HYDEN BLOG: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from UFC Fight Night: Kattar vs. Emmett

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch Senior Columnist

UFC Fight Night: Kattar vs. Emmett was last night and the event tied a
record for the most knockouts in a single event in UFC history with
eight knockouts. Five of those were on the undercard but three of the
six main card fights were knockouts, with two decisions and one
submission. Who got stopped and how? Let’s get to the rundown.

Note- Donald Cerrone vs. Joe Lauzon was cancelled after Lauzon
suffered a knee dislocation or some sort of knee problem hours before
the fight was to take place. That’s the second time the fight has been
cancelled at the last minute. It won’t be re-booked.

UFC Fight Night: Kattar vs. Emmett
GOOD- Adrian Yanez stops Tony Kelley
Yanez walked him down as they traded kicks early. They mixed in
punches as well, including going to the body. Yanez hurt Kelley a few
times and dropped him before finishing him off with some nice strikes
to force the stoppage. Yanez improves to 16-3 and has won 9 fights in
a row while Kelley falls to 8-3. Good win for Yanez.

GOOD- Gregory Rodrigues stops Julian Marquez
Rodrigues opens with some big strikes before dropping Marquez. They
fight on the ground for a bit before getting back to their feet.
Rodrigues then drops Marquez again with a big uppercut. Marquez gets
back up but gets stunned with another uppercut. Rodrigues unleashes
elbows and punches before finishing the fight with a clean right hand.
Rodrigues improves to 12-4 while Marquez falls to 9-3. Good win for

GOOD- Damir Ismagulov vs. Guram Kutateladze
Things start slow in the first round before they turn it on and start
attacking the body and head. Kutateladze lands some tough knees and
elbows. Ismagulov connects with some hard strikes and they exchange as
the round ends. The second round sees them exchange more strikes,
including some hard kicks. It feels like we’re tied after the second
round but who knows for sure? Things heat up even more in the third
round as they take turns hitting each other with some strong strikes.
They went to the ground and referee Herb Dean claimed an illegal knee
to the face but it wasn’t so apparently. I had some distractions here
during this fight so I could be completely wrong about this but it
felt like Kutateladze should have won the decision. However, Ismagulov
won the Split Decision. It’s possible I missed some crucial parts of
the fight, though. Ismagulov improves to 24-1 and has won 19 fights in
a row while Kutateladze falls to 12-3 and has his 9 fight winning
streak snapped. Good win for Ismagulov.

GOOD- Joaquin Buckley stops Albert Duraev
Buckley is landing some good kicks early. Duraev starts throwing kicks
of his own and they finish the first round with a flurry. The second
round sees Buckley nail Duraev with a head kick during an attempted
takedown. Duraev does get a takedown but he also gets dropped with an
overhand left. Duraev’s left eye looks terrible, it looks swollen
shut. Duraev got another takedown but also got dropped again at the
end of the second round. The cageside doctor then stopped the fight in
between the second and third rounds. Buckley improves to 15-4 and has
won 3 fights in a row while Duraev falls to 15-4 and has his 10 fight
winning streak snapped. Good win for Buckley.

GOOD- Kevin Holland submits Tim Means
Means opens with some nice left hands. They exchange for a while
before Means gets a takedown. Holland gets up and stings Means with
some hooks before they trade kicks before Means gets another takedown
to end the first round. The second round sees them trade more kicks
before Holland staggers Means with a big right hand before he locks in
a D’Arce Choke to get the submission win. Holland improves to 23-7
with 1 No Contest while Means falls to 32-13-1 with 1 No Contest and
has his 3 fight winning streak snapped. Good win for Holland.

GOOD- Calvin Katter vs. Josh Emmett
They start slow before they begin throwing some tough leather. Emmett
gets cuts but that doesn’t even slow him down as he works the body.
The second round sees Emmett start landing combinations. They trade
kicks and counterstrikes. These guys are swinging for the fences but
missing badly a lot. No one can seem to pull ahead and we move to the
third round. They trade jabs, elbows, and uppercuts and try to work
the body as well. Emmett starts really laying into the body as the
round draws to a close. The fourth round sees Kattar work his jab and
Emmett shows his toughness by taking a lot of punishment here but
continuing to come forward. His left eye is swelling, though, but he
keeps coming. In the fifth round they both continue to land heavy
strikes. This is a war here and it’s a very close fight. They both
missed a lot of strikes but they also threw a lot of strikes. The
amount of punishment both fighters absorbed here was crazy. Kattar
seemed to land a little more but it was so close that I might be wrong
on that. Emmett won the Split Decision and I can’t really argue with
that. Emmett improves to 18-2 and has won 5 fights in a row while
Kattar falls to 23-6. Good win for Emmett.

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