UFC 196 LIVE RESULTS: Penick’s round by round report for “McGregor vs. Diaz” event

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

UFC 196
MARCH 5, 2016

Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor steps into the cage for a welterweight fight tonight with Nate Diaz, while Women’s Bantamweight Champ Holly Holm puts her belt on the line against Miesha Tate to set up the rematch with Ronda Rousey later in the year. It’s going to be a big business night for the UFC, and we’ll have live round by round coverage of tonight’s televised fights beginning with the Fox Sports 1 prelims at 8PM ET. We’ll also have quick results and commentary on tonight’s UFC Fight Pass prelims, which kick off at 6:30PM ET, so make sure to follow along with us throughout the night!

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=====UFC Fight Pass Prelims Quick Results=====

-Teruto Ishihara def. Julian Erosa via KO at :34 of the second round

Note: Really impressive debut from the Japanese featherweight. Despite being the shorter fighter, Ishihara just picked Erosa apart from the beginning of the fight, and he dropped him early in the second with a perfect counter left as he was backing up. He followed up with some hammer fists and had a great post-fight interview, where he was clearly ecstatic, and had learned one English phrase to say himself: “I love you, my bitches!”

-Jason Saggo def. Justin Salas via TKO at 4:31 of the first round

Note: Great ground work from Saggo. He got taken down, used an omoplata to sweep on top in fantastic fashion, and eventually got to back mount where he flattened Salas out and threw punch after punch until the referee had to step in. Nice work.

-Diego Sanchez def. Jim Miller via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Note: Miller had the most significant offense throughout the fight, but he faded in the third, allowing Diaz to do his push-forward-and-throw-strikes-while-missing thing that puts judges in his favor. He’d also allowed himself to get backed up to the cage and controlled in the first, so while it’s a disappointing result for Miller, this was far from past Sanchez robberies.

=====Fox Sports 1 Prelims=====

-After an intro from Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan, we shift quickly to the video package for our first prelim fight of the night.


ROUND ONE: Skelly worked from the outside as Elkins looked to engage. They swung wildly in a sloppy exchange in the center, with Skelly getting the better of the exchange. They traded a few more strikes before Elkins grabbed a clinch and drove Skelly to the cage. He held him there a short time before Skelly got separation. He landed a nice jab. He hurt Elkins with a huge combination as Elkins pressed in, but Elkins grabbed a clinch to slow things down. Elkins managed to score a trip. Skelly attacked for a heel hook, but Elkins got loose. Elkins continued to defend to land strikes, and eventually got out and up. He grabbed a head lock and landed a few knees to the head as Skelly got up. Skelly separated with an elbow. They traded in the center wildly again. Elkins got in a few strikes in succession in the clinch. Skelly connected on a right hand. They clinched again and Skelly drove Elkins to the cage. They traded knees to the body. More wild swinging from both after separating, but neither landed. Elkins got another clinch and added a couple knees late to end the round.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Skelly? Toss up, could go either way and I think there’d be a fair argument for both scores or a 10-10.

ROUND TWO: Skelly landed a left hook right off the bat as Elkins came in. They traded some strikes. More missed strikes and it was back to a clinch. The fight hit the ground. Skelly tried to sneak behind Elkins to take his back, but Elkins scrambled and got in Skelly’s guard. Elkins landed some strikes. Skelly tried to attack a leg, but didn’t have it. Elkins started landing strikes and stayed heavy on him as Skelly tried to get to his feet. Skelly stood stuck up against the cage as Elkins continued to attack with punches and knees. He turned into Skelly and scored a second takedown, winding up in half guard. Elkins landed a bunch of strikes and continued to stay active on top. Elkins tried to set up for an arm triangle, but Skelly avoided it. Elkins continued to work from the top, though he got cut open by an elbow from the bottom before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Elkins. Close to a 10-8. Skelly did almost nothing as Elkins had tons of control and offense.

ROUND THREE: Elkins pressed forward. He landed a hard body kick. They clinched and Elkins snuck behind him to take his back standing. Skelly avoided the takedown, but Elkins stayed on him against the cage. Skelly just looked drained, and Elkins took him down yet again. He started throwing punches and elbows from half guard. Skelly continued trying to defend, but as he tried to get to his feet Elkins took his back. Skelly managed to scramble out and got back to his feet. Skelly was breathing heavily, but started pressing forward. He landed a few strikes, but Elkins tagged him with a few hard punches of his own. Elkins got in a body kick, chased Skelly down to the cage, picked him up, and dropped him. He got his back and tried to attack for a choke, but Skelly had his chin tucked and he worked back to his feet. Skelly went for a takedown of his own, but Elkins shut it down, landing a knee on the way up from the sprawl. Skelly pressed ahead, but Elkins again held off the takedown attempt easily at the cage. They separated again, and Skelly plodded forward late. Elkins cracked him with a few more strikes late before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Elkins. Another clear round, as Skelly just had nothing left in the tank. Really solid performance from Elkins in this one.

WINNER: Elkins via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-27, 30-26)

STAR RATING: (**) Good victory for Elkins, and definitely one of his best performances in the UFC. Looks like he got 10-8 scores in that second round from two judges. Certainly reasonable.



ROUND ONE: Guimaraes rushed in immediately to clinch and drive the fight to the cage. Miranda held off the takedown attempt, but Guimaraes continued to stay on the attack. Miranda landed a few elbows and sprawled, but Guimaraes stayed on him and managed to briefly get him down. He landed a knee to the body as Miranda got himself back upright. They were finally separated. Miranda peppered Guimaraes with a few jabs. He got in a kick, then another jab and got countered. Guimaraes pressed in with a couple leg kicks. Miranda fired off a body kick. Guimaraes rushed in with wild strikes in order to clinch again. Miranda did a good job stuffing the attempt. Again he wasn’t advancing, and Miranda landed a series of hard elbows that forced Guimaraes to scramble to stay on the clinch. Miranda again went back to the elbows as Guimares was simply wall and stalling. Miranda landed a real nice combination as they reset. He got in a few jabs. Guimaraes threw some leg kicks. Miranda got in a combination again. Guimaraes landed a leg kick of his own before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Miranda. Guimaraes wall and stalling with little offense shouldn’t win him the round.

ROUND TWO: Guimaraes tried to pressure in early, throwing wildly so he could get into the clinch. Miranda continued to block the attempt. He got in a huge knee in a muay thai clinch. He hurt Guimaraes badly with a series of elbows while blocking the takedown attempt. Guimaraes looked like he dropped, and Miranda got separation. Guimaraes was wobbled as they reset, and Miranda landed a head kick, followed by a few strikes that forced the ref to call it off before Guimaraes stumbled aside to the ground. Good offensive defense from Miranda.

WINNER: Miranda via TKO at 1:09 of the second round

STAR RATING: (**+) Great work from Miranda in that finish. The elbows were brutal, and all legal strikes to the ear, and head kick with strikes behind it to close out was excellent.



ROUND ONE: Taleb opened with a leg kick from the center. Very methodical opening minute, neither doing a whole lot. Silva pressed in with a front kick to the body. Taleb landed a nice kick to the body as Silva connected on a counter-strike. Silva landed a hard kick to the outside of the lead leg. Taleb’s ankle gave out on him a couple times after that kick, and Silva tried to press in to attack. Taleb’s leg seemed to recover a bit and he pressed back ahead. He threw a kick high that was partially blocked. Silva landed a kick, but Taleb caught it and threw him down. Silva smiled as he got up and put his hand out to touch gloves, immediately throwing a strike afterward to a big reaction. They traded strikes. Silva wildly missed a big kick and a winging right hand. Silva went back to the lead leg. Silva wildly shot in late and got stuffed.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Taleb. Silva had some offense, and the leg kick damaged Taleb’s lead leg, but Taleb threw more meaningful strikes overall.

ROUND TWO: Taleb worked the leg kicks himself early on. Silva continued working them himself. Taleb landed a few huge combinations with kicks and punches, countering Silva. He caught a front kick, then knocked Silva out with a straight right! Silva went down and out, and Taleb followed with one more for the finish. That was an incredible sequence.

WINNER: Taleb via KO at 1:34 of the second round

STAR RATING: (**+) All for that finish. Must-see highlight after some great work from Taleb throughout that second round.



ROUND ONE: Thatch circled on the outside and threw out an inside leg kick. He got in to the body and avoided a counter. He landed another leg kick and again got free. Bahadurzada continued trying to attack as Thatch managed to get away. Bahadurzada then finally got in close enough to get in a few strikes, but again Thatch circled out. Bahadurzada got in a huge flurry of knees and punches in a clinch. Thatch looked hurt, but fired off a big strike of his own. Thatch landed a spinning elbow, then they traded strikes in the clinch again. Thatch got another knee in off a thai clinch, then grabbed a body lock and scored a takedown. Bahadurzada scrambled out and got on top. Thatch tried to attack for a triangle, but Bahadurzada got out. Thatch got his back to the cage, but Bahadurzada kept him down and landed several strikes. Thatch finally got to his feet at the horn. Wild round.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Bahadurzada. Maybe. Thatch has an argument for it. When they were exchanging there were some great moments for both, but I think Bahadurzada had a bit more success overall.

ROUND TWO: Thatch came out firing, and hurt Bahadurzada with the opening flurry, but Bahadurzada managed to get him to the ground. Thatch tried to defend off his back, but Bahadurzada landed several strikes. THings slowed and they were stood up. Thatch landed a hard right hand. He pressed Bahadurzada back, but Bahadurzada landed several knees and uppercuts before turning into him with a takedown. Thatch locked him up, ate a few strikes, and attacked for an armbar, but lost it. Bahadurzada wasn’t connecting on a ton, but continued to periodically throw down strikes. He ended the round on top.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Bahadurzada. Thatch did more damage on the feet, but got planted and kept on his back for most of the round.

ROUND THREE: Thatch pressed ahead with a few strikes, but Bahadurzada landed a right. Bahadurzada landed a big right hand counter again. He hurt Thatch and drove him to the ground, landing several strikes as Thatch tried to cover up. Bahadurzada stayed busy enough to keep Thatch down, but he slowed down considerably himself. That continued to slow down and they were stood up. Thatch moved forward, but Bahadurzada moved well enough to avoid him. Then he shot in and scored an easy takedown. He postured up with a few strikes. Bahadurzada went for an arm triangle choke, passed easily to side control, and forced the exhausted Thatch to tap.

WINNER: Bahadurzada via submission (arm triangle choke) at 4:11 of the third round

STAR RATING: (**) There were some fun moments in that fight, but a lot of duller action between two tired guys. Nice performance from Bahadurzada either way after so long out, while it’s unfortunate for Thatch that he’s probably out of the UFC after facing several tough opponents in a row.

=====Pay-Per-View Main Card=====

-The DMX narrated video package opened things up, with Goldie and Rogan then welcoming fans to the broadcast. Also of note, that narrated package completely replaced the typical pay-per-view opening. NO FACE THE PAIN! It’s about time. Let’s keep that going.


ROUND ONE: Slow start, neither engaging until Nunes threw a body kick a minute in. Shevchenko landed a nice leg kick and was out of range for the counter. Nunes went high with a kick but it landed awkwardly and not right on. She missed a few more as she rushed ahead. Nunes landed a hard outside leg kick. Nunes got in a nice punch to the body, then another leg kick. Nunes got in a nice inside leg kick with a right hand behind it. Things slowed down quite a bit in the latter half of the round. The crowd got a little restless at the inactivity. Shevchenko missed on a strike. Nunes scored a few strikes and then scored a takedown. She got in an elbow, but Shevchenko did a solid job holding her down. Shevchenko almost pulled off a sweep but got taken back down at the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Nunes. Not a ton to the round, but Nunes did much more than Shevchenko.

ROUND TWO: Nunes landed a series of leg kicks early before getting Shevchenko to the ground. She started battering Shevchenko with punches and elbows, doing serious damage to her face and bloodying her up with ground and pound. This continued for the next couple minutes, with Nunes countering a scramble to stay on top. She passed to side control, then passed for a mount and got Shevchenko’s back. She locked on a rear naked choke that was more on the chin. She tried to finish it as a neck crank, but Shevchenko survived and turned into her, ending up on top. Nunes looked to be setting up a triangle as the horn sounded.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-8 Nunes. Complete domination, and she was very close to finishing that fight there late.

ROUND THREE: Nunes got in close to shoot in. Shevchenko landed a hard knee, then a big short elbow. Nunes went for a throw, but wound up getting countered and put on her back instead with Shevchenko in side control. She landed some strikes, went for a mounted crucifix, and then attacked for an Americana. She lost it, then Nunes got free, kicked her off, and got to her feet. Shevchenko got in with a right hand. Nunes pressed ahead again, then ate a few more knees. Shevchenko pressed ahead. She got a head lock and landed some strikes. Nunes put a hand down to avoid the knee. Nunes missed a few strikes. Nunes landed an outside kick, but she was moving much slower, clearly affected by Shevchenko’s work in the round. Shevchenko connected on another knee in close, then another to the body after a brief clinch. Nunes landed another inside leg kick. Shevchenko got in a body kick, then Nunes landed a right hand. Nunes went for a late takedown, but got pulled down to a faceplant late before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Shevchenko. Good finish from the underdog, but not enough to take this decision.

WINNER: Nunes via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-27)

STAR RATING: (**) Nunes had a very good ten minutes, but she faded again late, something that’s happened often in her fights when she fails to get a finish. Still, she had an extremely strong second round, and it’s good to see a couple more 10-8s handed out on this card.



ROUND ONE: Lawlor pressed forward and tried to walk Anderson down. Anderson landed an inside leg kick. Lawlor hurt Anderson with a flurry at the cage and Anderson was wobbly. He seemed to recover a little bit. Lawlor tossed out another combination, but Anderson fired back a few strikes. Anderson tried to shoot in but got stuffed quickly. Both missed a couple of strikes in close. Anderson landed an inside leg kick and Lawlor needed to regain his balance. Both missed again. Anderson got in a couple jabs. He landed a right hand shortly thereafter. Lawlor got in a right hand, then a left. Lawlor landed another right hook. Anderson connected on a big right hand of his own, his best strike of the fight. Both slowed their output a bit. Anderson got in a right hand. Anderson landed an inside leg kick, but ate a big left hand in response just before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Lawlor. Strong opening frame for Lawlor, who had Anderson hurt badly a few times there. He was a bit too patient at times, but he still won the round clearly.

ROUND TWO: Lawlor scored a trip takedown quick, but let Anderson up. He came ahead and connected on a few strikes. They connected simultaneously. Lawlor landed a big left hand. Anderson landed a right hand. Both continued to step back and take some breaks before engaging, as there have been several moments of inactivity before quick bursts. Anderson landed an inside leg kick. He tossed out a straight right. Lawlor missed an uppercut and got countered. They traded punches. Lawlor pressed in and they traded, with Lawlor getting the best of it with a left hand. Lawlor kept trying to move forward. He got in a few strikes. Anderson popped back with two jabs. Lawlor timed a nice knee as Anderson stepped. Lawlor pressed late with a flurry and Anderson countered. Lawlor got another knee in to the body late.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Lawlor. Anderson had more offense that round than the first, but Lawlor still had a bit more activity overall.

ROUND THREE: Anderson connected on an inside leg kick. He landed a jab as Lawlor moved in. They traded right hands. Anderson fired off another right. Anderson shot in and scored the takedown into side control. Lawlor tried to scramble up, managing to get Anderson into half guard. Anderson got in a few elbows. Lawlor locked him down a bit, but Anderson got in some punches. Lawlor continued to lock him down from the bottom, trying to get a stand up. Anderson landed some short strikes to hold position. They were finally stood up with just over a minute left. Anderson landed a couple leg kicks. No urgency from either fighter late. Anderson landed one more right hand before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Anderson. Not much to the round at all, but Anderson’s top control and minor ground and pound does it. Comes down to how the second round was scored.

WINNER: Anderson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

STAR RATING: (*) 30-27 Anderson is an absolutely indefensible scorecard. That’s just terrible. He nearly got stopped in the first round, and Lawlor had a ton more offense. 29-28 Anderson is fine because the second round was close, but wow.



ROUND ONE: Villante pressed ahead with several kicks. Latifi shot in, ate a leg kick, and drove Villante to the cage in the clinch. Villante stuffed the initial takedown attempt. Latifi threw a strike as they broke, and Villante started moving back in. He landed a few more leg kicks from range. Latifi caught a kick and landed a hard left. He closed the distance, but instead of following up he went for a single leg takedown. That got stuffed, but did give Villante time to recover. Villante got in a knee, then Latifi separated with a few strikes. Latifi scored a side kick to the leg. He clinched again, getting nowhere on the cage. Villante separated again. Latifi landed a few hard strikes, but only grazed Villante with a couple others as he drove in for another clinch. He landed a hard body punch. Latifi landed another body punch. Villante landed a hard leg kick. He pressed in late with a high kick but it was blocked.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Latifi. Villante had some significant offense with the kicks, but Latifi did a bit more overall. Close round, though.

ROUND TWO: Villante threw out more kicks. Latifi got in one hard to the lead leg. Latifi landed a hard left hand. Latifi caught a kick, took Villante’s back standing, then suplexed him and took his back. Villante nicely escaped and scrambled to his feet. Villante pressed in, but Latifi sent him back with a few strikes. He landed a strike and shot in. Villante initially stuffed it on the cage, and Latifi threw a right hand to separate. They traded strikes. Latifi landed a nice spinning back kick to the body. He threw another one that landed. Villante pushed in with a left hand. The crowd got a bit restless. This undercard hasn’t been good. Latifi shot in again and got stuffed. Latifi finally scored another takedown, though Villante quickly got up.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Latifi. Not much to this fight right now, but Latifi’s doing more overall.

ROUND THREE: Villante again pressed forward and tossed out a kick. Latifi continued to press in for the clinch, but couldn’t get it down. Very little happening in this round. Villante landed a hard right hand with about two minutes left. Latifi finally landed a huge left hand that stunned Villante, but he again didn’t follow up with anything. Latifi landed a right. Villante got in a body kick. Latifi landed another left. Villante missed a big right hand. Latifi shot in and scored a takedown despite Villante holding the fence. Villante got out, took his back standing, and nearly dragged him down before the horn. Bad, bad fight.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Latifi. Just enough to win a terrible fight.

WINNER: Latifi via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

STAR RATING: (*-) Bad, dull fight. Best to forget it quickly.



ROUND ONE: Both tried to set up a range, tossing out lead kicks to figure out the range. Holm got in a push kick to the lead leg. Very slow start, lots of feints. Holm got in a side kick after Tate connected on a jab. Tate caught a kick, then landed a nice left hand as she let go of the takedown attempt. Holm stepped in with a good left hand. Holm landed a nice combination and pushed Tate back. Holm landed a kick to the leg. She got in a nice straight punch. Holm got in another left after another break in the action. Tate’s face was starting to get marked up a bit by the left cheek/eye area. Holm got in a nice combination ending with a side kick to the body. Tate got in a solid left hand. Tate connected on another good left in an exchange. Holm went high with a kick but Tate blocked it. Holm landed another side kick to the body. Tate pressed in late but didn’t throw anything.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Holm. Tate’s competitive here, but Holm was more active overall and scored with more strikes.

ROUND TWO: Some early exchanges similar to the first round, then Tate timed a takedown well and got the champ to the ground. She got into half guard and threw down some strikes. Tate worked well with her ground and pound, getting in punches and elbows to the body. Holm tried to get herself to the cage, but Holm continued to work well from top position. Tate landed a big elbow from the top. Tate landed another one right to the forehead. Holm tried to scramble but Tate took her back and got both hooks in. Tate locked on a rear naked choke but it wasn’t under the chin. Nice defense from Holm there. She attacked for it again! Holm defended again, breaking free of the hold entirely and surviving the round. Wow.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Tate. Close to 10-8 especially with those close sub attempts. Huge round for the challenger. Holm looked almost lost on the ground.

ROUND THREE: Holm looked a little more apprehensive as Tate moved forward. Holm got in a couple short strikes, but both were real tentative early on. Tate got in a body kick, but ate a hard counter right hand. Tate nearly timed another takedown well, but she didn’t have the leverage and let it go right away. Holm went high with a kick and it was blocked. She missed a hook kick attempt right after that. Holm landed a nice jab. Tate got in a jab after taking a kick. Holm landed a nice two-punch combo. Holm landed a front kick to the leg. Back to the jab. They traded strikes, and Holm ended with a side kick to the body. Tate shot in but got stuffed. Holm had another high kick blocked late.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Holm. Could be even if Tate got a 10-8 in that second round (and seeming more like in retrospect that’s the right score), but Holm had a decent response there. Still anyone’s fight here.

ROUND FOUR: They traded strikes about 40 seconds in. Tate caught a kick and grabbed a clinch, but Holm turned her around and landed a knee. They traded knees. Holm feinted to test Tate’s reaction a bit. She missed a front kick to the face, with Tate just out of range. Lots of inactivity in this frame. Holm landed the side kick. Tate connected on a left. Tate shot again, but Holm sprawled and stuffed it well. She landed some short strikes on the ground, then landed a right hand to separate as they popped back up. Holm landed a right hand. Holm landed another nice right. Holm landed a front kick, then connected on a few more strikes. Holm landed another good side kick to the body before the horn.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 Holm. Not much to the first few minutes that round, but Holm turned it on in the last two minutes. Tate needs to finish or hope she got a 10-8 in the second to fight for a win/draw here.

ROUND FIVE: Holm landed a few strikes early with a couple kicks. She got in a short combination. Tate shot in again, but Holm stuffed it and they clinched. Holm got herself separated again. Tate got in a good push kick as Holm moved ahead. Holm landed a few strikes and had a high kick blocked. Tate rushed in, ate a side kick, then landed a left of her own. Holm landed a left. Holm landed a left. Tate shot in again and snuck behind Holm as she got her down. She went for the choke! Holm tried to get out and stood. Tate locked it on tight! Holm tried to shake her off, but Tate held on, and Holm went out cold! Incredible. That’s an insane finish from Miesha Tate.

WINNER: Tate via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:30 of the fifth round

STAR RATING: (****) All for the finish. Absolutely incredible. That was an unbelievable submission from Tate when she was a minute and a half away from losing that decision. This just completely shakes things up as far as what happens for Ronda Rousey’s return, and what they do here with Holm. If Rousey’s not back for UFC 200 in a fast track to fight Tate instead, you do Holm-Tate II on that show with the winner then fighting Rousey in the fall. Maybe. Who knows. Craziness.



Herb Dean: “Touch gloves.” Get outta here, Herb.

ROUND ONE: McGregor switched up his stance a bit. He landed a right hand. He continued switching his stances. He landed a left hand and backed Diaz up. He missed a spin kick and they clinched. Diaz’s height very apparent here. He turned McGregor around, but McGregor backed out. Diaz landed a jab. McGregor landed a left hand. Diaz got in a jab. McGregor landed the left hand again. McGregor again connected on the left hand. He connected on a combination. Diaz got in a jab to the body. He avoided a few punches and started landing some jabs. They traded leg kicks. McGregor went to the wheel kick. He cracked Diaz with an uppercut. Diaz got in a strike and McGregor jawed at him. He landed an uppercut. Jab from Diaz. They traded strikes. McGregor landed another left hand. McGregor cracked him with another big left. Diaz landed a jab but McGregor walked through it. He landed a body punch. Diaz was bleeding from the right eye badly. McGreogr landed a nasty side kick to the lead leg. McGregor landed a huge combination. Diaz got in a couple strikes. McGregor continued continued messing up Diaz’s face. They were jawing back and forth. Diaz caught a kick and put McGregor on the ground, but McGregor pulled off a fantastic foot sweep to get on top. He postured up and landed some strikes as Diaz threw his legs up. McGregor ended the round on top.

Penick’s Scorecard: 10-9 McGregor. He said he was going to toy with Nate in the first round, and he kind of did.

ROUND TWO: McGregor went for the spinning kick to the body. They traded kicks to the lead leg. McGregor missed the spin kick again. He landed a hard left to the body. He got in another combination. McGregor landed another big left as he backed Diaz up. He cracked him again. He’s landed that left almost every time he’s thrown it. He avoided a strike and landed a big combination. Diaz clinched, but McGreogr got free. Diaz’s face was a mess. He landed a right, but McGregor returned fire. McGregor again continued landing, though Diaz fired back with a few combinations. McGregor smiled after Diaz slapped him. Diaz landed a right hand. McGregor got in a knee. Diaz landed a left, then a right. McGregor popped Diaz’s head back with an uppercut. McGregor landed several big strikes. Diaz rocked McGregor with a combination. He pressed in as McGregor was a bit wobbly. This is getting nuts. They continued trading. McGregor was nodding along, but Diaz continued coming in and started landing a big flurry of strikes. Diaz landed a ton of strikes in the clinch. He backed off. He landed another left. McGregor fired off another big combination. They both hurt each other. McGregor shot in! Diaz went for a guillotine! McGregor got out, but Diaz got on top of him. He was in mount! McGregor gave up his back, and Diaz landed a bunch of strikes and slipped in the rear naked choke! MCGREGOR TAPS! WHAT A FREAKING FIGHT!

WINNER: Diaz via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:12 of the second round

STAR RATING: (****+) That was amazing. That second round was honestly unbelievable. Such a fascinating round. McGregor was lighting Diaz up throughout the first seven minutes of that fight, but his power wasn’t what it was at featherweight, and Diaz cracked him and took control. That McGregor shot in and initiated that takedown showed his desperation, and Diaz is far too dangerous there. After a really bad undercard, those two main event finishes were amazing, and completely blow up the UFC’s plans for 2016 and UFC 200.

Thanks for joining us here tonight! We’ll have so much to react to in the coming days, so stick with us at MMATorch as we break it all down!

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  1. Congrats Miesha! Great fight, beautiful finish, so deserved. Dana White must be really pissed now, I wonder if he still thinks Miesha should just go and retire? Arrogance and relying on the golden girl Rousey has come right back and bit White in the ass. Women’s bantamweight division has been so exciting these last few months.

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