Cruz on Dillashaw’s preparations: “They study me and think they see flaws, but they are just walking into a trap”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

“What I’ll enjoy most is the shock on their faces after I beat him. They look at me, my fights and they think they’ve figured me out. They think they have emulated me and that they see holes in my game. They have no idea. They see the switching of stances, the moving this way, or that way, and they think they see holes. What they don’t know is that there’s a reason for everything that I do. They are supposed to be able to read it. I leave certain things out there for them to grab onto, and they are a trap. They study me and think they see flaws, but they are just walking into a trap… They have not fixed things, they’ve just covered them up. There are specific things that I know Ludwig can’t see. He’s a kickboxer, not an MMA fighter. There are things I see in Dillashaw that they don’t. No one sees the sport the way I do. I break down fights differently.”

-Dominick Cruz talks to about his return fight with T.J. Dillashaw, and why he doesn’t think Dillashaw’s camp actually has any idea what they’re in for on Jan. 17.

Penick’s Analysis: What’s so fascinating about this particular fight is just how cerebral Cruz is, and how much he makes you believe what he’s saying. He’s been a great analyst to date, and he is very good at breaking down what others are doing in this sport. He believes he knows more than Dillashaw’s team, and he makes you believe that he does. Now, that might not be the case, and Dillashaw has looked so great in his two fights against Renan Barao that he may just be even better than a Dominick Cruz who has fought just once in four years. We’re going to find out in January, and that fight can’t get here soon enough.

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