UFC 193: Ronda Rousey transported to hospital after KO loss, Dana White says she’s “physically OK”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Ronda Rousey (photo credit Jason da Silva © USA Today Sports)

Ronda Rousey won’t be making any statements about her loss to Holly Holm tonight, as she was transported to the hospital following the head kick KO at UFC 193.

UFC President Dana White updated her status during interviews on ESPN and Fox Sports 1, and said while Rousey was clearly “devastated,” she was “physically OK.”

“Her lip is split, and they’re gonna have to put some stitches in it, but other than that, she’s good,” White said. “Her mouth was open in the first minute in a half of the first round and I thought she broke her jaw or her nose or something, but it’s not. She’s good.”

Penick’s Analysis: There’s so much to take in on what we saw tonight. Rousey seemed off her game from the very first hard left hand that landed from Holm, and she never really got back into things. She was chasing, she was leaving her hands down, and she was, for the most part, getting picked apart. Holm took a few licks herself, as Rousey connected on some significant strikes late in the first, but this was the Holm show, and she pulled off a fantastic victory. A rematch at UFC 200 makes sense, but I think we’ll wind up seeing Holm defend the title against someone else beforehand while Rousey handles her other commitments. It’s good that there doesn’t seem to be much further damage after such a devastating finish, and next we’ll need to see what Rousey has in her as far as coming back from something like this. We’re in uncharted territory here, and there’s no clear path ahead.

[Photo (c) Jason da Silva via USA Today Sports]

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