Jon Jones suggests UFC return bout coming to New York City on April 23

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Jon Jones is suggesting his return to the Octagon will be coming in New York City, commenting in a new private Instagram post that his next fight is coming on April 23.

Jones posted side to side pictures of himself, one from two years ago, one from this week, showing the lean muscle he’s been adding during his time off, and the former champ appears ripped and ready for his return bout. (Screenshot via RedditMMA):

Jones instagram large

Jones is expected to face Daniel Cormier for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship – a title that was stripped from him earlier this year – in that return.

Penick’s Analysis: Obviously April 23 is the date the UFC previously announced for their attempt to run Madison Square Garden in New York City, and it’s not surprising that the UFC would target that date for this fight. However, Cormier has said that he wasn’t going to fight Jones in New York because he didn’t want Jones having any sort of positive edge in his return after his actions earlier this year. Of course, money talks, and if it’s the date the UFC wants for the fight, it’s likely the date it’s going to happen. If the New York City event comes to fruition, it’ll have quite the intrigue in Jones return. As for his new physique, I don’t envy any man readying to step into a cage with him.

[Jon Jones art by Grant Gould (c)]

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