3 Fights To Watch 1-20-24

UFC 297

Raquel Pennington vs Mayra Bueno Silva

10 decisions! Can Raquel Pennington do something worth a damn for once in her career or just be a stepping stone? She has a 5 fight win streak but has lost to every champion she has ever faced accept one of the times she fought Andrade which is clearly the exception, not the rule. Another positive note is that 6 of her 8 losses are by decision so she hardly ever gets finished. She hardly ever finishes anyone as well so the fights are just long, with a flat ending. 7 subs for Mayra makes this fight as interesting as its going to be. I’m hoping Mayra finishes Pennington, proving Sean Strickland wrong about women’s MMA.

Arnold Allen vs Movsar Evloev

There’s been lots of talk about Arnold Allen but Evloev has zero losses, not a lot of impressive wins but still not one defeat. A loss here to a semi big name like Allen and Movsar will never see a title shot because most of his wins are via decision. He just doesn’t have the resume of finishes he would need to catch Dana’s eye, in my opinion. Losing to a “nobody” like Evloev would stop the momentum he once had. The Max Holloway was fight was an L but it wasn’t like he was knocked out so it should be something he can bounce back from rather easily.

Sean Strickland[c] vs Dricus Du Plessis

The Bad boy of the fight game is having his first title defense against the fake DDP, of you know, you know. Dricus don’t lose much so he isn’t looking to experience it in his first title fight, he’s going to be tough to put away. Strickland is supremely overrated since everyone found out just how underrated he was, winning titles does that sometimes. Dricus Du Plessis has talked more crap than a little bit, he better win or he will be fighting a major uphill battle for the rest of his career. When Dana hears you because you’ve been speaking loudly, you better have something to say…with your performance. Hard to call this fight but I think Dricus might have a game plan that can beat Strickland.

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