HYDEN BLOG: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from Bellator 267 and UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Walker

By: Frank Hyden, MMATorch Senior Columnist

Bellator 267 and UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Walker were this weekend.
Let’s get to the rundown.

Bellator 267
GOOD- Yves Landu vs. Tim Wilde
They traded strikes early in the first round until Landu knocked Wilde
down. Landu also had a couple of takedowns in the round as well.
Things slowed down in the second round but Wilde did some damage. He
continued to do more damage in the third round with some nice
legkicks. Wilde won the decision, good win for him.

GOOD- Luke Trainer stops Yannick Bahati
Trainer got an early takedown and started grinding away at Bahati.
Trainer landed a big elbow in the second round that dropped Bahati and
followed it up with a few more punches to force the referee to jump in
to stop the fight. Good win for Trainer.

UGLY- Robert Whiteford gets screwed as fight with Andrew Fisher
ends in a No Contest

Whiteford got poked in the eye three freaking times. That’s not a No
Contest, that’s a DQ. Whiteford should have been awarded the win by
disqualification. There needs to be repercussions for this stuff. The
fight wasn’t anything great but it seemed like Whiteford was winning.
That shouldn’t come into play but that makes it even more galling that
Whiteford got screwed out a win. That’s ridiculous.

GOOD- Leah McCourt vs. Jessica Borga
McCourt peppered Borga with strikes in the first round. She did more
of the same in the second round and also mixed in a few trip takedowns
as well. Borga seemed content to just keep coming forward in the third
round. I was expecting more urgency. McCourt won the decision, good
win for her.

GOOD/BAD- Michael “Venom” Page vs. Douglas Lima
MVP dropped Lima early in the first round but Lima battled back and
got a takedown. Not much happened after that so I gave the round to
MVP. Lima dropped Page in the second round but there wasn’t a whole
lot going on. The third round was also boring, though Lima got another
takedown. MVP won by split decision in an instantly forgettable fight.

UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Walker
GOOD- Alexander Hernandez stops Mike Breeden
Hernandez pummeled Breeden with big strikes. Breeden is wobbled and
his mouthpiece goes flying. A big overhand from Hernandez puts Breeden
out 1:20 into the first round. Good win for Hernandez.

GOOD/BAD- Misha Cirkunov vs. Krzysztof Jotko
The first round was close. More of the same in the second round. This
hasn’t been a very exciting fight but neither man wants to be
reckless. Cirkunov finally gets a takedown in the third round. Jotko
follows that with a takedown of his own and the fight ends. Jotko wins
the decision, good win for him.

GOOD/BAD- Alex Oliveira vs. Niko Price
Oliveira got a takedown but nothing much happened from it as Price
gets on top. More strikes in the second round are exchanged before
Oliveira gets another takedown. They trade more strikes in the third
round but again, nothing much comes from it. Another close fight
without a lot of action. Price got the decision from the judges, good
win for him.

BAD- Kyle Daukaus vs. Kevin Holland ends in a No Contest
Holland got headbutted in the chin during an accidental clash of
heads. The fight continued, though, as Daukaus choked out Holland but
it was later overturned to a No Contest. You can’t rule it anything
else, we weren’t even four minutes into the first round. It’s
unfortunate and sucks but moving on.

BAD- Thiago Santos vs. Johnny Walker
This fight sucked. It was so dull and boring that it would actively
dissuade people from wanting to watch MMA. This was just a terrible
fight. It was like a videogame where they both got stuck in an
animation. Santos won the decision but who cares? Neither man should
be happy about wasting everyone’s time with this junk.

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