Joseph Duffy “absolutely gutted” at UFC Fight Night 76 removal, Dustin Poirier hopes to get bout rescheduled

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Joseph Duffy and Dustin Poirier have both weighed in on their UFC Fight Night 76 main event being scrapped, with Duffy in particular obviously being distraught after getting removed from his first UFC main event in his home country.

Duffy suffered a concussion in training this week, and he could only apologize to all involved for not being able to compete on Saturday’s card.

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As for Poirier, he’s hoping to get the fight rescheduled by UFC 195 in Las Vegas on Jan. 2.

Norman Parke, who competes on the card in a fight against Reza Madadi, said he was approached with an offer to step in against Poirier, but that Poirier turned the bout down. For Poirier, it was a decision that made the most sense to him and his team.

Penick’s Analysis: I’m never going to criticize a fighter for not taking a last minute booking. Sometimes it’s crazy and entertaining when it happens, but it’s not always advisable, especially in a spot like this for Poirier. He’s been training for a specific opponent, and to throw it all out and risk his spot against a guy like Parke who is capable of slowing things down in ugly fashion to grind out a win, there’s no upside. It wouldn’t have been a better main event, and it wouldn’t have done much to “save” this card, so Poirier made the right call. This is obviously among the worst scenarios the UFC could have expected to find themselves in, but given it’s an event airing on UFC Fight Pass, they’re moving forward with the card and not needing to scrap it entirely.

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