help OSP: “It makes it harder for ‘DC’ to sell that he’s not at least nervous. ‘DC’ can say, ‘I’m not scared. I’m not nervous.’ But when you offer to pay and fly Ovince St. Preux out to train him to beat me, it’s just – he showed his true colors. He showed he is nervous and that if Ovince St. Preux were to win, it would be the greatest day of his life”

2. Rose Namajunas on UFC on Fox 19 opponent Tecia Torres: “It’s not that I’m not a fan of her at all. She’s had some moments but I respect more of the kill or be killed type of mentality. I appreciate the ability to use strategy and use martial arts as a self-defense tactic that Tecia uses as well. There’s skill in that so you’ve got to be able to appreciate it. Is it as exciting? No, I’d probably rather watch Dada 5000 and Kimbo Slice fight, but at the end of the day I can appreciate both.”

1. Flyweight Champ Demetrious Johnson reacts to news that TUF 24 would crown challenger: “That’s super crazy. That’s super odd. That’s kind of f***ed up for all the other guys that have been in the division for a long time. I have to read that again, that’s very odd. I’m confused a little bit, very confused”

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