Jose Aldo disappointed in himself over Conor McGregor loss at UFC 194: “I couldn’t lose that day”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Jose Aldo

“That was the thing that hurt he most, for sure. Everyone who knows me, my family, my friends at the gym, they knew that I always said I would lose one day and I would accept my defeat, but not to that guy, because of the proportion things took. It hurt more because of that. I could have lost to Frankie Edgar or Chad Mendes who I fought really hard against, or any other athlete, really. I was disappointed in myself, I couldn’t lose that day… I have one thing in my mind. He’ll be here a while and I work for the UFC, we have a contract. The world will keep turning and sooner or later he will be in front of me again and then I’ll run over him.”

-Jose Aldo talks to Combate in Brazil about how much it hurt him to lose to, of all people, Conor McGregor at UFC 194 (translated by Lucas Rezende at

Penick’s Analysis: It was, without question, the worst possible outcome for Aldo at UFC 194. He needed that win more than any other in his career, and in losing the fight the way he did he lost all power to McGregor. He has no say in when that rematch will happen. He has no further argument of superiority over the Irishman. He is left waiting for McGregor and the UFC to determine when and where he can get an opportunity to avenge the defeat. It’s a bad spot for him to be in into 2016, and with his stance on not taking any other fight without it being for the title, that could keep him on the sidelines indefinitely.

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