Holly Holm would “love to fight sooner than later,” but open to whatever UFC is planning

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

(Matt Roberts) USA TODAY

“I would love to fight sooner than later but that’s because I like to be an active fighter. It’s nice to have a little time off but then I start to feel like now what’s my purpose? I need to strive for something. I want to have a goal… I would love to be able to have a fight sooner than later but whatever opportunities comes and the UFC presents is what I’m going to go with.”

-Holly Holm talks to FoxSports.com about why she’d like to fight soon, but why she’s open to waiting for whatever the UFC has in store.

Penick’s Analysis: Holm fighting someone like Miesha Tate could be a sellable fight early in 2016 if the UFC wishes to oblige her desire to fight sooner. Of course, risking her losing and potentially missing out on the Ronda Rousey rematch for UFC 200 may not be something they’re inclined to do. There’s a lot of money in that rematch, especially if it does indeed happen at UFC 200 in Las Vegas next July. It has the potential to be massive, so putting Holm in with anyone before then doesn’t seem like the best idea. Still, Holm wants to be a fighting champion, and though she’s obviously happy to roll with whatever is coming, she feels she can take on anyone at any time.

[Photo (c) Roberts via USA Today Sports]

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