HYDEN BLOG: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from UFC Fight Night: Sandhagen vs. Song

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch Senior Columnist

UFC Fight Night: Sandhagen vs. Song was last night and featured some
bloody battles and an extremely nasty cut. Who won and how? Let’s get
to the rundown.

UFC Fight Night: Sandhagen vs. Song
GOOD- Anthony Hernandez submits Marc-Andre Barriault
They exchange strikes early before Hernandez gets a takedown.
Barriault gets up without taking much damage. Hernandez gets another
takedown. He can’t quite get the submission locked in but he pounds
Barriault with elbows before getting another takedown and the first
round ends. The second round starts with some clinch work by Barriault
but Hernandez gets another takedown. Barriault gets up only to be
taken down again. They stand and deliver punishment to each other as
the round ends. The third round opens with Hernandez getting another
takedown then a slam. Barriault stands but gets taken down again then
Hernandez locks in an arm triangle choke and that’s it. He gets the
submission win not quite two minutes into the third round. Hernandez
improves to 10-2 with 1 No Contest and has won 3 straight fights while
Barriault drops to 14-6 with 1 No Contest. Good win for Hernandez.

GOOD- Tanner Boser vs. Rodrigo Nascimento
Nascimento gets an early takedown. They trade some strikes but not a
ton of action. The second round opens with some more nice striking.
Boser hurts Nascimento with a left hook but he can’t finish him.
Nascimento gets a takedown and nearly gets a submission but can’t
finish it and the round ends. They trade some strikes before
Nascimento gets a takedown. They get stood up for lack of action and
trade more strikes as the fight ends. Nascimento wins the Split
Decision and improves to 9-1 with 1 No Contest while Boser drops to
20-9-1. I thought Boser did more and should have won but regardless,
good win for Nascimento.

GOOD- Joe Pyfer stops Alen Amedovski
Not a lot of action early but a few minutes in and they’re trading
kicks and big strikes until Pyfer crushes Amedovski with a big punch
that ends the fight nearly four minutes into the first round. Pyfer
improves to 10-2 and has won 3 straight fights while Amedovski drops
to 8-4 and has lost 4 straight fights. Good win for Pyfer.

GOOD- Andre Fili vs. Bill Algeo
Algeo landing kicks early while Fili favors punches. Fili lands some
nice head kicks and they fire away at each other until the first round
ends. The second round begins with Algeo going back to the kicks. He’s
landing some really good kicks until finally Fili starts firing back
with punches. It’s a close round and we’re going to the third tied in
my eyes. The third round begins with them trading kicks until Fili
lands a few punches and a takedown. Fili tries for two different
submissions but can’t quite get either and the fight’s over. Fili wins
the Split Decision and improves to 22-9 with 1 No Contest while Algeo
drops to 16-7. Good win for Fili.

GOOD- Gregory Rodrigues stops Chidi Njokuani
They trade kicks early before Rodrigues gets a trip takedown. Njokuani
is up quickly, though. Rodrigues is bleeding heavily and they’re
trading until he drops Njokuani. He’s clubbing him but can’t get the
finish and the round ends with them trading more strikes. The second
round opens with a look at the nasty cut in between Rodrigues’ eyes.
He’s gone full Mox and he’s attacking Njokuani relentlessly. He gets
him down and he’s throwing as many punches as he can until the referee
jumps in to stop the fight about a minute and a half into the second
round. Rodrigues  improves to 13-4 while Njokuani drops to 22-8 with 1
No Contest and has his 4 fight winning streak snapped. Good win for

GOOD- Cory Sandhagen stops Song Yadong
They trade strikes early and often in the first round. Sandhagen keeps
trying for a takedown but gets stuffed over and over. They’re beating
the hell out of each other, though. The second round opens with them
trading more strikes. Song has a big cut over his left eye. Again, the
blood is flowing as they beat each other up. They’re hitting each
other with jabs and hooks and kicks and Song is bleeding all over
Sandhagen. The third round begins with more exchanges. More jabs, more
kicks, and more knees are landing. The violence is heavy and neither
man is backing down. Song is absorbing a lot of punishment. He gets
blasted in the body as the third round ends. The fourth round opens
with Song kicking Sandhagen in the body before eating a low kick and
eating one to the body himself. Sandhagen works the body with punches
and kicks but tries one too many and gets taken down. Song is fighting
hard but he’s been bleeding buckets for quite a while. He’s not
stopping, though. Sandhagen continues to land, though, and the round
ends. In between the fourth and fifth rounds the cageside doctor stops
the fight. Song’s left eyebrow is cut in two. It looks like he took an
axe in the head. You credit Song for the toughness but what else can
you really do there? It was a really nasty cut. Sandhagen wins by TKO
and improves to 15-4 while Song drops to 19-7-1 with 1 No Contest and
has his 3 fight winning streak snapped. Good win for Sandhagen.

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