McGregor won’t apologize for taking a shot despite UFC 196 loss: “When the history books are written, I showed up”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Conor McGregor (Photo credit Gary A. Vasquez © USA Today)

Conor McGregor continues to handle his loss to Nate Diaz well, and in a post to Instagram on Sunday after UFC 196, the UFC Featherweight Champion remained unhindered moving forward.

Here’s what he had to say:

I stormed in and put it all on the line. I took a shot and missed.

I will never apologize for taking a shot.

Shit happens.

I’ll take this loss like a man. I will not shy away from it. I will not change who I am. If another champion goes up 2 weights let me know.

If [you’re] tired of me talking money, take a nap.

I’ll still be here when you wake up with the highest PPV and the gate. Still talking multi 7’s.

Thank you to the true support and fuck the hate that came out of the woodwork. I love it all. Its still steak for breakfast.

I’ve been here many times in my life in some form or another. I’ll eat it all and come back stronger.

Aldo you are a pussy. Dos anjos you are a pussy.

When the history books are written, I showed up. You showed up on Twitter.

To the fans! Never ever shy away from challenges. Never run from adversity. Face yourself head on.

Nate I will see you again.

Penick’s Analysis: McGregor’s a “live by the sword, die by the sword” kind of competitor right now, and his reaction to this loss is fantastic. While he lost, and took a significant hit to the goals he was attempting to achieve, the key take away for him is that he was attempting something few had before him. Lofty though his goals may have been, he was taking a shot at all time greatness. Now, the loss highlighted why a fighter like Jon Jones was probably right to not accept a late notice fight no matter the opponent, though McGregor would again argue that regardless of what it meant to his spot he still showed up. Again, he’s willing to take the hits that come along with putting himself in position to be the highest paid guy in the sport, and it’s a mentality that could keep him strong moving forward once he returns to featherweight. Handling this the way he has could mean McGregor doesn’t wind up losing as much in fan support and star power as it may have seemed right after the loss, because it’s an admirable take and will likely endear him to people further. Now it will be important for him to follow up with a strong return to featherweight, and he can restart the train from there.

[Photo (c) Gary A. Vasquez via USA Today Sports]

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