HYDEN BLOG: Talking MMA Guys in Triller’s Triad Combat

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch Senior Columnist

There were no MMA events this weekend so I’ll just talk about the
Triller Triad Combat event. The triangle ring was really weird. I’m
not sure how I truly feel about it because my initial thought was it’s
incredibly stupid. It’s different and unique, though, and I really
like different and unique things. This might be a bridge too far,
though. Or a corner too less. I don’t know, it’s just really weird. I
think the biggest problem I have with the “Trigon” is that it’s so
different that it becomes almost a distraction. That’s more a problem
on my end than the actual design, to be fair.
There’s an actual lawsuit over the design that was filed by BYB
Extreme and there’s all this legal stuff I’m not going to get into
because I’m not a lawyer. Also, and more importantly, I just don’t
care. Apparently, Dada5000 is a co-founder of BYB Extreme, which
stands for BackYard Boxing Extreme or something. I guess you learn
something new every day. I don’t see how you can patent or copyright a
triangle ring. I don’t understand that but moving onto the actual
I’ll have a more normal blog next week.

Frank Mir was knocked out in his second professional boxing fight. He
lost to Kubrat Pulev at Triller’s Triad Combat show. I give Mir credit
for trying this but transitioning over to boxing at 42 is a hard
thing. He first fought a guy who hadn’t fought in three and a half
years in Steve Cunningham and lost by Decision. He then went up in
competition to face Kubrat Pulev who had last lost to Anthony Joshua
in his last fight and got knocked up in the first round. If Mir wants
to give it another go he needs to fight guys he could realistically
beat. There’s not going to be that many of them but he shouldn’t be
fighting a guy like Pulev who’s only lost to Joshua and Wladimir


Mike Perry was on the same Triad Combat card and won by Split Decision
over Michael Seals. Perry got knocked down in the fourth round but
rallied to get the win. Derek Campos won his fight via Majority
Decision versus Brian Vera. Matt Mitrione knocked down Alexander
Flores in his fight but slowed down in the later rounds and lost by
Decision. Flores had alternated wins and losses recently so this was a
big test for Mitrione but it was a winnable fight. That’s what these
guys need to do, fight guys they have a chance of beating. If they
fight really good boxers it’s not going to end well for them. There’s
levels to this that need to be kept in mind.

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