Frankie Edgar pleads case for UFC Featherweight Title shot: “We’ve seen the Aldo show already”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Frankie Edgar (art credit Grant Gould © MMATorch)

“We’ve seen the Aldo show already. People watch fights because they’re interested in seeing who can win, and they don’t know the outcome. They’ve seen that already… I don’t know if [McGregor] feels more comfortable because he knows he just beat [Aldo] the way he did. I don’t want to say scared, or coward, or whatever, but I just think that I’m the fight that would prove the doubters wrong. Now he has doubters. He always had haters. Now, after a performance like that, he’s going to have even more haters. You want to prove those people wrong? Come in here and beat me. He does that, he’s going to silence those doubters. He goes and beats Aldo, he’s not going to silence anybody. People are still going to question him against me.”

-Frankie Edgar makes his case for the Conor McGregor fight in an interview with

Penick’s Analysis: It’s going to take a little while yet before an official decision is made, but both Edgar and Aldo have compelling arguments for getting the shot. Edgar’s right that he’d be a new face, a new matchup for McGregor, and would help McGregor prove something to people more than a second fight with Aldo would. Of course, if he beats Aldo decisively a second time that puts it to rest, but a win over Edgar would be huge for the Featherweight Champ as well after the loss to Nate Diaz. We’ll find out soon enough which direction they take.

[Frankie Edgar art by Grant Gould (c)]

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